Almond Flour Pancakes

These pancakes are a delicious combination of almond flour and applesauce topped with fresh berries. Feel free to substitute mashed bananas or pureed pumpkin for the applesauce and cinnamon for nutmeg. If you are allergic to almonds, you can replace half the almond flour with coconut flour and the other half with tapioca flour. Cooking these pancakes on a griddle, slowly and over low heat, will give the best results.

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Almond Flour Pancakes

Servings 2

Total Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Nutrition Information

calories 550

carbohydrate 22g

protein 19g

fat 47g


  • 1 cup(s) almond flour
  • 1/2 cup(s) applesauce, unsweetened
  • 1 tablespoon(s) coconut flour
  • 2 large egg(s)
  • 1/4 cup(s) water (consider soda water for slightly fluffier pancakes)
  • 1/4 teaspoon(s) nutmeg, fresh
  • 1/4 teaspoon(s) sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon(s) coconut oil divided
  • 1/2 cup(s) berries, fresh


  1. Combine almond flour, applesauce, coconut flour, eggs, water, nutmeg and sea salt in a bowl, and mix together completely with a fork. The batter will appear a little thicker than normal mix.
  2. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat with coconut oil.
  3. Drop 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan once it is fully heated. Spread out batter slightly if desired.
  4. Flip like a normal pancake when the bubbles start showing up on the top, and cook for another minute or two.
  5. Add more oil to the pan and repeat with remaining batter.
  6. Top with fresh berries.

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  1. I am unable to find coconut flour, any hints as to where to find it. Also would it make that much difference if I didn’t add it? Or what is a good substitute?

    1. Have you looked at Whole Foods? I get mine at New Seasons, which is local to Portland, Oregon, but is comparable to Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s might have it too. However, you can definitely leave it out, it just provides a nice flavor. Shredded coconut is also great in its place.

  2. Look for Red Mill products in the health section of larger grocery stores or health food stores: Fred Meyer, Trader Joes, Whole Food, I’ve been able to find most of what I need at Fred Meyer surprisingly

  3. These are really good. If you are missing bread indulge in some almond pancakes. Thanks for the recipe. I have used coconut flour and shredded coconut and both are good.

  4. I notice several of the recipes call for almond flour – is there something else that can be used – seems to be pretty expensive for 1 lb.

  5. Regarding Almond Flour: If you can get to a Trader Joe’s, they have almond meal at a good price: about 3 bucks.

  6. These pancakes have been rockin’ our house lately, all 4 kids chow-down! We have been making them without the apple sauce and the coconut flour, which makes a super quick, simple, 5 ingredient morning. Kids have a little honey on top of their berries, I used to require something sweet as well, now some fresh berries taste great alone. The statement about going well with bacon or ham is bang on.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I make my own almond and coconut,flours at home. It’s easy. I own and sell the VitaMix at my website. You can grind fresh unsweetened coconut in the machine yourself (how much or little you choose for freshness), and use as a breading or flour base. You can grind nuts, seeds, etc. for flours.

    If you are interested, please go to my site as I offer FREE SHIPPING. You can get into making Paleo Shakes and smoothies as well. Just toss in your desired protein and veggies and fruit, oils, seeds, etc. and turn it on and then you have your meal on the go.

    Take care.

    1. Well, we use and recommend berries and fruit, but if you really want something sweet and syrupy, you might try a *touch* of agave nectar (try and find nectar that hasn’t been heated over 110 degrees), or pure maple syrup. However, both of those are going to have a pretty dramatic glycemic impact compared to a small amount of fruit. And do understand that many people will argue the “paleo-ness” of maple syrup or agave, as both are pretty much pure sugar, and would have been a pretty rare encounter to most hunter gatherers.

  8. if you cants find the almond flour or coconut floor anywhere around you… go onto Amazon…ive gone there for alot of ingredients on this site

  9. Could you use coconut water instead of the water/coconut flower combination? Would that effect the taste at all?

    1. No, coconut water really is the water from inside a coconut. Coconut flour is pressed and ground coconut meat. The two have pretty drastically different flavors and textures. You can make the recipe without coconut flour, we just think it adds a little to the sweetness, but with the apple sauce, you’re probably alright skipping it.

  10. We like these almond cakes however we have been having trouble with cooking them. Substituting apple sauce for agave nectar is an improvement, thanks for suggesting that. However, they are a bugger to cook evenly. We have started adding arrow root powder which seems to allow us to spread them out thinner. Thanks for the great recipes, I have lost about 12 pounds on the Paleo Diet!

  11. I really like the flavor of these pancakes but I am also having a difficult time cooking them. I am using a pancake griddle but even when I wait for the bubbles, like typical pancakes, to flip they always fall apart and crumble. Help! What am I doing wrong?

  12. I have to say, I enjoy these left over much more than right off the griddle since I’m somewhat of a grazer. I used unsweetened coconut flakes by Red Mill which is ground super fine. They’re quite tasty with some blackberries and strawberries.

  13. These tasted great but I could not get them to cook right. They were too thick even when I tried to spread out the batter and so they ended up a little doughy. The outside browned up a little too much because I had to let it cook a longer than I would have liked to make them solidify. I only used 1/8 cup for each pancake. Any tips? I’ll have to try these again but want to get better at the technique.

  14. Is anyone else in Hawaii?? Is there a place to find all this stuff I need..there is no trader joes on this Island!! I’m on Oahu

  15. I too am having trouble keeping the, very good, pancakes together upon cooking them. Followed the receipe to the “t” and they tend to fall apart. Any suggestions besides adding arrow root poweder and using smaller amounts to cook? Thanks in advance.

  16. After trying several Paleo pancake recipes I recommend using this one because they turned out absolutely perfect (and looked like real pancakes). I used this recipe, with a few exceptions. I didn’t have coconut flour or applesauce, and it made no noticeable influence. I added 1 Tbsp. of Flax Meal, and it added a nice taste/texture. Thanks!!

  17. I tried making these pancakes with both Trader Joe’s almond meal and Bob’s almond flour and both times they didn’t come out right. They were ‘mushy, didn’t seem to form into pancakes. Anyone have any ideas? Also, is it OK on the Paleo Plan to have chia seeds or flax meal?

  18. We used mashed up bananas instead of applesause simply because we were out of applesauce. They cooked up perfectly, we didn’t have a problem. So far this is my favorite Paleo Pancake recipe. I order my Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Flour in cases of four bags from I saved $2.50/per lb. compared to our local prices.

  19. I make my own almond flour in my Magic Bullet. I found 3lbs of raw almonds at Sam’s for $9. They aren’t organic but, as a broke college student, raw almonds for $3/lb beats the $6/lb organic raw almonds. I’ve found that making my own I can save a lot of money.

  20. I mix a little milled flax seed into some berries that I cook down. The flax seed thickens the berries. My kids think they are getting a syrup!! Tropical Traditions has the best price on coconut flour that I have been able to find.

  21. The trick to make sure that they don’t fall apart is twofold. First give them space. On my double burner cast iron griddle I only do 4 pancakes at a time. Otherwise when you try to flip one you wreck the one next to it. Secondly you need to use a very thin spatula to go under the entire pancake to separate it from the griddle, after it is totally unstuck then you can flip it. I made almond flour in the vitamix. One half cup at a time for maybe 10-15 seconds.
    FWIW I was just looking for a grain free recipe (my kids seem to have some candida overgrowth problems) so I actually use milk in mine and I am allergic to coconut so I used a tsp of xylitol in place of the tbsp of coconut flour (since it was said that it is for sweetening) and they came out great! My kids love them.

  22. I tried these this morning and they kept falling apart. I cooked them on very low to see if that would help, but it didn’t. They take way to long to cook for a big family.

  23. I cannot get these to cook right. I have tried 3 times and each time the pancakes don’t hold any form, are mushy and do not cook through. I have tried with the 5 ingredients as suggested above and with all of the ingredients and no luck. Any suggestions?

    1. @evandiv – Try using a non-stick skillet with coconut oil, and a lower temperature for the pan. If the pan is too hot, they will stick, burn on the outside, and/or not cook entirely through. Let us know if that helps!

  24. I separated the egg whites and put the yokes in the mix. I beat the egg whites, folded them in, and made these into waffles on my Belgian waffle iron. They’re a little hard to get out at first, but if you overcook them by a minute then it’s easier.

  25. For those of you having difficulty keeping these from falling apart, try the following substitutions that worked for me (took 4 tries to finally get something edible): 3 eggs instead of 2, 1/8 water instead of 1/4, and add 1 Tbs of Arrowroot powder as suggested by commenter above. You will need to spread the pancake thin after pouring, otherwise it will be too thick and mushy in the center. Medium heat worked fine for me.

  26. The key for me was size. No more than 1/4 C like it says. When I poured my normal sized pancake out of habit they were a little mushy. When I made them smaller they were far easier to flip and came out perfect.

  27. These pancakes were so very good. Important to use a scant 1/4 cup when cooking. I didn’t have any coconut flour so I used tapioca flour. Also,instead of bottled apple sauce I chopped up two gala apples, cooked till soft, blended and mixed. Used seltzer. My pancakes were light and fluffly, did not stick to the pan and did not fall apart. Low heat is very important. I will serve this to anyone who likes pancakes Paleo or no. Thanks

  28. Made the pancakes as rx’d and on a griddle no issue. Can’t say we enjoyed them — appreciate the health value but after I had to add syrup to help with the flavor I think I defeated the purpose. Adding choc chips did help some. I’m new to paleo so maybe haven’t gotten past my love of processed sweets yet. Will keep trying haha!

    Thx for the recipe!!!!

  29. We tried 3 different batches of this recipe and none of them worked. We ended up with with scrambled pancakes and couldn’t find any way to hold them together. Are we the only family with this problem?

  30. I took Jonband advice and changed the recipe (3 eggs, 1/8 water, 1tbs arrowroot) plus I added extra dark chocolate chips and they were awesome! I used a beater instead of a fork because, my bad, didn’t read the recipe first, but will use a beater next time, too, because they turned out perfect. I made them for me and my 16 year old autistic son (who is very very fussy) and he ate almost all of them! Thanks for a great recipe.

  31. I made these pancakes this morning and they were not a huge success. I would love to see the rest of the comments but only the first (or last) comment from ibergu is visible. I am looking to improve these and can’t wait to figure them out. Thanks!

    1. @Jenna – That’s strange. I’ll look into it and make them visible as soon as possible. Sorry about that! I think that one thing you have to do with these pancakes is cook them very slowly on low heat. It’s tedious, but when you do that, they usually turn out much better. You may have to add more oil to the pan every time you make a new one, too, which will add to the caloric content. Anyway, thanks for writing in and we’ll fix the comments issue.

  32. I made these pancakes this morning–also not a great success. The pancakes never held together and I noticed I had to cook them at a much lower temperature to avoid burning the batter and a smoke out. I am wondering if coconut oil has a lower burning temperature than other oils. I would not recommend this recipe to anyone without modifications.

  33. You need a share button so I can share from my Droid, I can’t copy and paste! This is SO good. Absolutely an equally delicious sub for my biggest weekness when it comes to food. Nestle toll house recipe Choc. Chip cookies. I will not miss the sugary original one bit.

  34. I made these last week! They were amazing…. and my husband loved them too! I took Neely’s suggestion and cooked them on medium-low. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait. We topped them with fresh berries and maple syrup! I will definitely make them again!

  35. @ Elaina: No, coconut oil does not have a lower burning temp than other oils, save virgin palm oil or palm shortening. It is very high in sauturated fat and withstands fairly high heat without breaking down, not the opposite. I thought it odd that Elana Amsterdam’s almond flour book quoted coconut oil as scorching easily and should only be used at very low temps. This is simply untrue. I often cook pancakes in virgin coconut oil on an electric skillet at 250 degrees with no problems. Just keep your griddle at a medium heat (or low if better for almond pancakes) and it should be fine.

    Here is a quote from :
    Coconut oil is a very stable oil even at higher temperatures. However, it is best not to cook beyond the smoke point of coconut oil, as this will begin to deteriorate the oil and turn it yellow.

  36. No such luck – the pancakes (even at a lower heat) did not hold together. Look around for other recipes before having to eat your waste in pseudo-pancakes.

  37. These were great! I didn’t have problems with th holding together and add a little bit of vanilla to the batter. Yum!

  38. Have made these twice now. Both times they fell apart and were an absolute nightmare. As far as taste, I think some of the other folks who left comments are right, would be better with cinnamon. Maybe I am doing this wrong, but these were just awful both times.

  39. I’m new to all things paleo. I normally substitute all or the majority of my eggs for ground flax mix (1Tground flax+ 3T water= 1 egg). Could I do that for this recipe or would it affect the moisture content ratio?

    1. Melodya – No, give it a try! As long as you’re subbing out equal amounts of “flax eggs” for actual eggs, you should be fine.

  40. Well, I got the cooking part down…LOW and SLOW. That was definitely the only way you could make these. For those whose pancakes fell apart, I guarantee you didn’t cook them long enough, and on low enough heat. My question is are they supposed to be ‘mealy’? That’s how mine turned out, even after waiting several minutes before eating. I used Almond Meal from Trader Joe’s, not sure if that had anything to do with it or not…but I just wasn’t crazy about the texture. I had used this same almond flour for making ‘biscuits’, and they turned out fine…still a bit grainy but nice interior texture. Any ideas, or is this just the way they are supposed to be?

    1. Trish@MyBigFatBundt – Nice blog name! I’ve never experienced them being mealy, so maybe it was the brand of almond flour? Give it a try with a different brand that looks like a finer grained flour and see what you think. It could just be that we have different opinions of what “mealy” means, though. Good luck!

  41. We tried these pancakes during the first week of our paleo diet. Here is what I found.

    The pan must be medium to low heat. These babies take a LONG time to cook – possible 8 min on one side and then another 2 on the other.

    Pour them into small mini pancakes. When I tried to make large ones, they were too gooey to flip and fell apart. The smaller ones kept their shape and stayed together much better.

    Other than that they were very good and kept me satisfied until lunch which pancakes normally do not do. Enjoy!

  42. Delicious! Used a little extra applesauce & cinnamon instead of the nutmeg. Cooked on low/medium heat. Will certainly make these again!

  43. Pretty good! I cooked them low and slow on my cast iron griddle with a light spray of vegetable oil…still can’t find coconut oil. I flavored mine tim nutmeg and cinnamon and topped with blueberries and sliced strawberries. Delicious!

    My advice…just be patient while cooking and they will hold together if you are careful while flipping.

  44. I tried these this morning, and mine fell apart as well. I’m not sure I have the patience to cook these as long as required. I think I will stick with other breakfast options.

  45. Mine fell apart, despite cooking on low for 10 minutes before flipping. Since they had already fallen apart, I broke them up even more so they looked like scrambled eggs, crumbled in my 2 slices of bacon and added a little bit of maple syrup. I’ve made all kinds of alternative pancakes (gluten-free, cottage cheese, etc.) and many others had a better texture and taste than these. Not sure they’re worth the trouble for something that didn’t taste that great.

  46. I am allergic to almonds, but I see almond flour in lieu of traditional flour everywhere! Is there a substitute that I can use in the place of almond flour and almond butters?

    1. Kathryn – Yes, try coconut flour, tapioca flour, sweet potato flour, plantain flour, and other non-grain, non-legume flours. Good luck!

  47. I make these all the time and I just experimented with adding an extra egg (so 3 total) and it made a big difference in helping them stick together. Before they would crumble very easily, but with the extra egg, they didn’t fall apart. I also add some cinnamon in addition to the nutmeg. Nom nom nom!

  48. I’ve made these 3 times now. My last time was the biggest success. Added a little extra applesauce and they were no longer crumbly, stayed together nicely. Made sure I heated the pan up good before starting and spread out the batter. I love the taste and everything about them. I think the biggest hurdle is finding the right heat setting on your stove.

  49. Delicious! We didn’t have coconut flour so used extra almond flour instead. The pancakes only fell apart if I tried to flip them to early– otherwise, worked great! Thanks!

  50. I just made these for the second time and I absolutely LOVE them. Next time, I’m going to use some pumpkin puree instead of the applesauce. I can’t wait!

  51. Yeah, this wasn’t so great. The pancakes were just meh, and then I tried to make it as hash, and that wasn’t so good, either. We’ll find something else for a weekend breakfast.

  52. I made these pancakes taking into consideration all comments above. I added an extra egg, substituted cinnamon for nutmeg, added 1/4 tsp vanilla, used soda water and only used a nonstick pan. I heated coconut oil in pan on really low heat for about 5 minutes. When I added batter I made cakes small. Less than 1/4 cup batter. I let settle for a second and then shook the pan to flatten cakes out a little bit. I let sit on first side for 8 min. I timed it and then flipped the cakes. They were very easy to flip. I cooked the 2nd side for an additional 2 minutes. The first round was a little soft, more than I would like, I turned up the heat slightly and the 2nd batch was perfect. They were really good. Me and my family were really happy with outcome.

  53. I made these Saturday, 2nd time. They were so good! I have a 1950’s style electric skillet (very heavy) that I have made these in both times. The skillet has a temp. gauge and Pancakes are listed to be cooked at 380F. If I remember to make the pancakes as stated in the recipe, the first batch will be done in 10-15 minutes. yummy

  54. Well I must be doing something wrong with the mixture as every time I prepare these, the batter ends up like pastry instead and I’m following the guidelines to a T. Not sure if that’s meant to be right

  55. I’ve made these pancakes about 4 times now and they’ve come out differently every time. Since I don’t have coconut flour I’ve always omitted that, which might be a reason they fall apart a bit. To substitute for the coconut flour I just add a little more almond flour — the thicker the batter, the better it seems to come out. The temperature of the pan is also important — they burn pretty easily if the pan’s too hot. Since these are pretty delicate, I try to flip them only once. They’re definitely a little more challenging to make than regular pancakes, but they’re so delicious it’s worth it!

  56. I make the pancakes with almond flour, ripe banana, eggs and hazelnut milk… mmm they taste amazing and the banana just adds to the sweetness… i also tried cooked apple instead of banana but i suppose applesauce has the same purpose… sweetieeeee

  57. I made these and used pureed pumpkin instead of applesauce and they were really good, perfect for the fall. However, they do take forever to bake and sort of had a cornmeal consistency, but they were still good. I also didn’t have coconut flour and they were fine.

  58. I made pancakes yesterday as my husband was craving for them . I added second cup of wheat flour to it, 1/2 tea spoon of soda and 1/3 oz of milk and vanilla.(i didn’t have nutmeg). Fried it on coconut oil. It’s came out pretty good. Next time I try to make it with almond flour only but so far I had no luck baking with it.

  59. I actually forgot to add the water and mine turned out perfectly. Maybe that’s an idea? Reduce the water or eliminate it? They stayed very pancake-like in the pan. Also, I didn’t have coconut flour so I used a food processor and made a flour out of my flaked and unsweetened coconut. And lastly, I had some apples that were on their way out, so I made my own applesauce and pureed it in the food processor before adding it to the batter. It could be that since the applesauce was still quite warm when I made the batter, that also made a difference because the pancakes were already warm before hitting the pan? I will definitely be making these again.

  60. Waited for ages to make these… Really bad recipe just does not work.
    Followed down to a T… Pancakes do not hold at all whether you make them thin , thick ,small or large.
    Horrible consistency. Just made me out of pocket and gave me a lot of washing up.
    Think the recipe needs to be revised as most people on this thread don’t have success with them, big shame great idea bad outcome :(

  61. I am new to Paleo. Tomorrow is my first day. I decided that I would premake these pancakes for the week. I followed the recipe to a T. They turned out perfectly!! I used a thin metal spatula which made it easier to flip. You must wait for them to bubble before flipping. Make the pancakes smaller than you would usually make your pancakes. I think that helps in the cooking process!!!

  62. This recipe is RIDICULOUS! What a waste of good ingredients! These do not fry up, maybe if you deep fried them it would work.


  63. I didn’t have coconut flour, so I left that out this morning. I always add a tablespoon of tapioca flour when I make things with almond flour. It improves the texture of the paleo pancakes and muffins. These turned out great this morning with cinnamon and vanilla instead of nutmeg and cooked on an electric griddle at about 350. I’ve never had any luck with any pancake recipe using a skillet- the griddle is the way to go.

  64. Didn’t have any trouble with the pancakes falling apart. Used Red Mill almond meal/flour and Red Mill coconut flour. Omitted applesauce and added 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed. Stirred with a fork.

    Cooked in non-stick pan instead of pancake griddle. Used low heat and got 1 tsp coconut oil hot before pouring 4 small pancakes. Took a long time for first side to cook but flipped perfectly using Teflon spatula. Nice flavor but a little mealy for me. Needed syrup to improve flavor and add moisture. Will try topped with homemade strawberry syrup next time. Also, will add vanilla to batter.

    Only makes 6 small pancakes.

    Will try again but would love to find one a little fluffier, if possible.

  65. I was really wanting some bread (it’s my first week on Paleo) and actually ate these pancakes to fill that void. I made an egg and bacon sandwich with the pancakes as the bread – delicious! I was surprised they actually tasted normal like eating a forbidden pastry! Thanks for the recipe…

  66. We used almond flour instead of
    Coconut flour. We can’t seem to make them without them falling apart. Any suggestions?

  67. Just made these n they turned out perfect! I added an extra egg n only 1/4 water (as someone suggested previously), added some cinnamon, and left out coconut flour cuz I dont have any and dont care for coconut anyway lol. Put them on my griddle (first time using it too woohoo!) low heat about 250-300 spread thin and had no problems flipping them. Just make sure they cook long enough n bubble first so you dont have to flip more than once. My next round Im gonna add vanilla as well that always makes for good flavor :)

  68. I love these pancakes and so too do my 2 and 4 year old boys. As others have stated I add 3 eggs for extra protein and I find they cook better. I use a cast iron griddle on an induction cooktop with a med-low setting (#3 out of 9 on the induction setting). You need to cook these about twice as long as conventional pancakes in order to flip them without making a mess or having them break up – usually with a “normal” pancake as soon as they bubble they are ready to flip, not so with these. Quick and easy, tastes great. I love this site.

  69. Mine ended up tasting like cooked playdo. What am I doing wrong? They never bubbled, and were nearly impossible to flip. Rather tasteless and playdo texture.

  70. I have been doing Paleo for a couple of weeks now and was very excited to find this recipe. A friend is visiting from out of town and we attempted to make this recipe as posted. I wish I could attach pictures to my comment because I have a few that would illustrate the epic fail this recipe is.

    I added all ingredients as instructed and got a crumbly texture mixture that was in no way a “batter”. We attempted to add more applesauce, another egg, water… in attempt to salvage the wasted pricey ingredients. Nothing worked. I seriously wonder if this recipe isn’t completely made up as so many people commenting have issues with it.

    Maybe take it down? I hate that I had to throw away perfectly amazing ingredients.

    I want a refund.

    1. Alana Joy – I’m really sorry you had problems with the recipe. To be honest, I’ve made this recipe several times and have never experience what you’re talking about. I’m wondering if you followed the instructions to a tee? Or if you used the correct ingredients? Sorry to ask seemingly stupid questions, but I’m dumbfounded. The picture of these pancakes is a pic I took after having no problems cooking them (using the recipe exactly as it is published)…

    2. Alana Joy – I’m really sorry you had problems with the recipe. To be honest, I’ve made this recipe several times and have never experienced what you’re talking about. I’m wondering if you followed the instructions to a tee? Or if you used the correct ingredients? Sorry to ask seemingly stupid questions, but I’m dumbfounded by your “epic fail”. The picture of these pancakes is a pic I took after having no problems cooking them, using the recipe exactly as it is published…

  71. Just made these.. first paleo recipe! They turned out amazingly well; I followed the directions exactly and after finding just the right heat they were indistinguishable from regular pancakes. My nephew, who is a VERY picky eater, said they were the best pancakes he’d ever tasted!

  72. Made these this morning and WOW they were so good!!! I used 3 eggs, half the water, tapioca flour then added vanilla and cinnamon as others had suggested. I cooked them in my ceramic coated cast iron skillet on low heat. I made the pancackes mini size and they cooked perfectly. Served them with fresh fruit. I have to eat gluten free but not my husband and it was our first paleo meal together. His response…. Excellent!

  73. I had the same experience as Alana – when done mixing the ingredients the batter was more than just “a little thicker than normal mix”. I added some water to help thin it out, so I was able to cook the pancakes, but I have to say the texture is really off-putting and the taste isn’t that great either. Am wondering if anyone has ever tried switching the amounts between coconut flour & almond flour w/better results? Or maybe adding fruit to the batter?

    1. Cw822- you mean you just subbed out coconut flour for almond flour? Coconut flour is very sense and absorptive, so you have to use a ton of eggs or other liquid to make up for that…

  74. I have a terrible time cooking almond pancakes on the stove, so I put them in the oven instead. They bake up more like flat muffins and we love them. This is so much easier and quicker than standing over the stove cooking almond crumbles (that’s what mine resemble by the time I’m done).

  75. Ruthie what temp and time did you bake them at? Also did you use muffin pans or just poured them onto a cookie sheet?

  76. Just made these this morning! Couple things for people going through the blog NO they will not taste like fluffy buttermilk pancakes. But my family thought they have a wonderful nutty flavor. I had no problems with the actual creation of the pancakes.

    I mixed the wet and dry ingredients separately like I would for any normal pancake batter. I think by doing this I got a nice thin batter that was great. I added a 3rd egg since it seemed this got great results for most people. I also added 1/4tsp cinnamon along with the nutmeg. I used my electric griddle to ensure even temperature. I set the griddle to 275.I placed the batter on in 1/4 c pours. It only took maybe 3 minutes on each side before they were bubbly and ready to flip. Using a big thin spatula I had no resistance to flipping and they came out great!

    We ended up with 8 little pancakes that had great taste. We topped them with frozen fruit that I microwaved slightly to defrost. The melting gave a great fruity liquid too that acted as syrup.

    Yumm, I will make again

  77. Meijer normally has all the ingredients that Paleo Plan calls for, for those who have one near and are struggling to find some items

  78. I love these, but have been making them almost every day. I fear it’s too high fat for a breakfast. I also skip the coconut oil, use a olive oil spray instead, and also use banana rather than apple sauce. Sometimes I add a little almond butter on top and some Fage 0%. Thoughts?

    1. BlakeLandau – Paleo isn’t a low fat diet by any means. Fat is incredibly good for you, and necessary for good health. So don’t fear the fat! :) Coconut oil makes the pancakes more delicious in my opinion.

  79. Thanks Neely. I really love this site, recently bought a membership–and I don’t do that often. Every recipe I’ve made thus far has been amazing. I love to cook, and I’m excited to know that you can eat healthy–try gluten free–and not eat “diet food.” It has been only two weeks and I haven’t seen big results yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this will effect my health over time. Thanks again.

    1. BlakeLandau – Thanks for saying so! I hope you DO see the results you want. If you don’t, let me know and I’ll try to help!

  80. For those who are having trouble keeping these pancakes together and flipping them, I have learned that substituting almond milk for the water is a big help, but much care is still required. They do not flip like conventional flour-based pancakes. The other suggestion some have discovered is to keep them smaller than conventional – this helps too. All in all, these are really good pancakes, and great to keep handy for fast breakfast prep.

    Oh, I also personalized the recipe by adding nutmeg and cinnamon, and sometimes walnuts and/or blueberries. Yumm!

  81. These paleo diet recipes pancakes are great! The only downside is I kept burning them.. I guess I should have read the comments before I tried making them! Tried them again and cooked on low heat and they came out pretty gosh darn amazing! Instead of berries for this paleo diet recipes, I put in dark chocolate chips and bananas, YUM!

  82. I made these Sunday and the batter was so thick! When I tried to spread it, the batter came apart. I’m using a non-stick pan and coconut oil and they completely came apart. I really love pancakes, so wanted this recipe to work.

  83. Made them for the fam today. Came out and tasted great. I did make some alterations. First off, I cooked them on the built in cast iron gridle on our stove set on #4 which is low-med heat. I added some coconut oil to it at the start only. Each pancake also received a dollop of grass fed butter after flipping. I doubled the recipe so we had enough for 2 hungry adults and our hungry 2 and 5 year olds. I filled each cup with only about 4/5 of almond flour and topped off the rest with Tapioca flour. All flours were the Bob’s Red Mill brand. I also used about 2/3 the amount of apple sauce and added 1/2 a banana. Lastly, I used less nutmeg and added a good amount of cinnamon. I topped them off with frozen mixed organic berries in their juice which I cooked down into a syrup by adding a bit of coconut sugar. I kept everything else the same as the original recipe. I found that they needed 6-7 minutes on the first side and another 2 on the second side. I had no issues with them holding together and believe the tapioca flour and banana helped although I do feel that a non-stick surface and a thin metal pancake flipper are key as well. Will be making these again for sure. My kids devoured them!

  84. This is a really nice recipe. But like someone else said on here, you need to make “silver dollar”sized pancakes. It makes it easier to flip. I did mine without the coconut flour and it came out really nice. Also I found that if you use too much coconut oil it makes it soggy.

  85. I’ve yet to find coconut flour but I’ve found bulk almond flour at Whole Foods and almond mill at Trader Joe’s. Surprisingly, I found some coconut sugar at Wal-Mart of all places!

  86. I’m surprised with as health conscious as Paleos tend to be that this recipe says to use a non-stick skillet. Those things are so bad! A little extra oil and you can use a regular skillet just as easily without the added carcinogens.

  87. I tried these this morning and it was an epic fail. The taste wasn’t bad but the texture was nasty and it fell apart. Very disappointed as the ingredients are very costly and I had to throw the whole batter out. I may try it on a smaller scale next time with the suggested changes, did anyone who had success use soda water verses water? How about using baking soda to help with the rising?

    Would not recommend.

  88. Just tried this recipe for the first time and loved it. After reading all the posts about how they fall apart, I tried baking them in the oven on parchment paper instead. 375 degrees. I didn’t time them, just watched to make sure the bottoms were browning nicely. Once they were nicely browned, I flipped them and cooked for another two minutes or so. Perfect pancakes that didn’t fall apart.

  89. I use whey, brown rice, and pea protein powders in place of grain based flours.
    For home made syrup I have used vegetable glycerin (derived from coconuts) mixed with natural maple flavor for protein pancakes! Works wonderfully.
    Carlette, can you have duck or ostrich eggs? I have had some clients successfully use them to replace chicken eggs.

  90. Followed the directions to a T and they fell apart on me as well. I went thru the entire batter trying different heat settings and no luck on any.

    since 80% of us that try this recipe have had them fall apart i doubt its “user error” and the recipe is just not correct. Can this recipe either be taken down or revised . Neely, i GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to post instructions and the recipe and it will never be taken for granted, however, the people have spoken and something just isnt right. I know they worked for you and for a few others, but in the real life testing field they do not turn out the same way you advertised them .

    Please, save the rest of the people from having to waste VERY expensive ingredients

    1. paul – Thank you for writing in a for being kind about this :) I’m currently talking to our chef about this to see what she thinks about, at the very least, creating another recipe for the site that includes the changes people have suggested. I’ll keep you all posted on what we decide!

  91. neely,

    i couldnt give up on this recipe so i went ahead and tried what everyone suggested

    1. i added an extra egg

    2. i used half the water

    3. i used half the apple sauce

    4. i mixed dry and wet ingredients separately then combined into one

    The new results were FANTASTIC!!!! i love these pancakes, i couldnt get enough of them. Thank you so much for everything!

  92. I used basic gf flour and added baking powder-2 tsp. per ‘batch’-turned out great! Way less hard and did not crumble :) I also added in a bit of unsweetened shredded coconut.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  93. i dont know what i did wrong but these things wont cook. i tried cooking like traditional and tried slower cooking. unfortunately they wont set and wont cook proper.
    i have made plenty of other paleo pancakes and never had this problem..

  94. Horrible I say, just down right horrible. I threw money down the garbage disposal!!! Do u know how much almond flour cost?? Yep, a whole one pound bag down the drain cause I tried three times to make. Don’t waste ur time!! Please take this recipe down or seriously think about posting a video of the progress. I would like to see proof from the chief that their pancakes just happened to turn out “perfect”.

  95. It took me a few tries to get this recipe just right. Now I master it and love it! One trick is that I recalculated it for 1 person, as my hb doesn’t eat primal. Here are my measurements:
    – 56 g of almond flour (about 1/2 cup)
    – 56 g of unsweetened apple sauce (1/4 cup)
    – a pinch of salt and one of nutmeg
    – 1 egg + 1 tsp of vanilla
    I mix this well, add 1/8 cup of water or so, I want the batter smooth, but not liquid.
    I make 4 little pancakes, cook them on mid-high, use 2 spatulas to flip as they are a little brittle. It takes me about 5 mn to cook them.
    I put clarified butter + agave syrup on 2, then whole milk plain yogurt + blueberries on the other 2, it’s a delight!

  96. I’m just starting to try some paleo recipes with my family and have to say although I to had trouble flipping these my youngest, who hates pancakes, said these were amazing! Keep the recipes coming!!!!

  97. I get a lot of my Paleo ingredients from Speedy delivery, products are amazing, and they always send a sample treat to try.

  98. I didn’t see it here so thought I would add it, I get my coconut flour and lip balm and other coconut and palm products at They offer sales and free shipping periodically if you sign up for emails.

  99. I made these this weekend – I made the following modifications based on the comments:
    1) 1 medium mashed banana instead of applesauce
    2) 3 eggs instead of 2
    3) 1/8 c of water
    4) used a 1/4c measure to scoop pancakes and spread them out to about 3″ diameter

    I cooked half on an electric skillet and half on the stove – both batches turned out perfectly. About 8 mins on the first side on the stove, 5 min on the electric, then 2 mins after flipped. I had no problems flipping them and they cooked all the way through. That being said, mine never did bubble. I just flipped when they seemed firm enough.

  100. These were awesome! Substituted mashed banana for the applesauce and made the coconut flour in my thermo mix. Thank you – these will be a regular for my family.

  101. Finally made it after dying to try this.. boy what a disappointment. Not even a little bit good. I ate it w banana pieces so I wouldn’t throw it

  102. UREKA! I mixed wet (added vanilla) & dry ingredients separately. PLUS, I added a ‘pinch’ (literally) of arrow root powder to thicken the mix a bit. Used only about 1/8 cup of water. They are a little stiff, but MUCH better than the original recipe which fell apart. Saved the remaining batter in an air-tight container in the frige for future. I am a BREAD lover; these ‘pancakes’ can also double as ‘bread’ for the tuna salad recipe!

  103. Just made these and YUM! I followed Jonband’s variation and it came out perfectly…even for one that usually flops regular pancakes!

  104. Just made them! it turned out perfectly! I just used half the amount of water and half of the amount of apple sauce. Yum!!! Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  105. @kristine ….
    The almond pancakes are excellent when made as waffles, using same recipe!!!! I use 100% Virgin Coconut oil for all my cooking needs as well as a body moisturizer because of my Sjögren’s Syndrome.

  106. Can order online from They have coconut flour, almond flour etc. hazel nuts, walnuts, coconut flakes etc. Hope this helps. If you are in Oregon there is a store in Milwaukie. Hope this helps.

  107. I just bought a huge bag of coconut flour at Costco. They are slowly getting into the groove of healthier eating!

  108. I tried making these pancakes twice and both times I was unable to get them to cook. They remained wet and just fell apart. Anyone have some tips?

  109. these didnt work but the almond meal and apple sauce would be an awesome breakfast alternative, so thats good. but no luckl with pan cakes….all the problems are above from everyone else. Errrrrrr!

  110. i kinda got them to work. Dont put alot of patter on your pan…these taste pretty good with some toppings

  111. My boyfriend is allergic to almond – is there another type of flour that can be used? Would coconut flour work?

    1. Sheena Davison – Yes, I use a combination of coconut flour and tapioca flour for all of my flour concoctions because I can’t eat nuts, either. So for every 1 cup of almond flour, use 1/2 cup tapioca flour and 1/2 cup coconut flour, going a little heavy on the tapioca flour and a little light on the coconut. Hope that makes sense.

  112. I was so sad! They wouldn’t hold together at all (until I added Xanthan gum, which I loathe to do but it was that or waste the batter)… They were delicious though, and my family ate them with a spoon. :-)

    Perhaps it was because I used my own almond meal (I make my own with the pulp from making almond milk). I’d really like to make these work using this meal as I have a ready supply at all times. Any suggestions would be welcome!

  113. Not good. There’s nothing to hold them together so they will fall apart. I cooked them very low but still didn’t work.

  114. I thought these pancakes were great! Made them twice this weekend. Yes, they fall apart easily, but you just have to make sure to flip them really gentle. Make small pancakes, so that not too much of them are on the outside of your spatula when you flip them. I wrecked one of mine last night, and figured I would try to wreck them all (so they sort of looked like scrambled eggs instead) and eat them with a sliced banana. It was perfect, sort of made me think I was eating oatmeal.

  115. The food on this plan tastes fabulous. My concern is, I am on strict calorie, fat, etc. Intake. 1200 cal. 45g fat. If I was to have the almond pancakes, I blew my fat gram intake out of the water. A lot of the recipes are high in fat. Are there any low fat recipes that you can put on the meal plans?

    1. Hi Cheri! Glad you think the food tastes great! The great thing about Paleo is that it can be further customized to individual needs. In your case, lower fat. A different option for pancakes includes using a banana mashed with one egg, and then cooked like any other pancake. This will give you a quick breakfast option that is much lower in fat. In fact, this combination contains just 5 grams of fat, as well as 8 grams of protein. When it comes to any recipes that contain nut flour or nut butter, to reduce fat you can often sub in pureed or mashed sweet potato (in muffin or other baked recipes, for example). Thank you so much for your feedback!

  116. Please tell me what is it that im doing wrong coz my pancakes are just not coming out right. There is no way i can flip them coz they get all mushy when i try

  117. Made these this morning (one of my favorites!). Got distracted and forgot to put in the applesauce. Not to worry, the pancakes cooked up just fine, actually a bit crispier, though didn’t make as many. Topped them with the applesauce and some berries to serve. Delish!

  118. Hi, I tried to do this pancake recipe, but I was unable to turn the pancakes, they just fall apart when I try to turn them around. What can I do?

    1. Hi Veronica – It sounds like the pan is too hot. Make sure to use a non-stick pan, and keep the heat a little lower so the bottom doesn’t get too brown before the center can set. This will make them easier to flip. And don’t forget to grease the pan with a bit of coconut oil, too!

  119. Flavor was great, but keeping them together to flip and remove them from the pan was a disaster. I will not be making these again.

  120. would love to know where I went wrong – more like scrambled paleo pancakes. I can’t buy almond flour. Ground almond or almond meal! Not sure if this is the problem but they just broke up when trying to flip/turn over

    1. Hi Shona – I’m not sure what you used instead of almond flour, so I’m sure that changed the consistency. With any type of baking, it’s important to follow the directions closely for a good result. You can find almond flour in the bulk section of most larger grocery stores and Whole Foods, and smaller packages at many Trader Joe’s locations. If you can’t find it there, you can always order some on Amazon.

    1. Jaime,
      Try letting them cook a little longer before flipping. Sometimes, if they are a little under cooked I have had this problem. Try them again and let me know how it goes….

  121. Tropical Traditions has a good selection of coconut oils and flour along with grass fed beef…
    Happy hunting!!

  122. I love the idea of these pancakes since pancakes are my husbands favorite. However I cannot seem to flip these without them crumbling. I have flipped them successfully a couple times after I burned the first side of the pancake. Time to move on I guess.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’ve had trouble flipping pancakes made from almond flour in the past too. Making the pancakes smaller and cooking them over low heat so they don’t burn on one side can help.


  123. Tried several things but just can’t get them to stay intact. Always end up making scrambled pancakes. Any tweaks suggested ?

  124. Wow, didn’t have applesauce so I used a no-sugar apple butter, fantastic flavor! Use a medium-high heat (not too hot), and wide spatula. These were amazing.

  125. Mine fell apart too plus were very dry. Am going to try adding a little coconut oil to the recipe next time. Most times, when you cook with any kind of flour, there needs to be some kind of fat or oil added (Think back when you were cooking brownies or cake from a box). So, hence the coconut oil. Not going to add much… this may or may not work… we’ll see. The taste was good but the texture was not.

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