Losing Weight With Paleo


Here’s an inspirational success story for everyone eating Paleo, trying to lose weight and feel their best!

I am a health and physical education teacher and I also play women’s semi-professional football. I suffered a disc injury playing football in the spring of 2009 and by winter of 2009, I reached my highest weight ever of 260 pounds.

I knew I needed to do something, so I began to try different things and managed to lose 10 pounds, putting me at 250 pounds. One of my teammates had just finished a 30 day paleo challenge and introduced me to it in January 2011. Here’s how it turned out…


I did a very strict Paleo diet until April, which was when our season began, and incorporated about 2 or 3 days of CrossFit type workouts into my routine during football practices. In those few months I went from 250 pounds to 208 pounds. During the season I followed paleo about 60-75% of the time and started drinking alcohol socially again. During the 2011 season I played better than ever, had enormous amounts of power and energy, and I was able to play offense, defense, and special teams when injuries plagued our team and left us with a small roster. I made it through the entire season injury free and haven’t been sick or had a cold in months.

In the few months I have not strictly followed the Paleo diet, I have maintained the 208 pounds. This is the first diet I have ever done that does not cause me to feel hungry or gain weight like crazy after I stop. Don’t get me wrong, I still had my cheat times, but it didn’t seem to matter on paleo as long as it was just here and there. I still get compliments every day and I feel so much better!

I ran into some of my former students a couple weeks ago and their mouths just dropped and they said, “Ms. L you’re so skinny!” Friends I haven’t seen in about a year were flabbergasted when they saw me recently and wanted to know all the details on how I did it. I have recently gotten many friends to hop on board with me and we started our own paleo challenge this past week. So far I have lost about 4 pounds and am down to 204 pounds. I plan on following paleo at least 90% until I reach 180 pounds and I am also joining Crossfit. Nothing has ever worked for me like this, so I stand behind Paleo and CrossFit 100% and recommend it to anyone and everyone!