Another Inspirational Paleo Success Story!


This is one more amazing Paleo transformation story from a loyal reader, Gail. Enjoy!

I was slumped on my loveseat in front of the TV when I realized my worst nightmare had occurred. Having recently turned 65 in April of 2009, my waist had disappeared, I was bloated after every meal, and my face was downright puffy.Life after menopause was the pits. Previously fit and active, able to eat and digest anything without gaining weight, an endless supply of energy even without much sleep no longer seemed to be the case.


This is Gail in April of ’09 right before she went Paleo.

In my “youth” I refused to believe all the aspects of aging described as inevitable in our culture. Now I was depressed and feeling hopeless; perhaps they were true and I was headed down the tubes (pun intended).

Skip ahead one month when I discovered Dr. Loren Cordain and The Paleo Diet. I listened to him speak on a tele-seminar, and began exploring his website at the same time. Right away, all that he was sharing made logical and scientific sense to me. The next day, I bought the book, ditched my non-Paleo food, and went shopping with the book in hand at Whole Foods.

Presto, my life changed. I had to figure out how to cook EVERY meal and wash lots of dishes in between.

Bad news: that was a challenge and a drag.

Good news: I now had a lot more information about where my food came from and what ingredients (sans salt, corn syrup, sugar) were included, plus everything tasted really great.

Over time (4 years and counting), my relationship with shopping, exploring new recipes, and food preparation became a joy. If you like being in control, this lifestyle fits in nicely.

Best news: I immediately felt terrific and gradually lost about 15 lbs. and several inches. There was no more (blush) belching, plus I had my vitality back. After about 1 year, I noticed I had six-pack-like abs that just appeared as a result of my new eating habits. (I promise there were no crunches or static planks in my exercise routines.)

The next year, I moved UP one flight of stairs in my apartment complex, with confidence that the top (4th floor-no elevator) level would be accessible and invigorating. So far, so good. Finally, convinced my new shape was here to stay, I had the waistbands on my pants and skirts taken in.

In October 2012, I got my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, and am now building my next career at age 69 as a Yoga Teacher. Yes, I know ALL yogis are vegetarians, right? NOT. Been there, done that years ago, and it didn’t work for me. My body let me know that choice did not provide the nutrients it needed.

Additionally, my Annual Check-Up lab results showed my cholesterol (while consuming lots of eggs and beef, I might add) had dropped 10 points to 188, and my asthma had all but disappeared. Truthfully, as my age increases, so does my fitness level. BOOYAH!

Can you tell what a happy-camper I am these days? I will always stay tuned in to my body and on top of the latest research (thanks to Neely at the Paleo Plan and others). As a grateful, self-proclaimed  poster-child for the benefits of Paleo and yoga, I believe I  have a responsibility to succeed!


This is Gail in October of 2012 after being Paleo for 3 years.