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PaleoFX for sale

PaleoFX DVD’s Available!

If you missed the PaleoFX conference in March, here's your chance to experience the content of that wonderful melding of minds. The PaleoFX DVD set is no longer for sale for $197. I wrote a review and recap of the conference in my blog post, "The PaleoFX Conference: A Success". So check that out to find out more about my thoughts on what was said, and who was saying it. To sum it up, though, the conference was hosted by … Continue reading

PaleoFX Ancestral Momentum - Theory To Practice Symposium

The PaleoFX Conference: A Success

This week I attended the PaleoFX conference in Austin, TX, and overall I'd say it was a productive, inspiring, thought-provoking event. It was put on by Keith Norris, Michelle Norris, Kevin Cottrell, and Mark Alexander. Read more about them here. The gathering was created to bridge the gap between the science behind the Paleo diet and putting it into practice. There were 3 stages that housed individual speakers, as well as many "Mastermind Panels" that consisted of up to 8 … Continue reading

Stop Eating Dairy (at least for a while)

I, like you, often search online for new Paleo recipes. What I'm constantly and surprisingly met with are "Paleo" recipes that include dairy. Now, I know the Paleo/Primal movement is growing and evolving, so changes will occur. And what seems to be happening is a meshing of the Paleo diet tennets set forth by Loren Cordain and the philosophies of Mark Sisson of www.marksdailyapple.com, PLUS your own addictions. And by addictions I mean cheese, cream, and butter. Nowhere in Cordain's books … Continue reading