Join the Resolution to ‘Go Paleo’!


Take Back Your Health This Year! 


We know it can be challenging to ‘go Paleo’, especially when you’re first starting out. There’s a lot of questions along the Paleo path… and one of the most helpful stepping stones to Paleo victory is seeking the guidance of those who have traveled the path before you, and to surround yourself with others who are also eating to live! There’s no better year than 2016 to start living the life that Mother Nature intended for you, and our team at Paleo Plan would love to help you do just that!

Make Paleo your New Year’s Resolution

I don’t know about you, but this time of year makes me reflect on my life and what I can do to improve it. My mind and body are happiest when I create tangible goals for myself, and New Year’s resolutions are always a great opportunity for that.

My-New-Life-Chapter-1-300x200.jpgWhen I went Paleo, my life changed drastically for the better as I used food as my medicine to ‘eat away’ multiple diseases that doctors said I’d need life-long medications to treat. It’s been over 5 years on the Paleo path for me (medication free!) and what I’ve learned through trial and error is that change comes much easier when we are surrounded by other like-minded individuals who are working towards similar goals. That’s why our team at Paleo Plan is super duper excited to announce……

Paleo Plan’s New Year’s 30 Day Paleo Challenge!

In the spirit of the season, we’re hosting our seasonal 30 day Paleo Challenge starting on January 1…just in time for your New Year’s resolutions! Whether you’re a Paleo newbie or a seasoned Paleo pro, our guided Paleo challenge is geared at helping you change your diet to achieve optimal health this year! Even if you’re already eating Paleo, there’s a lot to gain from joining our FREE Facebook group, like new recipes, tips, tricks, wisdom, money-saving tools, support, guidance, fun times, and more!

Ask yourself:

  • Woman-thinking-300x300.jpgAre you ready to take your health into your own hands?
  • Are you sick of feeling like crap?
  • Do you need renewed inspiration in your diet and lifestyle?
  • Do you want to overcome disease or illness using food as your medicine?
  • Would you be interested in having a team of Paleo experts to answer your questions and guide you through 30 days of eating delicious and healthy Paleo foods??
  • Do you enjoy chatting with really awesome people that are super supportive and helpful?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this challenge is for YOU!

How to Join the Challenge:

New-Years-Celebration-fireworks-300x300.jpgFor the challenge we will be following our awesome and fully customizable meal plans which include complete shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes that take the guesswork out of planning and preparing Paleo meals. Not only that, our meal plans will save you a boatload of time, money, and food waste! You’ve truly got nothing to lose (except maybe some unwanted weight and inflammation…jus’ sayin!)


Peace_two-reasons-300x200.jpgSTEP 1: Start your FREE MEAL PLAN TRIAL

STEP 2: Join our FREE 30 Day Paleo Challenge Group!


fireworks-display-300x199.jpgAlong with your membership, you’ll also receive access to our seasonal 30 Day Paleo Challenges led by the awesome Nutritionists at Paleo Plan.

Our next 30 Day Paleo Challenge fires off soon, so what are you waiting for!?


  • Paleo-Plan-New-Year-eBook-232x300.jpgAnother perk of joining Paleo Plan is all of the goodies we make available to you throughout the year. Like our Holiday eBook & Survival Guide. Need help cooking a Paleo New Year’s celebration feast? We’ve got you covered!
  • For the very first time…we will be hosting live video conferences each week as a part of our guided Paleo challenge, so you can ask us your questions in person! Can’t make the live sessions? We’ll record them, so you can watch and playback at your convenience!
  • Joining our Paleo Challenge a few days late? No worries! Check out this video which shows how to easily remove days from your meal plan.
  • Our meal plans are now FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! That means if you’re avoiding any foods that appear in our meal plans, you can now easily flag or remove ingredients from certain recipes or altogether. Check out this post for more information about our new and exciting customization features!

We’re seriously committed to helping you make this year your HEALTHIEST YEAR EVER, so what are you waiting for?!? Join the Resolution!

paleo-web-300x82.jpgIn good health,
Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
Paleo Plan Nutritionist