Fall into Paleo – 30 Day Challenge (Plus New Meal Plan Features!)


Fall into Paleo!

Fall-into-Paleo_fall-leaves-300x300.jpgSince eating Paleo is also about eating seasonally, it seems fitting to host a 30 day Paleo challenge every equinox and solstice. With the autumn equinox arriving this week… it’s time for our seasonal “Fall into Paleo” 30 Day Paleo Challenge, which fires off Monday September 21st, 2015! With the holidays right around the corner, this is your last chance this year to fall headfirst into one of our Paleo challenges, as we won’t be hosting another until 2016!

Ready to try Paleo on for size? Simply sign up for our free 2-week trial to get started today with our newly customizable meal plans  that we will be following for the challenge. When your trial ends, you can choose to cancel your membership (at no cost) or Paleo-Plan-Meal-Plan_computer-in-kitchen-300x223.jpgcontinue on with the service for only $10 per month (you’ll save waaay more than that in time and food waste savings alone!) Click here for more info about our totally awesome Paleo meal planning service which includes detailed shopping lists, hundreds of easy-to-follow paleo recipes that your entire family will enjoy, a mouth-watering schedule of healthy meals delivered weekly to your inbox, tons of resources to help you get started and stick with it, and a team of Paleo experts eager to help you along the way! 

2 Simple Steps to Join the 30 Day Paleo Challenge:

Peace_two-reasons-300x200.jpgStep 1: Click here to start your FREE MEAL PLAN TRIAL (which we will be following for the challenge).

Step 2: Click here to join our FREE 30 Day Paleo Challenge Group on Facebook!

Joining our Paleo Challenge a few days late? No worries! Check out this video which shows you how to easily remove days from your meal plan!

Check out Our Newly Added Meal Plan Features!

If you’re already a Paleo Plan member, you may not be aware that we recently updated our meal planning software to make it FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! So what exactly does this mean for you? Whats-New_Meal-Plan-Features-300x220.jpg

    • Interested in shifting your “flex” day around to a different day? Go right ahead!
    • Simply login to your account to see all of the new and exciting customizable features of your existing meal plan! Have a question? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!
    • Totally new to Paleo? Check out our blog post on Paleo Principles with links to other fantastic resources to help get you started today!

Fall into a Happy & Healthy Autumn!

Paleo-Pumpkins-300x200.jpgWe’ve got a great group of Paleo Plan members raring and ready to dive headfirst into our guided ‘Fall into Paleo’ 30 day challenge…and we’d love for you to join us! Doing a Paleo challenge in a group setting is a great way to glean support from other like-minded individuals (AKA Paleo peeps), and get your questions answered by our skilled team of brilliant nutritionistas. Did I mention that the Facebook group and 30 Day Paleo Challenge are FREE for all our of current members!?

Diversify-your-Paleo-palate-219x300.jpgLike I said, we’ll be following the Paleo Plan Meal Plan (or the Quickstart PDF Guide) for the challenge. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our time- and money-saving Paleo meal planning service, what the heck are you waiting for? We’ve made it as simple as Paleo pie to cook and eat Paleo (whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Paleo pro), and your first two weeks on the meal plan are completely free! So there’s literally nothing to lose (except some unwanted weight and inflammation). Click here to sample our meal planning service, free for 14-days and get ready to start cooking and eating Paleo with ease and confidence!

Happy fall y’all! :)

In good health,
Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
Paleo Plan Nutritionist