Paleo Meal Plan Details

What you get every week on our Meal Plan


– PDF of a weekly menu for 2 people, with the ability to customize your menu as well as the number of people you cook for
– Delicious and simple recipes linked in the menu (paleo recipes on our site) as well as a downloadable PDF with the Full Recipe List for the week
– PDF of your prep list to make your time in the kitchen efficient
– PDF of a complete grocery shopping list which can be edited to add and/or removed items.

When Do I Get My Files?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email from us every Tuesday that contains your following week’s PDF downloads. If you would like to customize your meal plans in any way you can log in at any time to your dashboard and make any change you like. They’re updated every Sunday, and we keep the most current week and the upcoming week in there for you. You can either print all these files out, or save them, or just refer to them on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer throughout the week.

Who Makes The Meal Plans?

Our Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Sally, creates one new meal plan by hand every week incorporating new recipes as we create them. Using this meal plan is a fantastic way to learn what your plate should look like on a Paleo diet, and how often you should be eating when you first start out. It truly does make meal planning a non-issue for new Paleo eaters in addition to saving time and money.

How Many Meals Will I Be Eating Every Day?

The default meal plan gives you the tools to prepare 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner – every day for 2 average people. Again, if you’re cooking only for yourself or for your whole family, you can easily modify the recipes and shopping list using our fully customizable system. We’ve made it simple to remove both individual meals for the day as well as the week. If you know you need less or more food than an average person, you should read this article on how to modify the meal plan .

Will I Get Enough Food? Too Much Food?

If you’re an average height person and you do average amounts of exercise (a couple times a week), then you’ll likely get enough food. However, if you’re a very small person, a very large person, or you’re really active, then you can add food as you see fit. The plan provides about 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day. Here’s an article on how to figure out how much food you need, and how to add or subtract food from the meal plan. If you’re trying to lose weight, this meal plan has helped thousands of people do just that. See how 64 year old Carol was able to lose 100 pounds!

Are The Recipes Complicated? Is The Food Good?

We’ve pleased millions of people’s palates with our recipes! We think they’re pretty awesome. The food you’ll eat on the meal plan is flavorful, filling, and healthy. Your meals will include plenty of protein, lots of well-seasoned veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.

You can check out all of our amazing recipes on our recipes page here, there are more than 425 of them with new recipes added weekly. Some of our favorites are the Salmon with Coconut Cream Sauce, Almond Flour Pancakes, Chicken Fajita Salad, Bison Chili, and of course our Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. The recipes are simple, using ingredients you’ll almost always recognize, but don’t worry, if there are certain ingredients you don’t like, we have an easy system that lets you flag them and then replace any meals that include that ingredient. We’ve got you covered!

The recipes you’ll make during each week will be quicker than weekend recipes so you’re not in the kitchen too much. Although we always add amazing new recipes, we also try to re-use some recipes, so that you’ll start to feel more comfortable in the kitchen, instead of always needing to follow a new, unfamiliar recipe.

Leftovers Make Life Easier

We often have you make enough dinner so that you can use leftovers for lunch. This way you don’t have to worry about cooking lunch every day. We know you’re busy. The leftovers are built right in to the menu, recipes, and grocery lists. Because these leftovers are built right into your menu, there’s little chance they’ll be forgotten in the fridge, which is how most of us waste so much money on food.

Even breakfasts are sometimes leftovers, too, like our very popular Omelet Muffins. Or a lazy Sunday breakfast might be our Paleo Pumpkin Muffins (with bacon of course), which can then be used later in the week as snacks.

“Cheat” Days

Some members choose to have a paleo-free day of the week.  This is totally up to you and is easily done through the meal planning customization features of your membership.  Other members begin with 100% Paleo and may or may not choose “cheat” days later after their bodies have calmed down and detoxed through.

Shopping List Details

There are some items you may not need to buy fresh every week (think honey or frozen berries). In our shopping lists we’ve included a small area where you can fill in the amount of each ingredient you already have in your kitchen before you head to the store. This means if you already have 6 eggs from last week, and you need 12 for the meal plan, you know you only need to buy a half-dozen for the week. This will help you waste less food, and therefore spend less money.

We also include the recipe names next to each item on the shopping list so that you know where all your ingredients are going. If you’ve used our meal plan customizing feature, no worries, your shopping list will be automatically updated with only the ingredients you need. Just click on the shopping list page to download your updated shopping list.

Protein Serving Sizes

In general, each meal is focused around 4-6 ounces of meat or fish per serving. This depends slightly on the meal’s other ingredients. In some cases, there aren’t specific portion sizes (for instance, a breakfast may just advise to add ham, but not give a portion amount). In those instances, you should assume 4 oz is enough, and add up or down based on preference. We’ve tried to make that easy for you to adjust by merely listing the number of servings you’ll be needing in the shopping list so you can purchase accordingly.

Seasonal Foods

Often we list “fruit of choice” or “nuts of choice” or similar in our meal plans. In these cases, we leave it to you to decide which types of fruit or nuts you would prefer, and allow you to keep it interesting and seasonal based on your location. Again, our shopping list will merely say “Fruit: 4 servings.” This is to inform you that each adult will have 2 servings each of fruit that week, and you should purchase accordingly.


We use weekend lunches and snacks as a chance to graze the fridge and pick out any meals or foods you may have missed over the week. There may be a few pieces of fruit left, some veggies, a can of tuna, some eggs, or a salad from the week’s lunch. Take this opportunity to be creative and finish the week’s groceries so you’re not throwing anything away.

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