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About Max Shippee

Max Shippee is the Owner and Head Coach for CrossFit 1440. Using the CrossFit & Paleo template, he's helped numerous people reach both their fitness & beach season goals. While his gym focuses on CrossFit, Max loves showing people that fitness can be an anywhere thing, not just in the gym! Recognizing that we never stop learning, he holds several certificates, in not only CrossFit, but weightlifting, nutrition, and heart rate training. He's also a husband to one, and a father of three.

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Creating Balance In Your Workouts

This post was written by Max Shippee, our PaleoFit coach. "I really want to work my biceps today!" "Just your biceps?" "Yeah, I want bigger arms." "Not stronger?" "Well, yeah, that too." "You want really strong arms, but weak shoulders?" "" Bodybuilding is a funny thing. The guys who are masters of it, the real professionals of the sport, push their bodies to the limit. They are patient, disciplined sculptors of the human body. What they do is truly amazing, … Continue reading


Goal Setting: Smaller Is Bigger

This post came from a small guy with big ideas, Max. "I have a list of goals for the new year. Here's the one I want you to help with - I want to lose 40 lbs!" "No, you have only 1 goal, and it's to get yourself in here three days a week." "That's it? But I thought that..." "That's it." "But what about the losing weight part?" "One thing at a time, my friend. One thing at a … Continue reading

I Hate Working Out

"Wow, you look pretty fit." "Nah, thanks though. I'm working on it. Funny enough, I do run a gym." "Really?" "Yeah. I make some at-home workouts for a really cool nutrition site, too." "Wow. You must really love working out!" "No no no. I hate it." "Huh?" Yeah. I hate working out. There it is. I said it. I know I run a gym, and put together these awesome workouts for PaleoFit (have you signed up yet?;). But I'm telling … Continue reading

Stop Being Afraid of Your Body

This rant post was written by Max Shippee. "I just want to have smaller thighs/have them not touch in the middle/more firm arms/to see my abs/this little bit gone." "Oh, how long have you wanted that?" "My whole life. I want to look like Giselle! You know her?" "Oh yeah, sure, we used to date."   This might come off as a rant, but you need to hear it. Look. We all have body issues. Every one of us. If you … Continue reading

Goal Setting – As If!

These little morsels of wisdom were drummed up by our PaleoFit coach, Max Shippee. "I have a confession to make" "Yeah?" "I kind of had a few cookies last night." "A few?" "Boxes." "Ahahaha! Those lousy Girl Scouts!" " I know, right?!" We all have slip-ups. Seriously. And if you're the type that NEVER has a slip-up and your life is perfect, well you can stop reading right now, and go sit in the corner where the rest of us can … Continue reading


Measuring Progress with PaleoFit

This post was written by Max Shippee. So...some thoughts on measuring progress with fitness with PaleoFit.... We're pretty geeky over here at Paleo Plan. We trade articles on all kinds of weirdness that most people would very quickly gloss over. The good thing about that, is we feel we can provide some good info for you along your life journey to wellness. That also means that we have opinions about things, sometimes strong opinions. And many times those opinions will … Continue reading

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Getting Bulky: What It Really Takes

So you've read the other two posts here and here by me, Max Shippee, about putting your fears aside about lifting heavy weight and getting "all bulky", but you're still not convinced. That's fine. I have one more post for you. I have a friend/client, Ozzy Salcedo, who's been into bodybuilding since he was a kid. He walked into my gym in decent shape, but was soon schooled in the difference between working out for being on stage, and being fit for … Continue reading

PaleoFit Equipment and Movement Substitutions

There are going to be times, especially in the beginning, when there are going to be movements that are very difficult, or tricky for you to master. Also, you may be limited by lack of equipment or weather. Have no fear! At these times, instead of having to wrack you brain with "What should I do?" we've provided you with a quick list so that you can get to your workout faster.   EQUIPMENT SUBSTITUTIONS First off are equipment substitutions. … Continue reading

PaleoFit FAQ

Who is PaleoFit for? How should I use these workouts? Am I a beginner, intermediate, or advanced? When should I start this? Do I need any equipment? Can I just do the workouts or do I have to do Paleo Plan meals as well? If I'm already a subscriber to the Paleo Plan meal plan, how do I add PaleoFit to my subscription? I’m overweight/diabetic/have heart disease. Are these workouts safe for me? I’m pregnant. Is this ok for me? … Continue reading


But I don’t want to get all bulky!

"I don't think I should lift heavy weights." "Are you injured?' "No, I just don't want to get all bulky." Deep... breath. This is the second most common request, or anti-request, that people (ladies) come in with. Now, this one is tricky, and it can be kind of like putting toothpaste back in the tube. At some point, somehow, you read somewhere that lifting heavy weights makes you bulky, and you believed it. Or you looked at pictures of female … Continue reading

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Getting “Toned”

"So, I want to lose some weight, and, you know, just... get more toned." "What was that last part?" "You know, get more toned?" "uuuhhhhhhhuuuuhhh." One eye twitches. "Are you ok?" "I'm's just....well..."   We hear it all the time. From the ladies. You ALL want to get more "toned." Rarely does a woman walk into my gym and tell me she wants to get all "jacked-up." Here it is. You can't "tone" a muscle. You can, however, "build" a … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting Part 3 – FAQ

"So this fasting thing - is it like my friend who drank lemon & cayenne water for 10 days?" "No, no, no special concoctions." "Just don't eat?" "Yeah, just don't eat." Welcome to the third post on Scheduled Eating/Intermittent Fasting! We're going to delve into some of the most common questions in this post. If you're reading this first, you may want to check out our previous posts here and here.  Here we go! Is this the same as "Detoxing"? … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting Part 2 – How To Do It

"So, this fasting long should I not eat? Like, a day?" "If you're feeling gung ho, sure, but I was thinking something a little shorter." "That sounds easier." "That's the point. I want you to have success! This really shouldn't be something that's terribly stressful." "But I won't be eating. That stresses me out!" "Ideally, we want to get away from being stressed about food, for BOTH sides, when we're eating, and when we're not." "So not eating should … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting Part 1: Why?

"I feel like I've plateaued." "Not just weight, but sizes too?" "Yeah." "Have you been eating breakfast?" "Yeah. Usually scrambled eggs & veggies." "Stop." "Eating breakfast? But I thought…." "You wanna get off that plateau?" "Yeah." "Stop eating breakfast." "Seriously?" "Seriously." This is going to be a good one. On a blog where we focus on the food we put in our bodies, we're going to go off the beaten track for a post or two (or three) and talk … Continue reading


Let’s Go Drinking!!

This post was kindly written by Max Shippee of CrossFit 1440. Find out more about Max here. Thanks, Max! "How much water should I drink?" "How often do you pee, and what color is it?" "Seriously?" "Seriously." It's a bit interesting to me how concerned we are with what we're putting into our bodies, and never take much notice about how it comes out. Not that we have to go collecting samples or anything, but just having an idea of … Continue reading

Burpees +1 Check-In!! (Time your 25!)

Hey all! If you started your Burpees +1 challenge on the day we posted it (Jan 27th) then today (Feb 20th) you should be on day/burpee #25. Woohoo! You're a quarter of the way done - congrats!! (If you started your challenge later, no worries, just update us here when you get to day 25). We wanted to do a check-in to see how things were going with you, and hopefully have you time your 25 burpees, so we can … Continue reading