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How to Choose the Right Probiotic

If you went Paleo because of digestive health issues or other severe conditions of the intestines like Crohn’s disease, IBD, or ulcerative colitis, you’ve probably been taking probiotics. In fact, many who switched to a Paleo diet for autoimmune reasons, chronic health reasons, thyroid problems, hormone issues, or other conditions involving the stomach eventually start focusing on leaky gut and overall gut health, and for good reason. If your gut isn’t protecting your body from an onslaught of toxins and … Continue reading


FODMAPs, Food and You

What are FODMAPs? Truth: Everyone eats FODMAPs and just about everyone experiences the digestive repercussions of FODMAP intolerance to some degree. FODMAPs are indigestible sugars that linger in the intestinal tract and become food for gut bacteria. In this environment, water is retained, gas is produced and GI discomfort manifests ranging from barely noticeable to severe symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Common IBS symptoms include bloating, painful abdominal distention, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea or both. If you’ve never heard of FODMAPs, … Continue reading

My $1500 Lab Test Results: 1 Month Update

I recently wrote a post about my lengthy test results I got back from my naturopath. Today I wanted to give you an update, even though it hasn't even been a month since I wrote that post. I'm just so excited I couldn't wait. I went to my doc because of the following: first and foremost, a suspected intestinal parasite (diarrhea, etc.) terribly painful and heavy periods my whole womanly life occasional debilitating headaches flashing lights in my eyes and … Continue reading