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Save money on Paleo!

(So easy, a caveman with a computer could do it!)

piggy-bank-300x178.jpgThe first few years that I ate Paleo were expensive, in both money and time…I spent a lot of money on food and a ton of time in the kitchen! That was five years ago and since then I’ve figured out some great money-saving tips like buying and storing local grass-fed and pastured meats in bulk and growing my own food when the weather permits. Another way I save a boatload on my Paleo pantry items is by shopping

Vitacost – Online Discounted Natural Health Foods!

vitacost-logo-300x300.pngVitacost carries a tremendous selection of health foods and natural household products (i.e. cleaners, body care, etc.) for much cheaper than you’ll find at most health food stores. While I’m a huge fan of supporting my local food cooperatives, I also need to be realistic with my finances and Vitacost helps me to eat healthy food for much cheaper than I pay at the store. With free delivery, a 100% money back guarantee, ongoing sales, and tons of BOGO items (Buy One Get One FREE!), they leave little to be desired!

vitacost-delivery-225x300.jpgVitacost runs a lot of sales, often 10-20% off sitewide or on specific items/brands, so I’ll often leave my shopping cart full until a sale happens. I’ve put Vitacost’s 100% Money Back Guarantee to the test (after an order arrived slightly damaged) and they were extremely quick to replace my items at no charge. Other perks of Vitacost: fast delivery, my groceries are delivered to my doorstep, orders over $49 ship fast and free (some items ship for less, or for free), and their Set and Save program which allows you to save on items that you purchase frequently which are sent to you automatically (so you don’t have to think about it).

How to Shop Vitacost like a Paleo Pro

  1. Sign up for their email list so that you get alerted to sales, which are often of short duration. Go to and enter your email address in the box at the top/right of the screen to get on their email list.
  2. Leave your shopping cart full (or copy items to your “To Buy Later” list) so you are ready when a sale pops up! Your computer should remember the items in your cart.
  3. Start with the Deals. My first stop on the Vitacost website is always to the “Deals” tab which lists all of the current sales and promotions. Some require coupon codes, others do not.
  4. vitacost-packaging-225x300.jpgUse the search and filter features. There are endless search and filter features on Vitacosts website; you can get lost for hours if you’re not mindful! From the main home page, you can search the main categories at the top of the page (i.e supplements, food and beverages, beauty & personal care, natural home, pet health, etc.). Once you’re looking at the products, you’ll see additional filters on the left side of the screen which let you sort by brand, price, rating, category (i.e. gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, BPA-free, etc, etc.) and so much more. Typing“Paleo” into the search bar at the top/left of the screen yields some (but not all) of the Paleo-friendly products available at Vitacost.
  5. Modern cavepeople? Unfortunately all of the Paleo-friendly products available on Vitacost are not listed in one place, so you will have to hunt (and gather?) around the website (or check out my list of favorites below) and always make sure to….
  6. READ ALL INGREDIENT LABELS! Vitacost makes it easy to view ingredient lists for the various products. Click on the “Nutrition Facts” tab (when you’re looking at a specific item) and you’ll see the ingredients listed under the “Nutrition Facts” box (after the words “Other ingredients”). Read all labels for all products, even things listed under your “Paleo” search and even things like supplements and condiments, and well, everything that comes in a package! Here’s a list of Paleo ‘yes’ and ‘no’ foods to guide you along your journey.
  7. Vitacost brands are usually cheaper, but you’ll need to read the ingredients. For example, many Vitacost brand supplements contain soy oil which is a Paleo no-no.
  8. Refer your friends and you each get $10 in credit!
  9. Set and Save! Vitacost’s Set & Save program was designed to help you save time, save money and make life simpler by automatically delivering the products you need, when you need them (so that you never run out)! There’s no contract or commitments, and you’re guaranteed the lowest price for products during your order cycle.
  10. paleo-delivery-300x225.jpgBe on the lookout for new products! Vitacost is constantly unleashing new products. Check back to this list, as I’ll be updating it as I fall in love with new items!
  11. Get free samples! Before you check out, type “free samples” into the search bar. You can generally select 2 free samples per order and sometimes they are really cool things like travel sized toothpaste and shampoos. :)

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite Vitacost items that are staples in my Paleo pantry. This list will evolve, so be sure to check back often! Happy shopping and happy cyber $avings! :)

In good health,

Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®

Paleo Plan Nutritionist

Paleo Pantry Items from Vitacost

Coconut Products:


Meaty Snacks:

Baking Supplies:


Nuts and Seeds:



Vitacost Brand Foods:

Household Items:

Body Care Items:


Kinsey JacksonKinsey Jackson

Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS® is a clinical nutritionist specializing in functional and evolutionary nutrition. Her own experience of overcoming multiple autoimmune disorders by adopting a Paleo lifestyle vastly contributes to her passion for helping others to also reclaim their health and vitality by making informed dietary decisions.