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Q&A: I Don’t Have Time for Paleo

This post was written by Neely Quinn. With both parents working crazy work schedules, kids to drive around, and long commutes, it's really easy to say you just don't have time for Paleo. Here's one busy parent's plight and my suggestions for him. Hello Neely, My wife and I are (still) trying to get the paleo thing going in our family, but with both of us working full-time plus, and with church obligations, and with a seventeen year-old and a … Continue reading

What is Tallow and How to Make Your Own Tallow

Before I go telling you how to make tallow, let me first tell you what it is, and why you'd want to make it. You're probably starting to see "tallow" around the Paleo/Primal blogosphere in the "eat this" category. Tallow is rendered fat from meat other than pork - often beef. (Rendered fat from pork is called lard.) What is rendering? It just means to melt something down. The reason I wanted tallow in my own kitchen is because it's … Continue reading