Paleo Plan’s New Paleo Challenge



Announcing our new Paleo Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge
We’re happy to announce our first new product in over two years. The Paleo Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge ebook. It has everything you need to get started on Paleo, or to be successful in a Paleo Challenge.

What? A Paleo challenge NOW, right before Thanksgiving?
No, of course not, sillies! Why would you ever do that to yourself and miss out on the gourmandizing that defines Thanksgiving and Christmas? But you should be getting ready for the new year, and after the holidays is the perfect time to shed any “accidental” pounds from holiday feasting, and to get back on track if you let your Paleo-self slip at all.

We’re not saying we want you to binge, but it’s sort of an American pastime and tradition to do so on Thanksgiving, so we’re not going to put it past you (or us) to indulge. That tradition carries itself over to Christmas by way of Thanksgiving leftovers, and by the time you hit new years, you’re carrying around the weight of a small child on your belly and butt. And then it’s time to resolve to lose it all. And that’s when the Paleo Challenge comes into play!

Why Do A Paleo Challenge?
CrossFit gyms around the country (world?) are using Paleo challenges as a way to motivate their gym members to get their nutrition in order – a way to get their people to start the Paleo diet. They know it will help their body fat come down and their performance go up. Sometimes they even give away prizes at the end for the people who score the most points or lose the most fat. The challenges last for 3, 4 – even 6 weeks, and they’re changing people’s lives. Thank God for CrossFit gyms – I don’t care what Robb Wolf says about them. And sometimes in these challenges, the only prize is that people look and feel better at the end of it, which I of course think is the best prize of all.

The New Paleo Plan Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook
Luckily for you, we at Paleo Plan have been hard at work creating our very own Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge ebook, and it goes on sale today! We’re so excited to be able to bring this new book to you right when you and your friends and family might need it the most – that is, when your over-feasted butts need some motivation to get off the couch and stop eating leftover pumpkin pie…

The Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge ebook will be available in two forms – one for individuals to use themselves for only $29 (discount runs through the end of 2011), and a professional license for Gyms and Health Care Folks to allow them to distribute it to their members and patients (contact us at [email protected] to discuss pricing options). As a CrossFit gym owner, you can buy a license to the book and give it to your members as a guide during your Paleo challenges or as a perk to join your gym. And if you’re an individual, you can buy it for yourself or as a gift to someone you think might need an extra nudge. Or start a revolution at your office and dare your co-workers to lose some weight with you after the holidays.

The book is a quick guide to Paleo – the no-nos and the yes-yeses on the diet, the history and science behind it, some tips for athletes, some frequently asked questions, and a little clearing up of some Paleo confusion – think dairy and saturated fat. The challenge aspect of it is an opportunity for you to record your before and afters, your goals, and to keep a diet journal. There’s a scoring system to keep you on track, too. But coming from us, it also includes our bread and butter (for lack of a better term), which is meal planning. The book gives you 6 weeks of menus, grocery shopping lists, and over 100 recipes all in one place. The meal plan assumes that you’re pretty active, too, so we’ve added a few more starchy veggies to fuel you for some much needed working out.

Get the Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook here.

If you have specific questions about the book that this page doesn’t answer, you’re welcome to email us at [email protected] We’re pretty good at responding promptly.