How To Track Your Diet And Workout Awesomeness



Ho-ly crap. If you’ve ever wanted to keep track of your diet, weight, weight lifting, or otherwise bodily progress, the Sport Journals are your answer.

There are 12 books (real books – not ebooks) to choose from, including the customizable “Fuel Book” for $7.99, which allows you to track your diet for anywhere from 1 day to 4 months. This tool in and of itself can be the one thing that changes your diet forever. When you can actually see on paper what you’re putting in your mouth, it allows you to reflect on it and make changes. I suggest this to anyone doing a Paleo Challenge so that you can see your “cheats” and see your successes.



Another notable offering is their customizable “WODbook”. You can upload your own photo to make it your own (perfect for gyms) and that one starts at $29.99. It lets you track daily WODs, personal records, benchmarks, and it gives you ideas for workouts on the go. This thing is THOROUGH to say the least. Check it out here.


If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with your body, all I can say is tracking your progress will help you continue progressing. Knowing that your bench press is increasing and seeing that on paper can be just as motivating for some people as seeing the weight come off on the scale.

These books are going to be big. Again, find them here.