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Shopping Lists and Weekly Meal Plans

We provide a shopping list and daily meal plan weekly to our members. Each week’s downloads are made available on Tuesday of the previous week, so you should have plenty of time to look ahead and do your shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Plan Is for Two People

Our meal plans, recipes, and shopping list are designed for two people sharing the plan. So if you are single or a family of 5, you should adjust the quantities as needed. Many of our members adjust these to their family’s needs and seem to have no problem.

Sunday through Saturday

The week runs from Sunday to Saturday, and we also suggest you make Sunday an effective prep day, pre-cooking meats, chopping vegetables, etc. This allows the rest of the week’s recipes to be prepared much quicker. We try hard to incorporate leftovers into lunches, and make mid-week meals easier to assemble and leave weekends for the more complex, interesting recipes. If these days don’t work for you, feel free to move meals around, just watch out for leftovers when you do so you’re not unprepared for a day’s meals.

Have More Questions?

You should really go and read this page: Following Paleo Plan. It’s all about our plan and can answer a lot of your questions. Our blog and resources pages are full of good info, and  we have an ebook available that answers a lot of common questions about Paleo.

Modifying the Plan for Your Needs

The meal plan was created for an average size person who doesn’t work out heavily. If you fall outside of that category, you may want to make small tweaks to the meal plan so you get the proper amount of food. Here’s a blog post that walks you through that process.