Caveman Diet Plan – The Myth Behind the Paleo Diet’s Caveman Connection

It is impossible to do things and cook meals today exactly as cavemen did in the past.

Anyone interested in starting a paleo diet has to understand that a paleo diet does not mean they have to eat like the Paleolithic man, otherwise they could become unnecessarily dogmatic.

Some mistakes people make when trying to reproduce man’s first diet are:

  • They avoid all dairy.
  • They avoid starch, even in vegetables.
  • They avoid fatty meats.
  • They eat lots of nuts.

It is unwise to reject a type of food just because cavemen didn’t have access to it. The true paleo diet or, caveman diet plan as it is also known, is an approach based on what logically seem the nutritional habits of people before the beginning of massive grain agriculture and biochemical proof of how food can affect us.

Under this view, modern foods are not prohibited provided they are similar, in structure and chemistry, to the foods of the Paleolithic man’s diet.

Cavman-bunny-300x199.jpgThere are 4 main reasons why we can never copy the past:

1. We can’t have certainty about the foods eaten by Paleolithic people.

We will never know with 100% certainty what was in the paleolithic diet; there is not enough evidence.

2. Time and geography made a difference

The caveman diet plan changed according to the period of time, geography, and season. Some ate more fish, others had diets based on tropical plants, and still others were mainly game meat eaters.

3. We don’t have access to the same foods of the past.

Even if we knew exactly what these people ate, many of the foods would not be available today. Plants and animals have evolved a lot since that time; so, they are now very different from what they were then.

4. Not everything was better then.

We can’t close our eyes to the fact that cavemen were not always right about health related issues. Their diet was healthy basically because the not-so-healthy options were not available, but they still got sick, had nutritional deficiencies, and ate toxic plants.

So, the next time you assess a food to see if it is healthy or not, think about its toxins vs. nutritional value. There are many toxins, or anti-nutrients, in grains, legumes and seed oils.

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