Portobello Sandwich

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Portobello Sandwich

Servings 2

Total Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Nutrition Information

calories 398

carbohydrate 28g

protein 10g

fat 29g


  • 4 medium mushroom(s), portobello
  • 1/4 cup(s) almond butter or cashew butter (or use dijon mustard if preferred)
  • 4 slice(s) bacon cooked and cut in half
  • 1 large tomato(es) sliced
  • 1 cup(s) spinach or arugula
  • 1 medium avocado(s) sliced
  • 1/4 medium onion(s), yellow sliced


  1. Spread 1/4 inch of nut butter or dijon mustard on the underside of each portobello cap.
  2. Layer vegetables and bacon on 2 of the portobello caps.
  3. Top the sandwiches with remaining portobello caps.
  4. Optional: for a toasty meal, coat the top of each sandwich with coconut oil and broil for a minute or two.

This recipe inspired in part or in whole from here


  1. I can’t imagine eating portobellos raw. I drizzled mine in flax oil and broiled 5 minutes per side and it was delicious!

  2. i enjoy portobellos raw but can NOT envision them with almond butter and tomato? no. that’s just a food VIOLATION!

    i have a portobello sandwich recipe (made it last night in fact) i will post up

    meatza portabello sure, blt no problem

    portobello and almond butter??? no no no!

  3. I loved this idea! I grilled the mushroom first, then spread 2tbsp Organic Sunbutter over it and topped it with 4oz Applegate Farms Blk Forest Ham.

  4. God, shut up, all of you. Food violation? This did not taste good at all? Who the hell do you think you are? I hate people on the Internet.

  5. @TheloniusChip: Haha! I agree with you…my opinion is don’t put it down until you try it.

    And that being said I just tried this meal (minus onions…not a fan of raw onions) and I thought it was delicious. I did not grill the mushrooms as Trixie did as I could see it coming out very soggy (any comments on this Trixie?), and for extra protein I added very lean, nitrite and dairy free ham. I used one large size mushroom and I was surprised how extremely filling it was (those things are pretty meaty). I thought the almond butter went well with the mushroom taste and it was further enhanced with the avocado I used.

    What would be good to know, and this is a general suggestion to this site, is the nutritional break-down of the meal. Anyone can provide this?

  6. I’m extremely open minded and usually don’t bother posting comments like this, but I really want to save folks from wasting some fairly expensive ingredients on this dish. I powered through half trying to will myself to believe it was good, but I finally just threw it out. More power to the folks who said they enjoyed it. There’s no doubt all those raw veggies are packed with nutrients, but there are plenty of other great paleo options that taste much better.

  7. Hi,
    I made burgers and used the portabellas as the bun. I didn’t realize that sauteeing the mushroom would pull the water out of it so it was very soggy. I don’t really like raw mushrooms. Any suggestions or it is what it is with watery mushrooms? This sandwich sounds great and I’ll try it. Thanks for sharing. It is appreciated. :) To each his own. :)

    1. Some of you will be happy to know that we’re thinking about taking this recipe out of the rotation. It’s a bit strange, and strange is sometimes good, but we’re reconsidering…

    1. @Jen – Ha ha! It’s not one of our favorites, either. It’s been taken out of the meal planning rotation, but we keep it on the site for people who like to experiment.

  8. I learned from the Mycological Society of Seattle that raw mushrooms are not healthy for you. Raw mushroom contains a small level of bio accumulating toxin. Over long periods of consumption can have negative effects.

  9. I made this last night and absolutely loved it!!!!!!!! I used dijon mustard instead of almobd butter (go easy on it ) and used all the rest of ingredients. Except I left out the avocado(didn’t have any) and substituted tomato for 2 sliced cherry tomatoes. Finally, I drizzled tops of portabellas with coconut oil, which gave it a great flavor and left in broiler for 3-5 minutes…and Voila!!! Amazingness in your mouth!

  10. i thought it was very good! I sauteed onion, bell peppers and the mushroom stems together. I put the caps in a 400 degree oven for 2 mins. They were firm still but not totally raw. I put dijon mustard on the caps, placed bacon, avacado and tomato along with the sauteed mixture and added cold spinach. It was quite delicious!

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