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How My Dog Went Totally Paleo. Raw Paleo.

I wrote a blog post a while back called "My Dog Eats (mostly) Paleo". The title started out without the "(mostly)", but I added the descriptor when a commenter rightfully pointed out that my dog, Zala, was not totally Paleo. After all, she was eating kibble every day, even if it was the most expensive, Paleo-ish kibble we could find. Why Paleo? If eating Paleo is going back to our roots and eating the way we evolved to eat, then … Continue reading

Paleo dog Zala

My Dog Eats (Mostly) Paleo

This is my dog, Zala. She is 5 years old and she's never been to the vet for anything except to get a chipped tooth removed and to be spayed. No, she does not usually wear leg warmers, but that day she was feeling particularly stylish, so she asked to borrow them from me. Zala is a border collie mix and she enjoys sprinting at a freakishly fast pace to retrieve balls and frisbees. She has more energy than any … Continue reading