We Have 5 Squatty Potties to Give Away!!


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As you may have seen in my last post about our Tisano chocolate giveaway, it’s GIVEAWAY WEEK!!

Today’s giveaway is the amazing Squatty Potty – woot woot!

We have FIVE Squatty Potties to give away to five random entrants. Each Squatty is worth $34. Don’t know what a Squatty Potty is? You’re probably intrigued, though, right?

Well, just as we evolved for millions of years eating certain foods, and therefore we’re more adapted to those particular foods, we also evolved pooping a certain way. That is, squatting. Not sitting up on a big porcelain bowl with your feet dangling in the air, but squatting so that your organs are all in the right places and you don’t have to strain as much.

A LOT of people suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation simply because they’re pooping in the wrong position! I actually have a Squatty Potty, and I can tell you that it works so well that my household started referring to going number 2 as, “I’m gonna go squatty now.” TMI? Sorry ;)

Anyway, here’s what it looks like. And here’s a link to the video that the picture is pointing to. I’d put a picture of myself there using it, but…

Squatty Potty :)

Squatty Potty is a contributor to the Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale this week.

They’re getting pre-tty popular in the Paleo parts of the world! They were a contributor to my bundle sale in April, as well, and now they’re doing a 20% discount in the Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale, which is 76 health-driven ebooks, mags, and meal plans, plus a bunch of coupons for only $37. Seriously. Check it out here. Anyway, a lot of smart people have fallen in love with these awesome little stools (ha ha – get it?), and for very good reason.

How to Enter to Win

Y0u can enter until Saturday, October 12th at 11:59pm Eastern Time. I’ll pick 5 people randomly and announce the winners on Tuesday, October 15th. All you need to do to win one of these bad boys, which are each worth $34, is the following (you need to do BOTH to be entered, though):

1. Comment below saying, “I want to Squatty!”


2. Share this on Facebook. You can do it right from this post. Just look down and to your left and there’s a little “Share This” Facebook icon.

That’s it! Stay tuned for the next giveaway tomorrow!


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  6. Janet Veta

    I want to squatty!

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    I want to Squatty! :-)

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    “I want to Squatty!”

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    I want to squatty, 2 :)

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  60. Cassie Vanecek

    I want to squatty!! This is super exciting!!

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  70. Caroline

    I want to Squatty!

  71. Michaela

    I want to Squatty!”

    My psych teacher once left us with this quote: “Elbows on the knees make the bowels come with ease” … can’t remember why she told us that but I’ve remembered it for over 40 years!

  72. MelissaB

    I want to Squatty!

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  76. Jessica Ardente

    Aahhhh! After all those squats and lunges, I need one of these desperately!!!

  77. Alex Kenefic

    I want Squatty!

  78. Jessica Jenkins

    I want to squatty!

  79. I want to squatty!

  80. I REALLY want to Squatty! My parents always kept a stool in the bathroom and it helped so much :)

  81. Jake Rosenzweig

    I want to Squatty! – the right way.

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  88. I want to Squatty! I won’t have to squat on the toilet seat anymore. Hooray!

  89. I want to squatty! ^^

    Also, I wanted to let you guys know that my phone wouldn’t let me share this page through the Facebook icon your site has, so I had to use the share function through my opera mobile, but I did share this page on my Facebook page.

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  92. Kristina S

    I want to Squatty!

  93. I Want A Squatty!

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  95. Roxana S.

    I want to Squatty!

    I already use a step stool which helped a lot but not achieving the right angle…..

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  116. ilvmk1@juno.com

    I wanna squatty potty!

  117. (continued from earlier post) I did see though that you have a Pinterest link, so I pinned it on Pinterest in my “Paleo Food & Wisdom” board. Can that PLEASE count instead of a Facebook share? I canceled my Facebook account ages ago and don’t ever intend on opening an account back up.

  118. I want to squatty!

  119. I want to squatty, please!!! :-)

  120. Autumn.Beam@gmail.com

    I want to Squatty!!!! SQUATTTTYY!!!

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    I want to squatty! Yes, I do.

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  151. Squatty Potty in the bath,
    Squatty Potty make me Laugh!

    haha its the best I could do!


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    perfect for crohns!

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  198. Being an Alaskan Eskimo, while hunting & fishing, it is easier to ‘go’ than I thought of in Lower-48. Now I have a ‘missing’ disc in my back … it is harder to ‘go’. So …

    “I want to Squatty!”

  199. Tiffany Chapman

    I want Squatty!!!!!!

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  218. What kind of control does Facebook have on companys that they demand you be a Facebook user in order to win something?
    I’d rather pay $34 to buy a Squatty Potty than join Facebook. Thanks anyway!

  219. Joanne Diaz

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    Yais!!! :)

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    oh yes i do.

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  306. Mary Jane Williamson

    I suffer from fibromyalgia, nerve damage due to several bad car accidents and I also have IBS and months ago got diagnosed with an inflamed ulcerated ileum for which they are calling it “inflammatory bowel disease” even though my bowels look great. Being that I have to take two different pain meds for management and I suffer from endless pain and fatigue, abdominal pain, bloating, etc., it would be a true gift to receive a squatty potty! I also use a metal garbage can as a makeshift squatty and it hurts my feet! I’d love the real thing!!! I’m also a single mom looking for work right now so I can’t buy one on my own! Thank you for your time and consideration! I hope I’m squattin on a squatty potty soon!!!

  307. Mary Jane Williamson


  308. Melissa C.

    I want to Squatty!

  309. Linda Miller

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  316. I want Squatty Potty

  317. I want to squatty!


    I had a cecal volvulus about 5 years ago, and my digestion has been……. Exactly. I rely on laxatives and my body has gotten so used to them that nothing works anymore. I have heard that the SQUATTY POTTY is a MIRACLE CURE, so I am DYING to try it!! :)

  319. Alysha G

    I want to Squatty!!

  320. Stephanie

    I want to Squatty!!!

  321. Stephanie

    I want to Squatty!!

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  334. I want to Squatty!! I’m 72 and you know what happens when you get this age.. constipation for one!

  335. I want a Squatty Potty please!

  336. Andrea Gradel

    I want to Squatty!

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    I really want and need the Squatty Potty :)

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    I want to Squatty!

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  386. “I want to Squatty!”

  387. Richard Connors

    I want to Squatty!

  388. I want to Squatty!

  389. heather m.

    I want to squatty!

  390. I want to Squatty!!

  391. Hi can we know who won the Squatty potties? How do we know if they were given out please? thank you

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