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Why Such Tough Love on Weight Loss?

I recently wrote a blog post called "Q&A: I don't have the willpower to eat Paleo," in which I explained that after a while on the diet your willpower waxes as your addictions wane. I also, perhaps, said a harsh thing or two along the way (who, me?). And I quote (bold text is mine for emphasis)... Have some self control and try Paleo for a good, solid two weeks where you don’t let yourself cave to your cravings. You … Continue reading

Q&A: I don’t have the willpower to eat Paleo…

Here's a common concern for people: They hear about the Paleo diet from people who it's worked near miracles for, but they don't think they could possibly do it themselves. Sound familiar? One reader wrote in with this the other day: Q: My problem with diving into this lifestyle is just the excuses I am sure you hear often.  My only real obstacle is my obsession with orally fixating myself with food.  I love good, healthy food and know how … Continue reading