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Why You Should Learn to Do Pull Ups

"I can't do pull-ups." "Yet." "No, I really can't. I've tried." "Stick with me long enough, & we'll get there." (...several months later...) "AHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! Did you see that?! I just did a pull-up!!!" Why You Should Learn to Do Pull Ups This one goes out to those of you who have never done a pull-up. You've tried before. You reach your hands up to the bar, get a good grip, and pull as hard as you can, … Continue reading

Why Your Workout Sucks

"What do you do for workouts now?" "You know, some cardio for like 30 minutes, then some weights." "Great! Today we're doing one that takes most people around 7 minutes." "Will that be enough?" "Yeah, it'll be enough" "Really?" "Really." ...7 minutes later... "Was that enough?" "[Heavy breathing... head nodding "yes" through grimaced, clenched teeth... collapsing to the ground.]" Many, many moons ago, in the days of our ancestors, we didn't even think about "working out." It happened automatically. We … Continue reading

Post Workout Meals

“What should I have for a post-workout shake?” “Food. You mean post-workout food.” “I thought shakes were best.” “The Native Americans didn’t make a smoothie out of the buffalo; they ate it.” You’ve got your nutrition dialed in, you prepare your meals ahead of time to stay on track, but you think there could be a bit more to your metabolism than “pick it or kick it.” Eating After a Big Workout In addition to what we eat, when to … Continue reading

CrossFit and Paleo: An Expert’s View

I'm happy to introduce you all to our guest blogger today, Max Shippee, who runs CrossFit HAX in suburban Los Angeles. He knows way more about CrossFit than I ever will, and I thought you CrossFitters deserved some words of wisdom about how Paleo can affect your performance. Check out the video below for a better understanding of who this guy is: funny, tough, sadistic, but sweet. Watch for another post by Max this week on the practical implementation of … Continue reading