Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code



Infertility affects 6.1 million people in the United States, and it’s the reason so many people are turning to fertility clinics to get pregnant these days. Something is going on with our health that is blocking our ability to do the one thing we’ve been pretty successful at doing until now: procreate. And not only that, but we’re having less and less vibrantly healthy children. With autism, ADHD, allergies, ear infections, diabetes, and obesity turning up so rampantly in our babies’ and kids’ lives, something has to change.

Of course, now you know that this is the part where I tell you that eating Paleo, or something very similar to Paleo, is the answer to all of this. Well, it is! But I don’t have all the details about it this time. Chris Kresser (, Investigative Integrative Medicine Practitioner) does though, and he’s written a whole program on it called the Healthy Baby Code.

In it he covers things like:

* The 6 super foods that nearly every culture throughout history has sworn by for boosting fertility and encouraging a safe delivery of a healthy baby?

*The 9 nutrients modern science has revealed are essential – and where to find them in foods?

*The 4 commonly eaten foods that promote infertility and should be avoided during pregnancy?

*Exactly how long to breastfeed your baby to promote lifelong health and resistance to disease?

*The 8 key principles of how to introduce solid foods to your baby and avoid food reactions and allergies?

*How to manage stress while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy?

And he covers those topics in a well-researched, holistically-minded, but very easy to use way. It’s practical – it answers very specific questions that I’m sure many of his patients have had. He knows what he’s talking about, folks, and we recommend that if you’re having trouble conceiving, or if you have questions about how to care for your new baby with our ancestral eating habits in mind, buy this product. It costs $197, which is WAY less than what it will cost you to go to that fertility clinic or pay for the meds your child might need if their health isn’t optimal. That’s what this program does: it helps guide you to your child’s and your own optimal health by teaching you what to eat and how manage stress before, during and after your pregnancy. People’s health starts in the womb!

If this sounds like something that could be of use to you, you can buy it, download it and have it in your “virtual” hands immediately.

– Click on the link to the Healthy Baby Code below.