Paleo Plan’s 2012 30-Day Paleo Challenge!


If a (wo)man were to hold up a sword and ask you to fight, nowadays you’d run away, right? But in the OLDEN days of yore, you’d muster your courage, dispatch your épée, and fight to the death. We’re not asking you to do quite that here, but we ARE challenging you to get off your butt and actually fight for your life. That is, by changing your diet for a month.

Because some of you have gotten so overweight and inflamed and SICK that if you don’t do something about, you will actually risk your life with your complacency. You might have diabetes or you might just be overweight and on your way to being obese. To change that and reverse your trajectory, it’ll take the courage and humility of those dueling sword fighters to get the job done.

Eating only meat, seafood, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds for 30 days will take discipline and focus, and you’ll likely feel pain and probably despair at times. But the good part about doing a Paleo challenge is that there’s no chance of losing the fight unless you give up. If you fight hard and do the work, you will win.

What might you expect by the end of one month of eating strict Paleo? Here are a few morsels of motivation:

Fat loss
Muscle gain (read: muscle tone)
More energy
Fewer allergy symptoms
Less heartburn/indigestion
Better workouts
Less joint pain
Better mood
Better glucose levels
Better cholesterol numbers
Nicer skin
A better job

Just kidding about the last one. I had to see if you were still with me. Seriously, though, you might experience some or all of those benefits by adhering to a strict Paleo diet for 30 days or more. Is it worth it to you? Can you handle a couple days or weeks of detoxing in order to feel and look better? Can you keep your hands out of the cookies, away from the bread, and off of the corn chips for long enough to feel the benefits? Or would you rather eat what you want whenever you want it and feel sick, tired and fat for the rest of your life?

Read this for more details on why and what the Paleo diet is. If you want to try it, the challenge is a great way to start it out. During the month, we’ll be giving you motivation and tips along the way (and some prizes). We suggest that you gently yet persuasively ask your friends, family, and co-workers to do this with you, too, because we all know that minimizing temptation at work and home will only help this process of change. Consider suggesting a Paleo challenge to your gym owner, too.

The 30-day Paleo Challenge begins on Monday, January 9th, 2012. So gather your proverbial sword, your courage, your humility, your fighter’s will, and your Paleo Plan ebook or weekly meal plan to guide the way, and hop on the Paleo wagon!