Go Back to the Stone Age with the Paleo Diet


Ever heard of the Paleo Diet? No? Then allow this article to explain it.

With obesity and weight-related health problems at an all time high, the desire to become fitter, slimmer and healthier has never been more prevalent than now. From time to time, you hear about the hottest diet, the most effective exercise and the latest weight loss regimen to work wonders—all these are a testament to the growing consciousness of our society over making the right lifestyle choices. Dieting in particular is a huge aspect of this movement, with literally dozens of diets and food programs all promising to help you lose weight and have a healthy body. All of these diets promote eating the right foods and avoiding specific types of food, bringing them together in specific combinations.

What many people fail to grasp, however, is that sometimes the best habits are those that worked for us in the past. If you search deeper and trace the diets of our ancient ancestors, you’d eventually understand that the food they ate helped them to be stronger, fitter and faster. While other diets focus on eating specific food groups such as pure carbohydrates or pure protein-rich foods, the Paleo Diet plan stands out for incorporating the food groups eaten by our common ancestor, the caveman, hence the name ‘Paleo Diet.’

Named after the Paleolithic era or the Stone Age, the Paleo Diet follows the ancient hunter gatherer diet “enjoyed” by early humans. As the name suggests, this diet consisted of foods our ancestors had to hunt and gather, such as seafood and meats, which belonged to the hunted category, as well as fruits, nuts and vegetables, which were obviously gathered. Farming would come much later as humans learned how to cultivate crops.

Today’s Paleo meal plan applies the same principles. You are essentially eating foods that are as close to that consumed by early humans. This means completely eliminating processed foods and man-made food products. You are basically eating food that cavemen of the past would have also eaten in their natural environment. With the high quantities of high quality and natural food you’re consuming, you get to enjoy their full nutritional benefits, free of any chemicals and preservatives whatsoever.

When it comes to any diet, such as the Paleo Diet, be sure to do your homework and explore your options carefully to make an informed decision. Before trying anything, it’s always best to understand the basic principles behind a diet. Understand a diet inside and out and see if it conforms to your ideals. If you find it too unappealing, perhaps a different route may be for you. Paleo Diet recipes can be difficult for some, what with the limited options for food you can eat. But done correctly, it’s a diet that definitely pays off.