Paleo Bread Review


paleo-bread2-280x300.pngA little over a month ago, I found a recipe for Paleo Bread at Free the Animal (Fat Bread Recipe). I’d been really missing sandwiches, burritos, burgers… Pretty much anything that you can eat with your hands and hold. I made the recipe and was incredibly excited to absolutely love the bread. It’s delicious, moist, and made a chicken sandwich with extra mustard taste like the good-old days. AND, it was super high in fat while being low in carbs. Perfect for my current scheme.

The only downside to this amazing concoction was the time it took to make, and the cost. It’s definitely in the $15+ a loaf range (mainly due to the coconut butter). Now, I’m fine spending $10 on lunch when I go out to eat, so it’s not super prohibitive, but it’s probably not something I’m just going to have on hand every week. And I think I may have eaten the loaf in about 8 hours. :( It was that good.

Enter, a site I learned about probably a week after my Paleo bread-making experiment. I was incredibly excited, and reached out to them to see if I could get a sample loaf. They were great and sent me some the next day.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, the day the bread arrived turned out to be the hottest day of the year in Portland, with temps around 100 F. Not worse than a lot of the country, but it meant we were heading towards the river to keep cool. Well, the bread came, and the delivery man (UPS?) decided the safest place to put it would be on the East side of our house, either to prevent theft or sun exposure or ??? And there it sat until we came home that evening around 8pm to find that the local ants had discovered our parcel, and infested the box, the bread, and the goodness I was so excited about trying. And when I say the ants discovered it, I’m talking thousands. The bread was almost moving (we have an ant problem on that side of our house… bummer that’s where the bread was placed).

The Good News

I was really disappointed, as I was pretty excited about the idea of a turn-key bread solution. I emailed the guys at, and explained what happened and that I’d be happy to pay for the second shipment, but the first didn’t make it intact. Rather than letting me pay, the overnighted a second shipment, which came the next day. Talk about amazing customer service. I have to say, every exchange I had with them was super great. They’re nice people who love what they do.

So, How Was It?

The bread is super dense, and very low in both calories and carbs compared to normal bread (which makes sense due to the absence of grain flours). I love the fact that I’m getting my calories around what’s *in* the bread, and not from it. The bread itself is a bit dry though, and I couldn’t figure out the best way to prepare it to bring out the flavors and add some moisture.

However, it’s very solid (versus the crumbly, fall apart, flimsy slices I’ve had in other paleo breads), so it definitely holds a sandwich well. You just have to make sure there’s some paleo mayonnaise or some moist meats in there to help you eat it.

I think in the end, I still prefer the homemade stuff, but that’s something I’ll only try making at most once a month. In the meantime, this is a great alternative and one I’m happy to have found.

Note: Why are we writing about manufactured Paleo foods? Read our post on packaged Paleo here.