Kindle Fire Giveaway!


Today is the final day of the Paleo Plan giveaway week! And this last giveaway is pretty rad. Here it is…

The Last Giveaway is A Kindle Fire HD 7″ 8GB Tablet ($139)!


Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

  • Experience movies, TV, and games, and more on a stunning HD display (216 ppi / 1280×800)
  • Fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor—apps launch quickly, games and videos play smoothly
  • Create profiles and set time limits for children with Kindle FreeTime. Easy-to-use parental controls let everyone enjoy, worry-free
  • Ultra-fast web browsing over built-in Wi-Fi, plus updated e-mail and calendar support for Gmail, Outlook, and more
  •  In addition to Free Two-Day Shipping, Prime members enjoy exclusive digital benefits, including the ability to download Prime Instant Video titles on the all-new Kindle Fire family of tablets. 

And we’re going to give one away to a lucky winner!

Before I tell you how to win, I want to let you know something very important.

The last day of the Harvest Your Health bundle sale is today, which means you have only until midnight tonight (Monday night) Pacific Time to get yours. For $37 you get:

  • 71 E-books
  • 22 Discounts (which makes this pay for itself)
  • 4 Meal Plans
  • 3 Online Magazine Subscriptions
  • 1 Month Online Fitness Plan

All the products in the bundle were created by experts on Paleo cooking, meal planning, fitness, skin and hair care, natural cleaning, apartment gardening, and a ton of other topics related to YOUR HEALTH. You save over $1000 if you buy this bundle of amazingness, and it will only be available for a little while longer. Then POOF!… it’s gone forever.

Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale_843X403_24hours

—————————————>GET YOURS HERE<————————————-

You know what’s awesome? You can read every single one of the ebooks from the Harvest Your Health bundle sale on this Kindle Fire! What better way to enjoy them than on this new, beautiful piece of technology? I love new nerdy things :)

Here’s where you get more info on the bundle sale (link).

How to Enter to Get the Kindle Fire

Back to our giveaway, shall we? Here’s what you need to do to get your Kindle Fire.

1. Just tell me in the comments below, “I want the Kindle!”

That’s it!

I’ll randomly pick one winner for this giveaway and all the others we did this week tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 15th), and announce it via email and on the blog. You have until tomorrow at 3pm Eastern Time to enter – GOOD LUCK!



  1. “I want the Kindle!”

    What a great give away! I’ve been reading the ebooks from the Harvest your Health bundle on my iPhone but a kindle would be way better!

  2. I use a kindle app for reading diet books and recipes I got paleo and gluten free ones but would like to get the kindle to gain easier access to more of these type books

  3. I want the Kindle!! I actually NEED the Kindle so I can download and read all the books I bought from the Harvest Your Health sale :-)

  4. I want the Kindle! Well, I don’t want the Kindle but my daughter does! :-) So, ok, I guess I DO want the Kindle, for my daughter. Sigh, what sacrifices we Moms make for our children…

  5. I want the Kindle!

    This Eskimo knows Paleo Diet from my partners but in Lower-48 (Florida) I am lost with the food here … this is the reason I bought the “Harvest Your Health” Bundle/ Now, it is the reading of the materials.

  6. I would give up the Kindle Fire (although it would do wonders for my depression) if you’d stop making me use Facebook for your giveaways. It seems you didn’t include it here, so kudos and thanks for that. I am diametrically opposed to FB and its founder and it makes me crazy to find that I can’t comment on seemingly thousands of websites or enter dozens of sweepstakes unless I use FB. It’s like Ma Bell in the old days. Use it or else. In the case of FB, I choose ‘else’.

  7. I want the Kindle, please! Just found your site through the Harvest Your Health Bundle. Looking forward to trying your cleanse!