Food Photos and Banana Almond Pancakes Improved!


DSC_0111-198x300.jpgMy climbing season has come to an end (I’m a warm weather girl), and since I’m an obsessive-type of person, I needed to find something else to fill my time and brain space.

If you haven’t noticed on our Facebook page (which, by the way, you should definitely become a “Liker” of), I’ve been dabbling in a bit of food pornography photography.

Yesterday I began what I think will be about a three-month epic photographic journey through our list of about 250 recipes. Yes, these pictures are long overdue, but it’s just now that I feel confident enough to try my hand at photog-ing and share my work with the world. Plus, we got that new camera as a wedding gift and it’s amazing.

I made a giant mess of our kitchen and ate way too much food, and I’ll continue to do that most days of the week until the job is done. I’ve invited my friends to join me so I don’t gain 100 pounds doing this. I wouldn’t mind some help, though. Anyone want to contribute to our stash of pics? Anyone?

Yesterday I made and photographed…





The Recipe Improvements…
I’m going to tell you about the Banana Almond Pancakes today because I, in all of my culinary wisdom, improved upon the recipe, which I’ll be doing throughout this escapade. But I guess you guys will actually be the judge of whether or not “improvements” are actually made.

Why improve, you ask?
Some of the comments on that recipe were, uhh, less than 5 star. Here’s one:

“Probably the most misleading name ever. These “pancakes” are nothing more than burnt banana paste.”

And this:

“This recipe seemed like it would be really great but it was a disaster and came out like runny eggs! Please revise and come up with a better recipe!”

That’s not to say that some of you didn’t love the recipe, but I aim to please. Everyone.

So I did the following to make it better.

  • Added 1 egg to make it less runny
  • Added 1 Tbs coconut flour to make it less runny
  • Changed instructions so that you add blueberries and nuts to the batter instead of to the outside of one side while pancake is cooking.

Those 3 changes equal yummy, easy, and pretty. The pancakes were simple to flip, looked and tasted fluffy, and were definitely not runny. Plus, they were delicious; even my most non-Paleo friends said it was true.

I hope you like these changes. Do know that your comments mean a lot to us and I’ll be looking at all of them (again) as I go through these recipes. I’ll be adding a few new recipes to the lot, as well, so bring on your suggestions!