Paleo Diet Cheat Sheet

Below is a shortcut to eating Paleo. The general rules (we know everyone does it differently) are all laid out in a colorful scroll for you to send to your loved ones or keep in your manpurse/purse. Enjoy!

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  1. how much is my coffee intake hurting my weight loss goals.. i really cannot do without 2 cups a day..with a dollop of skim milk…also, i made some awesome almond flour choclate chip cookies to satisfy my sweet craving..i am having 2 a nite after that cool? thanks

  2. This is the best and coolest cheat sheet I’ve ever seen about paleo. Very good indeed for people who are just beginners with this lifestyle. Very useful, thank you!

  3. I have one cup a day but instead of milk I use unsweetened almond milk :)

  4. Great cheat sheet, thanks! Do cravings really only last 10 minutes? Mine seem to last much longer, whether I’m craving junk or food that’s good for me.

  5. Can’t read chart.

  6. Great cheat sheet, thanks! !!! I really appreciate this information

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