I’m Engaged! And I Need A Bit Of Help…

Planning our Paleo weddingIt’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front these past few days because I’ve been busy planning a wedding! My boyfriend, Seth, proposed last Thursday, April 5th after 6 1/2 years of togetherness. Coincidentally, he proposed to me last year on April 5th, too, but we had to call off the engagement to do some soul searching for a while. This time it’s for real – we’re committed, and we’re both looking forward to spending forever with each other :)

We’re going to have a very small wedding ceremony in June up in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs. Very sadly, Seth’s great aunt Dottie passed away on the same day he proposed to me. We’re going to honor her life and spirit by being married on her beautiful mountain property…

I’m not sure I’d be sharing all these details if I didn’t want something in return from you guys (I’ll let you know what it is in a minute). I’m realizing that I’m a pretty private person when it comes to love, and that’s why we’re only having about 10 people at the ceremony. After the ceremony, we’ll be having dinner at a gorgeous Tudor style manor in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Most people don’t know this, but I’m a sucker for anything Tudor. My mom better watch out or I might get a replica of Queen Mary’s wedding dress for the nuptials.

Anyway, what I need help with is dessert. Has anyone had a Paleo wedding? While it’s tempting to just get a normal cake and let our family eat it while we abstain, I think that’s preposterous. Our family will just have to suffer through a Paleo cake for our sake :)

If you’ve had a Paleo wedding, what did you do for your special sweet treat? If you have any stories to share or if – better yet – you have some recipes for me, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d either comment below or email me at neely@paleoplan.com.

Hope to hear all about your Paleo weddings!


  1. I don’t have any recipes but I couldn’t resist saying congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and judging from the location and your awesome Tudor taste, I think your day will be beautiful :)

  2. This is embarrassing Neely but my invitation hasn’t shown up yet. Do you think customs might have blocked it? ha ha! Great to hear. Haven’t forgotten about the fact I said I would a follow up email 2 weeks ago…what is the statute on those anyhow? Perhaps we can do a podcast life from the alter?????


  3. Congrats, Neely!

    I’m planning a fully Paleo wedding reception this summer, and instead of cake we’re doing French macaroons. They have some sugar, but no grains or dairy. The wedding is in Portland, so we’re getting macaroons from Ken’s Bakery (you may know them)…best macaroons of all time!

    You could also do coconut macaroons, but the French almond ones are so pretty and with a layer of dark chocolate in the middle they’d be a very Paleo indulgence :)

  4. My sister in law just made a paleo coconut cake which I really liked. Not sure if it could be made wedding sized…it’s denser than regular cake. It was enjoyed by all the non-paleo family. Cream cheese and maple syrup frosting.

  5. It would be easy to get a gluten-free and dairy-free cake from a bakery. You have Coquette’s Bistro and Bakery in Manitou Springs. And closer is Amuse Gourmet in Colorado Springs, though this last one is not a dedicated gluten-free bakery, so a celiac may be concerned with contamination. If you wanted to bring a cake with you from Boulder, you have Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery.

    While not paleo, it could be a compromise.

  6. I’ve made these Coconut Bars into muffins, cupcakes, mini-cupcakes and even a full size cake…it tastes just like wedding cake to me…it’s worth a test anyway… :o) I’m sure it would taste great with some sort of frosting as well but I like it plain. I’ve made it exactly from the recipe (yum, but very sweet) and have even made it without the honey and substituted dates which was awesome and a lot less sweet. For a special occasion like your wedding I’d go full on sweet with the honey…


    BTW…congratulations! I live in Colorado Springs…Manitou is SO awesome!!!

  7. Congratulations. One of the paleo cookbooks i have, Make it paleo, has a beautiful coconut cake that would make a very nice wedding cake.

  8. June sounds like fresh strawberries to me. Maybe some kind of coconut flour shortcake (I think even the coconut bread recipe could work) and you could do whipped coconut cream and have regular for people who want it? Pavlovas are amazing but do have sugar.

    More importantly, I think that apracticalwedding.com would be right up your alley. It’s one of the best, most sane wedding/marriage sites out there. I still read it nearly a year after my wedding. Just check it out. I think you’ll really appreciate what you find.

  9. Congrats Neely!!! I had a friend who did Paleo cupcakes in all kind of flavors and had them tiered on a four tier stand to resemble the look of a wedding cake and they were delicious. They were vegan and gluten free and I couldn’t beleive how good and moist they were. I always thik itseasier to make a paleo cupcake moist than it is a whole cake. Good luck and enjoy your forever mate!

  10. Hey Neely — congrats! Have you ever tried Lenka’s desserts? THEY ARE TO DIE FOR…They are “raw,” and I believe they are “paleo,” but either way they are DIVINE, and semi-healthy! Some contain raw cacao, and most are sweetened with raw honey, but i don’t think they have anything truly bad in them. You can sample them at the Tonic Bar on 10th and Pearl. Our fave is the chocolate salt torte. Lenka makes cakes to order — THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, delicious, and made with lots and lots of love…Here is the link to her page…She is talented.

  11. I once went to a wedding that had nothing but 30 different kinds of pie at the reception because the groom was obsessed with Marie Callender’s. That being said, you could do some tasty Lara bar “style pie” fillings with an almond crust and coconut cream whipped topping. If pie is not your gig, maybe just throw some icing on a brisket and call it done. Also, congrats on the upcoming nuptials…we’re SUPER excited for you both!

  12. You guys are awesome! Thank you so, so much for all your congratulations and for these amazing resources. I checked out some of them already, including http://www.apracticalwedding.com – what a fantastic site! And Joss, I’ll totally check out lenkaslivefood.com. I forgot to tell you guys that I don’t eat nuts, seeds (except coconut) or chocolate, though. So that kind of limits things :) Anyway, thank you!!

  13. I thought of one more thing. Can’t believe I forgot. If you like watermelon, the last few years for my birthday I’ve made a tiered watermelon ‘cake’. Mine has really been just about 1″ thick tiers but if you took three watermelons, you could probably make some pretty thick tiers. That would give you something that would work for a formal cake cutting if you were hoping for that.

  14. Elana’s Almond Flour Cookbook has a great chocolate cake recipe (I use coconut oil and honey instead of her recommended grapeseed oil and agave). :-) With a small wedding, it should be simple to come up with a single tier or two or even cupcakes! Yum.

    Congratulations! We are planning a smallish (50) wedding for my sister in September. . . she’s not committed to Paleo yet, so the menu (and the cake) will only be GF. It’s fun to introduce people to delicious, healthier foods!

  15. Oh. . . just saw your comment about no nuts. . . Elana’s other book (Gluten Free Cupcakes) has lots of coconut flour cupcake recipes (which we’ve made into cake as well).

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