Dr. Oz Is Lying to You

Dr. Oz – photo courtesy of Wikipedia

So I’m a little late on the uptake of this article, “The Prehistoric Diet Plan”, by Dr. Oz, but I can’t help but comment publicly.

In this completely misleading, egregiously off-putting article, he starts off with one of the piece’s only true sentences, “The cave people were ahead of their time when it came to maintaining a healthy diet, not to mention lean body mass.” By the way, I love how he ignorantly calls our prehistoric ancestors “cave people,” as if they ALL lived in caves, despite the fact that most of them did NOT. He then goes on to describe what his caveman diet looks like, which includes cannellini beans, soy pudding, and rice milk. It definitely does not advocate the fat on meat—dun dun dun… saturated fat—or meat itself, but you should eat all the “good” fats you want from nuts, avocados, blah blah blah.

You’ll definitely want to eat your whole grains on Dr. Oz’s fantasy prehistoric diet, and you should only eat about 10% protein because that’s what our ancestors did. They ate a plant-based diet! This article is the biggest disservice any famous doctor with millions of fans and viewers could do to the Paleo/Primal community and their efforts.

What’s further confusing is that on his OWN website on another page, he describes the Paleo diet truthfully as the following:

“The paleo diet focuses on lean meats and fish, fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables. It eliminates dairy, grains and legumes because they didn’t appear on our menus until about 12,000 years ago. According to some clinical trials, the diet has indeed been shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and inflammation as well as reduce acne, improve athletic performance and help with weight loss.”

But he then goes on to say that because it doesn’t include whole grains, you’ll have less of a chance of getting your antioxidants and fighting cancer and heart disease. I guess those uninformed beliefs are what led him to write his own, bastardized version of the “prehistoric diet.”

Forgive me my lashings, but he deserves them. We can’t believe everything we’re told on TV by some guy just because he’s a doctor. And the millions of fans he has are doing just that, and putting away their steak knives because he says so. I’m so disappointed. However, it moves me to know that despite all this and other nonsense, the Paleo and Primal movements continue to proliferate. Our Paleo meal plan service continues to grow at a steady pace, and that gives me hope that more people every day are ignoring the likes of Dr. Oz.


  1. That is the best article I think I have ever read!! You go Neely! I am so sick of the confusion out there about what to eat, etc. And because these guys are “doctors” they can mislead the country and get away with it. They need to be set straight. Neely, why don’t you try to get your own show??????!

  2. Dr. Oz’s advertisers sell the very products that are making us fat, dumb and happy.
    His conflict of interst is so obvious.
    He has exhalted artificial sweeteners and diet colas to the point that I can’t stand it anymore.
    These guys will sell their mother’s down the river for a buck. Doctors are more dangerous than germs, and this man proves it.
    His show should pointing out what Mansanto and the like are doing to the food.
    He should imploring people to keep their colon’s clean.
    He should be telling people to let their food be their medicine, and their medicine their food.
    He should promoting raw milk, grass feed cow meat, free range eggs.
    He should be telling people how dangerous Canola oil is…
    He should be warning us about soy, fluoridated water, aluminum in anti-persperant, chemicals in lotions, etc.
    He should be telling people that Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease…
    He should be telling people to take trace minerals…
    Promoting living foods, etc.
    All I see is a promoter of products, not health…

  3. I’ve just switched Dr Oz off because of the contradictory information he’s advising compared with what I’m now learning. We have eliminated grains from our diet, particularly wheat, and I’m now researching the Paleo way of eating. I stopped wheat products to see if that would affect the acid reflux I was getting. I tried raw for a while and that worked but it’s much easier to slap a slab of meat in the pan or have an all-in stew without thickener. I wonder now if it’s not so much a matter of WHAT I’m eating but what I’m NOT eating. Comes down to grains really. Lots more reading to do and websites to find, and we’re enjoying eating this way. Anyway, onwards …

  4. Dr. Oz makes me so angry. My mother, who has a wide number of health issues (supposedly some genetic, but who knows?) won’t ever listen to me when I respond that “soy milk” or something else, is generally considered unhealthy. She always responds with “well two weeks ago it was suppose to be good for you.” She is right to distrust the market and advice, someone is always touting the next things and that leads to contradictory information, and people feeling “well, it doesnt matter becuase thye just dont know.” I only hope that my continuing paleo-transformation encourages her.

  5. I am personally disgusted with Dr. Oz’s recent attempts to pad his pockets at the expense of those who may trust him. Disgusted is the only word that comes to mind. He was attempting to sell the green coffee bean not long ago…now he is trying to sell some raspberry “juju”! Really??!! Someone claims to have lost 9 lbs in 7 days simply by adding the raspberry “ketones”. How stupid is this? What makes me sick is that a doctor who is already rich could take advantage of people who are desperate to lose weight. Shame on you, Dr. Oz. What goes around comes around. Watch out!

  6. “dr” oz… what a disappointment! There were tons of people watching your shows religiously and looking at you with respect hoping that you are maybe the real, educated person who would make the difference, until it proved out that you are nothing but another impostor in the long row of charlatans that viciously occupy this planet. I’ve never tried any of the “miraculous pills” and diets that you shamefully advertises on your show, but I cannot not react to such organized scam and manipulation of the desperate ones out there. How can you stand yourself? I guess it is easy when you are this quality of a person… Sigh!

  7. Guys if he didn’t keep showing all these “MIracle Foods” his show would be off the air in 6 months. So he keeps showing all these I can’t believe this works stuff!! I think a lot of people have figured this out.

  8. After seeing this diet on dr. oz i found this site. It seems like a great idea and I want to eliminate my inflammation and autoimmune disease. I am just a bit curious as I read the previous posts about what we should be avoiding such aqs soy wheat etc, There are so many things we are told we need to avoid thesedays but has anybody realized that the cavemen died young? So did the generations before us so I am a little bewildered right now because it seems that maybe all this stuff and junk is helping us live longer

  9. Have you read the lastest research from the National Cancer Society and it’s finding on vegan diet as a possible cure for women’s reproductive cancers, colon cancer as well as prostate cancer? What do you think man ate before fire? Raw chicken?

    1. liz bookman – Yes, I do think early hominids ate raw chicken before fire. That’s what they ate, just like many other primates do…

  10. Rant away, but to many people this diet still sounds ridiculous (including to nutritionists and dr.s who have voiced their concerns in medical journals). Bear in mind that Paleolithic people also grazed on insects due to their high value in protein, but that isn’t an easy sell for people in the 21st C., so Dr. Cordain, who looks like he could benefit from losing a few lbs. by the way, has advocated the consumption of animal fats with vegetables and fruits. There’s only one tiny problem here: unless followers of the plan can afford free-range, grass-fed animal protein from their local rancher, they’ll inevitably end up buying affordable meat that was *gasp* grain fed and raised in a factory! Hmmmm, so we have to avoid grain as if it were the new plague, but our meat will likely have consumed vast quantities of it in its lifetime. This is just one aspect that gives anyone who isn’t a raging fan pause for thought.

    Sorry if Oz disappointed you by not hopping on the bandwagon and singing the praises of a trend that has earned a cult following. The people raving about it are beginning to sound just like the Atkins fanatics from ’05, but I will be curious to see the long-term affects of this diet on the people who increased their animal fat intake for the sake of this diet.

  11. Wow, another article that politicizes food. It’s frustrating that a man trying to help his family eat healthy can’t help but running into “my side good vs. your side bad” debates.

  12. No, he is not saying that stuff out of ignorance. The grain industry may just be paying him to say it and hack would you say no if someone asked you ” say this and we pay you $20Mill, Okay?”

  13. I think Dr. Oz tries to show several different approaches so that people can choose. He shares his personal opinions based on his experience as a heart surgeon and being raised on a Mediterrean-type diet and being married to a vegetarian wife, but guest authors present their opinions and conclusions as well. As more information is published, he presents that too. He doesn’t personally plan every show and critique every book–a panel of doctors review the subjects, to include the diets. Although he is well paid as a surgeon and talk show host, I don’t think he’s in it to pile up more gold. I think he’s sincere in wanting to inspire people to take care of their health. In this case, it sounds like his staff was trying to modify the diet to combine the best features of the original diet with modern ideas of healthy meals. I do think it would be best to report what the original diet is. Then, make it clear if modifications are being recommended and why. The reader can then become better informed.

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