2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Make This Year Paleo


holiday-ebooks-3D-e1418756525627-300x259.pngIf you’re searching for the perfect Paleo-friendly gift to give this holiday season, look no further!  The team at Paleo Plan has put together our annual Holiday Gift Guide featuring a few of our favorite things (that we’re pretty sure the Paleo people and fitness fanatics in your life are gonna love too)! Most of these gifts are available online and if you place your orders soon, they’ll arrive before the holidays do. Happy shopping, and happy holidays from your friends at Paleo Plan!

We’ve also made it super easy to cook your Paleo holiday feast this year with 2 different eBook guides to help you plan and execute a holiday gathering with style and grace. Download your FREE copy of Paleo Plan’s Hanukkah eBook or Paleo Plan’s Christmas & New Year’s Holiday eBook. We’ve got you covered this holiday season!

paleoplan-logo-300x300.pngA Few of Our Favorite Things

There is truly no better gift to give than the gift of good health! Paleo Plan has meal plan subscriptions, Paleo eBooks and fitness plans that make it easy for anyone to reclaim their health and vitality by embracing a Paleo lifestyle. Gifting a month-long membership to Paleo Plan costs you less than $10 and all new memberships come with a free 2 week trial up-front! Simply choose the ‘GIVE AS A GIFT’ option during checkout.

Our customizable meal plans save precious time and money while taking the worry out of deciding what to eat next. With custom shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes, we make shopping for and cooking Paleo a breeze (even fun!) while helping you eliminate wasted food.  New members who join Paleo Plan before January 1st, 2015 will also receive free entry into our guided online 30 Day Paleo Challenge hosted by our savvy Paleo Nutritionists!

Quick-Start-Cover-231x300.jpgPaleo Plan Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook – Our easy-to-read eBook gives you all the info you need to quickly start living a Paleo lifestyle. We answer the most frequently asked questions and provide you with a 6-week meal plan, shopping lists, recipes, and everything you need to achieve Paleo success! Our eBooks can also be used for 30-day Paleo challenges to help track progress through the weeks. It’s a great way for anyone to get psyched about changing their life and to start eating Paleo today!

Paleo Fit Workout Planning Service – Paleo Fit provides all the benefits of a traditional workout program with none of the hassles of a traditional gym membership. Get lean and strong the Paleo way with weekly at-home bodyweight workouts, delivered right to your inbox, designed by our fitness expert Max Shippee.

Kinsey-Jackson_Paleo-Plan-4-e1418761737845.jpgKinsey’s Favorite Things:

Our nutritionist Kinsey has shared some of her favorite things below that are not only practical, but also health-promoting and fun to boot!

Thrive-Market-800x5001-150x150.jpgGift certificate (or membership) to an awesome online health food store like Thrive Market. Let’s face it…health food is expensive! Companies like Thrive provide health foods at a drastic discount, making Paleo much more affordable. Another benefit…with each new membership, Thrive Market sponsors a low-income family!

potg-logo-christmas-small-sq-150x150.pngGive the gift of Paleo food delivered. For the busy Paleo person in your life, I can’t imagine a better gift to give than the gift of real food delivered! Paleo On The Go offers gift certificates that your recipient can use to order healthy, delicious, and prepared Paleo foods…delivered right to their doorstep!

paleo-magazine-sq-150x150.jpgSubscription to Paleo Magazine. Magazines are one of those things that you love to have, but hate to pay for! Paleo Magazine is always packed full of helpful Paleo tips, tricks, recipes, and beautiful pictures from some of the leading authorities in the Paleosphere. This gift will provide year-long joy for the Paleo enthusiast in your life!

Lodge-cast-iron-sq-150x150.jpgLodge Cast Iron Cookware – Made in the USA since 1896, Lodge Cast Iron carries almost any type of cookware you can imagine, from skillets to woks to dutch ovens to muffin pans and more! I cook nearly all of my food in cast iron, which conducts heat beautifully, lasts for decades, and is a healthful chemical-free alternative to toxic non-stick pans.

standing-desk-sq-150x150.jpgStand up for good health! We’ve heard the saying that “sitting is the new smoking”, but current research indicates that it’s not so much the type of desk you have (i.e. standing vs. sitting vs. treadmill, etc.), rather, it’s how often you change position that matters (ideally shifting positions every 20 minutes). The Varidesk is an innovative and easy way to quickly transition your desk back and forth between sitting and standing positions. As the top-rated standing desk on the market, Varidesk is an incredible gift for the desk worker in your life!

spire-breathing-monitor-white-back-sq-150x150.jpgSpire Wearable Breathing Monitor for iOS Are you breathing correctly? When we’re stressed-out, it’s common to breathe with our chests (instead of our diaphragms) which triggers further stress in a vicious cycle. Learning to correct breathing patterns is essential in overcoming stress-related diseases and achieving overall health and well-being. The Spire breathing monitor clips easily to clothing and connects to your Iphone to give instantaneous feedback about breathing. Spire helps the most stressed-out person to re-train their breath, mind, and nervous system to be more calm and focused.

kasandrinos_300x250-150x150.jpgBread n’ FatAny true Paleoite will be delighted if you gift them the most delicious low-carb Paleo bread in the world along with a bottle of the highest quality olive oil to dunk it in. Fox Hill Kitchen’s Awesome Bunz dunked in Kasandrinos Olive Oil will please the palate of any fat-loving Paleoite!

aobione-150x150.jpgAObiome for your floral friends. Research is rapidly emerging indicating the importance of healthy gut bacteria for overall health, but far less attention is given to the skin’s probiotic status. If you know someone suffering from a skin condition (rashes, eczema, psoriasis, yeast, itchiness, etc.), then you’ll be doing them a major favor by gifting them AOBiome Probiotic Skin Products. The live-cultured AOB (Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria) contained in AOBiome’s innovative spray-mist and probiotic cleansers are the first products ever created that gently and powerfully nurture the good bacteria of the skin. The Mother Dirt Bundle Gift Box is also a great idea.

YalaBambooDreams-sq-150x150.jpgOrganic and bamboo clothing by Yala. For the past few years, I’ve been making an effort to transition all of my clothing to organic and natural fibers, after reading about pesticides, GMOs, and synthetic chemicals found in many materials. I now own several Yala shirts and pajamas that I absolute adore! Made from the softest, most comfortable organic and bamboo fibers, Yala clothing makes it possible to look classy without compromising comfort. Available for women, men, children, and babies…Yala bamboo and organic clothing washes and travels well to boot!

fatface_holiday-box-sq-150x150.jpgFatFace Skincare. FatFace is named as such for the awesome fats (like grass-fed tallow!) used in this line of Paleo skincare products. Fatface skincare products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, are preservative- and chemical-free, and handcrafted in small batches in Nevada. Check out their Holiday Gifts page for some fat-tastic stocking stuffers!

empty-basket-web1-150x150.jpgPaleo Baking Basket. Put together a gift basket or bag containing everything your Paleo person needs to bake delicious Paleo goods, and you might just reap some of the benefits of this gift! After reviewing the Paleo dessert cookbook “Sweet Paleo”, I have yet to be disappointed by one of Lea’s amazing recipes! As an avid Paleo baker, I always stock plenty of almond flour , coconut flour and tapioca flour along with gluten-free baking soda and cream of tartar (to make my own Paleo-friendly baking powder). Perhaps toss in some gluten- and soy-free chocolate chips, along with natural baking cups or parchment paper in the gift basket, and you have yourself an incredible edible gift!

aimee-snow-218x300.jpgAimee’s Favorite Things:

Our nutritionist Aimee has some fantastic recommendations for the Paleo people in your life, whether they’re newbies or Paleo pros.



  1. Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind  – This book is the best of the best that came out in 2015 if you’re looking for sublime Paleo desserts and treats! Give it the Paleo eater in your life, or invite someone to try out the Paleo lifestyle with these tantalizing recipes.
  2. Paleo Takeout – This book recreates almost every takeout favorite you could imagine, Paleo style. Considering I spent most of 2015 pregnant, this book was a lifesaver for all of my cravings! Share it with the mama-to-be in your life, or anyone who appreciates takeout classics like fried rice, orange chicken, and more, but needs to keep their diet Paleo and allergy-friendly.
  3. All American Paleo Table – If you’re a fan of homestyle classics and comfort foods, but you’re finding it hard to recreate them on a Paleo diet, then this book is a lifesaver.


  1. Measuring cups – I upgraded my measuring cups this year, and almost nothing has me more excited for cooking than having bright and shiny new stainless steel measuring cups. Maybe that makes me a kitchen nerd, but the foodie in your life will probably feel the same way!
  2. Pyrex measuring cups – I also upgraded my Pyrex glass measuring cups this year, and find that these are perfect for whipping together salad dressings, sauces, and more. I also love them because they’re classic and they look nice sitting on the kitchen shelf, waiting for my next recipe inspiration.
  3. Parchment baking cups – With all of the baking that I do, these have quickly become my go to for muffins and cupcakes. Unlike paper cups, you can peel these away and leave your perfect muffin in tact and looking picture perfect!


  1. W3LL PEOPLE – I’m not a big makeup person, but my favorite discovery of 2015 is this amazing foundation by W3ll People. It’s creamy and covers well without having to plaster the entire face in a thick layer of makeup. It doesn’t irritate my super-sensitive skin, and there are enough shade options to be perfect for everyone.
  2. Borage lotion – I am always in search of the perfect lotion that isn’t greasy or doesn’t work well for sensitive, dry skin. This lotion is amazing and I’ve used it for a face and body lotion. It’s gentle and non-toxic and a perfect alternative for when you don’t want to use coconut oil as your primary moisturizer.
  3. Pacifica 7-free nail polish – I gave up toxic nail polishes a long time ago, but when I came across this 7-free nail polish this year, I was interested to try it. My other experiences with natural nail polishes were less than satisfactory as they chipped easily, but this stuff worked every bit as great as the conventional brands, with plenty of amazing color options!

sally-profile-2015.jpgSally’s Favorite Things:

As an avid Crossfitter and Paleo enthusiast, our dietician Sally has shared some gifts that are sure to knock the socks off the CrossFitter or Paleo person in your life!


  1. WODies – Surprise your favorite athlete with a pair of red WODies this holiday!  I love my WODies hand grips.  They protect my wrists from the pressures of heavy loads and my hands from many a potential blister.  Small, medium and large sizes with customizable finger holes allows a perfect fit and they’re washing machine and dryer friendly, breathable and made from hypo-allergenic materials.
  2. Knee Sleeves – Is there an athlete in your life with knee pain?  Knee sleeves will be their favorite gift this year. Rehbands knee sleeves provide compression and warmth that support the knee joints through their maximum range of motion workout after workout.
  3. The Performance Paleo Cookbook by Stephanie Gaudreau – This is a wonderful resource for the Paleo athlete.  Complete with meal strategies based on your workout and a ton of great performance enhancing Paleo recipes, this cookbook is a treasure.
  4. Bamboo Kitchen Utensils – Three certified organic, sustainably harvested bamboo kitchen utensils – two differently shaped spoons and a spatula will look pretty on your counter top and come in handy when you’re whipping up delicious Paleo meals!
  5. Paleo Gift BoxWhether your friends and loved ones are Paleo or not, who wouldn’t want to open a box full of treats?  The wonderfully packed boxes and gift baskets from paleogiftbaskets.com are complete with requisite yumminess for all to enjoy with the bonus that it’s all Paleo!  Organic herbal teas, extra dark chocolates, Florida tupelo honey and Hawaiian macadamia nuts make a great gift for anyone to enjoy.

max-giftguide-copy.pngMax’s Favorite Things:

Our fitness guru Max has shared some high-five worthy fitness products that will surely be put to good use by the movement enthusiasts in your life!


jfit-medicine-ball-150x150.jpgMedicine Balls

Medicine balls are a great way to add weight to your workouts. They are a great addition to ab workouts, can help to add weight your squats, and  can even help with checking form and developing explosiveness. I prefer the bigger, softer med balls over the bouncey ones. :)

jump-rope-150x150.jpgJump Ropes

If you don’t already have a jump rope, what are you waiting for? There are lots of options with these. These styles range from speed-ropes to good old fashioned beaded ropes. Most jump ropes aren’t super expensive, so try a couple different kinds to see which you prefer!


Kettlebells have been around in the fitness world for quite some time and have staying power for a reason. The localized, dense concentration of weight is not only good for the grip, but with a little bit of creativity, can be a whole body workout tool. And, they look kinda cool too.

fitbit-charge-hr-150x150.jpgHeart Rate Monitor/Movement Tracker

There is a lot of “wrist tech” out there now. Some measure steps, others heart rate, and some can do math and estimate calories burned or even sync up with your phone. There are a LOT of options out there, here’s just a few!


We program a few box jumps in our workouts from time to time. Having a good sturdy box to use can really help, and help you to have a good standard to meet. Some you can even order with different heights on the same box…super useful!!

Kinsey JacksonKinsey Jackson

Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS® is a clinical nutritionist specializing in functional and evolutionary nutrition. Her own experience of overcoming multiple autoimmune disorders by adopting a Paleo lifestyle vastly contributes to her passion for helping others to also reclaim their health and vitality by making informed dietary decisions.