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Nutritional Ketosis Update

I'm on day 5 of my nutritional ketosis diet (details on the why and how of this experiment in my last blog post). That's a scantily clad me over there to the right on my second day into this. A "before" picture, if you will. Hoping to look like a body builder by the end of this. No, not really. Since this has already been such a dynamic experience, I'm going to start sharing some quick thoughts on it throughout … Continue reading

My Paleo Ketogenic Experiment And Meal Plan

I'm in my second day of very low carb, moderate protein, very high fat eating. I'm trying to make my way into nutritional ketosis. Why I'm Doing It First of all, for more info on what nutritional ketosis is, go here. You can make fun of me for jumping on the Jimmy Moore ketogenic bandwagon, but it's in the name of science. I'm thinking about writing an ebook on the topic, so I'll need to know it inside and out. This … Continue reading