How a Paleo Cookbook Can Help You Succeed


The Paleo diet also known as Paleolithic diet or caveman diet is believed to help people lose weight fast and effectively. It’s composed of meals and foods that were around some 2.5 million years ago, the time when people lived in caves, used rustic stone tools and obtained food through hunting and gathering. Many foods that we normally think of as healthy and nutritious are eliminated from the diet. Meals are stripped down to their most basic forms, generally composed of dishes made from natural and primitive food sources.

Hunting and gathering is more like a sports or hobby these days, activities that are no longer used for finding sustenance. This makes the Paleo diet meal plan sort of difficult to apply. However, with the use of a reliable cookbook, you can actually put interesting variety to a rather restrictive and exclusive diet. You can even throw a party, and have fun eating healthy with your guests and friends. Sounds interesting, right?

During the first stages of the dieting, it’s natural to feel the high. However, as you go down the road of the dietary regimen, expect some withdrawals. You’ll start to crave for those potato fries, and begin to develop a queer distaste for apples or oranges for snacks and want burgers or sandwiches instead. When you hit a plateau, it becomes difficult to get back on track unless you renew your commitment and add perks to your routine. Taking Paleo diet menu cooking lessons may help.

Also, consider attending gatherings with other practitioners and advocates. Being a part of a social group with a common goal is encouraging. Furthermore, your support group can walk you through the regimen and find ways to overcome challenges, even reveal unique recipes you can try at home. This helps in bringing you back in the game, and this time there’s an entire squad of Paleo diet advocates cheering you on.

A good Paleo cookbook contains not just sumptuous Paleo recipes, but also tips to help you sustain the diet and the healthy lifestyle it brings. Some of the Paleo cookbooks show you how to select foods and ingredients, how to hunt and gather natural food sources, how to properly keep them fresh, etc. Also, a good cookbook contains a Paleo diet food list to guide you about which foods you should primarily eat or moderately eat, and which foods to entirely avoid.

There are actually plenty of caveman diet recipes on the Internet. Many websites are specifically dedicated to this dietary regimen and offer comprehensive information to help beginners and experts alike in keeping the Paleo lifestyle. Nevertheless, a printed copy of Paleolithic diet recipes or a printed copy of a Paleo cookbook is handy whenever you go to places where there is limited or no Internet access. So when you’re in the wild camping or fishing, you’re sure to come up with the best Paleo dish with your latest catch.

Here are some of our favorite Paleo cookbooks to get you started: