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Sally is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is an avid CrossFitter and enjoys teaching Paleo cooking classes, working with clients to find the best nutritional solutions within a Paleo framework to solve their health issues and spending time with family.


The Detailed Guide to Dietary Salt

Integral to ancient religious practices, trade, politics, and the growth of economies, salt has played key roles in social and cultural developments around the world throughout history. Salt maintains a significant presence in our lives today as a controversial component of our diets. What is salt? Is it good for you or bad? Is salt Paleo? Read on for answers. What is Salt? Salt is a compound of sodium and chloride. Both are electrolytes that regulate the volume of extracellular … Continue reading


How We Design Our Paleo Meal Plan

Something that we frequently get asked is how our Paleo meal plan is designed. It is a really great question! Our food plan is designed to be an integral part of a lifestyle that turns your body into the highly efficient, optimally functioning, fat-burning machine it is meant to be. This is what nature has always intended for you. With a modern mimicking of the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, we can reprogram our genes for optimal expression, a.k.a. health!   By … Continue reading


Paleo vs. Alzheimer’s & Type 3 Diabetes

Dave loved his job as a financial analyst. He was 66 years old when he left work one day and couldn’t figure out how to get home. In the following months, his work performance declined to the point where he was asked to retire. He became more confused, felt chronically fatigued, and even the simplest tasks became very complicated. Eventually, his eyesight declined, his speech became unintelligible, and he stopped recognizing those nearest and dearest to him. Dave’s daughter had … Continue reading


Steve’s PaleoGoods – A Review

If you Google the most dangerous cities in the USA, Camden New Jersey will pop up near the top. Knowing this, as you might imagine, Camden is not always considered a particularly beautiful place to live but something very beautiful is happening there and it started with Steve Liberati, his passion for Paleo nutrition and fitness, and the realization that he could positively impact some of Camden’s most vulnerable inhabitants, its at-risk teens. Steve’s Story Here’s Steve’s incredible story: In … Continue reading


Bubba’s Fine Foods: A Review

Kinsey and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting two of the nicest guys ever - Jared Mensel, aka Bubba and Jeff Schmidgall of Bubba’s Fine Foods during Paleo f(x) this past year. Jared, nick-named Bubba as a child, is a self-taught gourmet cook and Head Chef of Bubba’s Fine Foods. During his own foray into “clean” eating, he was disappointed by the lack of flavorful, crunchy real food snacks on the market so he started creating his own. His … Continue reading

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Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) and You

What are Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs)? Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs are products of normal dietary metabolism in all animals and to a much lesser extent, plants as well. There are hundreds of different types of AGEs and although this rowdy gang behaves like oxidants with the potential to damage proteins such as collagen, DNA and our cells, our antioxidant system under normal conditions, does a good job of neutralizing and excreting most of them in our urine. Problems occur … Continue reading


Is Creamed Coconut Paleo?

Creamed coconut is a semi-solid block of coconut paste made from ground, dehydrated coconut meat. It differs from coconut cream in that it has no added water and is highly concentrated.  A block of creamed coconut can be broken up into pieces and used to thicken and flavor to curries, sauces, stir-frys, soups, desserts, blended drinks and smoothies.  Should you eat creamed coconut?  Is creamed coconut Paleo? Nutritional Value of Creamed Coconut Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (28g) Calories: 190 Total … Continue reading


Is Canned Grated Coconut Paleo?

Whether the meat is shredded, flaked or grated, coconut is coconut. Shredded coconut is relatively long and thin, flaked is wide and flat, and grated is finely chopped or ground.  Nowadays, most of these products are sold in bags. Remember Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut that came in the small blue can?  I remember it well as it was the only coconut product my mom ever used in recipes.  Alas, it is now sold in a blue bag along side other … Continue reading


Is Canned Coconut Cream Paleo?

Coconut cream is a thicker version of coconut milk – it’s comprised of pressed coconut meat with less water. You’ll find coconut cream used in coconut curries and other dishes that are enhanced by its thickening effect. Do not confuse coconut cream with creamed coconut, a semi-solid block of coconut meat without any added water. Should you eat canned coconut cream? Is canned coconut cream Paleo? Nutritional Value of Canned Coconut Cream* Serving Size: ½ cup Calories: 225 Total Fat: … Continue reading


Free Fruit Programs Make Big and Little Shoppers Happy

If you’ve ever taken a small child grocery shopping, you know how difficult it can be to relax and enjoy the task at hand. A bored, whiny child can really dampen the mood and make the experience wearisome and arduous. Parents, have you found that you'll do anything to keep your child happy and occupied so you have time to read a few labels and get a quality shopping done even if that means pacifying your kiddo with free cookie … Continue reading


10 Tips For Successful Meal Prep and Batch Cooking

Who wants to save time and money and waste less food? I know I do! By meal prepping and batch cooking, you spend a little more time and money up front in order to save those precious commodities down the line. As a bonus, the food you buy is used, not left to sit around and go bad because you forget about it or can't decide what to do with it. In the practice of food prepping and batch cooking, … Continue reading


Araza Natural Beauty is Paleo Makeup

You Are What You Eat AND What You Put On Your Skin We don’t think of skin as a route of ingestion but that’s what it is. Your skin is porous and absorbs a lot of what you put on it, which is why choosing healthy makeup is as important as choosing healthy food to eat. Do you know what’s in your makeup? Even after close inspection of the ingredient list do you know what you’re rubbing onto your skin … Continue reading

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Caveman / Paleo Diet Myths

//     I guess I’m able to laugh at myself because even as an avid CrossFitter and Paleo nutritionist, I find this video which takes a sardonic jab at the Paleo-CrossFit connection to be really funny. Of course, in reality, the relationship between CrossFit and the Paleo diet is not one of boneheads leading the blind as the video suggests. CrossFit serves a community of individuals interested in functional fitness and the back-to-basics, micronutrient dense, high quality Paleo diet … Continue reading


How To Steer Clear of Leftover Halloween Candy

Americans spend over $2 billion on Halloween candy every year. That’s a lot of candy! Even if you're not a candy consumer and you've stocked up on treats, not sweets to hand out to doorbell ringing goblins, super heroes, Disney characters, and whatnots, if you have little trick-or-treaters of your own, a whole lot of Halloween candy is going to enter your house with them at the end of the evening. By my own experience and from the anecdotal reports … Continue reading


Bananalicious Nut-Free Banana Bread

This Paleo nut-free banana bread recipe is “bananalicous” and easy to make. Co-staring with bananas is sunflower seed butter, which adds a pleasing nutty flavor to Paleo quick breads without the use of actual nuts. Of course if you don't have a nut allergy, and you have some almond butter or another nut butter on hand, go ahead and use it. All nut and seed butters are interchangeable in this recipe. If you liked our Bananalicious Nut-Free Banana Bread recipe, try … Continue reading


Hopper Crunch – A Paleo Snack Food Review

I just ate 40 crickets. It’s true! I just enjoyed a few handfuls of Hopper Crunch, the new and innovative Paleo granola that incorporates 40 crickets as cricket flour in each ½ cup serving. It’s kind of weird to think I just chowed down 40 recently creepy crawly arthropods, but why shouldn’t bugs be on the menu? Our ancestors certainly ate them and  as vastly more gastronomically acceptable in the form of flour, crickets fit today’s Paleo model: they're grain-free, … Continue reading