41 Holiday Gift Ideas: A Paleo Gift Guide



If you’re searching for a healthy gift to give this holiday season, look no further! Putting together our annual Paleo gift guide was a breeze—we just listed all the things that we’re hoping Santa stuffs our stockings with!

In case you missed them, here’s our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and our 2014 Holiday Gift Guidewhich are also packed full of Paleo and fitness gifts galore.

Need a hand cooking a healthy Paleo holiday feast this year? PaleoPlan’s got you covered! Download a free copy of our holiday survival guides for help planning and executing your holiday gathering with style, grace, and in good health!

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Give the Gift of Good Health


There’s no better gift to give than the gift of good health! PaleoPlan has meal plan memberships, eBooks, and fitness plans that make it easy for anyone to reclaim their health and vitality by embracing a Paleo lifestyle. Gifting a month-long membership to PaleoPlan costs less than $10 and all new memberships come with a free 2-week trial. Simply choose the “GIVE AS A GIFT” option during checkout.

Our customizable meal plans save you precious time and money while taking the worry out of deciding what to eat next. With custom shopping lists and easy-to-follow recipes, we make shopping for and cooking Paleo a breeze (even fun!) while helping you eliminate wasted food. And now, here’s team PaleoPlan’s 2016 gift recommendations!

PaleoPlan’s 2016 Gift Recommendations


Sally’s Gift Recommendations


The New Yiddish Kitchen Cookbook: Gluten-Free and Paleo Kosher Recipes For the Holidays and EverydayHappy Paleo Hanukkah! Grain-free Bagels and Cassava Flour Matzo Balls are just two of the amazing recipes in The New Yiddish Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Paleo Kosher Recipes For the Holidays and Everyday. This beautifully illustrated cookbook contains Paleo-friendly recipes for traditional Jewish foods you won’t find anywhere else.


BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Lid by ElloHelp your peeps ditch their plastic habit once and for all this holiday season with fabulous glass water bottles. Ello bottles are BPA, phthalate, PVC, lead and cadmium free.


Aura Cacia Essential OilsYour friends and family can smell the roses and just about any other plant scent with the gift of aromatherapy! Concentrated plant oils have been used since ancient times to benefit physical and psychological health. Consider giving the gift of essential oils early on this season so your loved ones can offset stress and enjoy a state of enhanced well-being during the holidays.


Exo Paleo Variety BoxCrickets anyone? Our ancestors certainly ate them and as vastly more gastronomically acceptable in the form of a snack bar, crickets fit today’s Paleo model: they’re grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and a great source of high quality protein.They’re also abundant in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Exo’s Paleo Variety Box makes nutritious crickets a tasty treat and a great gift!


Excalibur food dehydratorDehydrate your fruits, veggies, nuts, yogurt and meats for tasty Paleo snacks! Removing moisture from food concentrates flavors and ensures you’ll have an abundance of healthy treats on hand that you can enjoy right away or freeze for future use. This Excalibur food dehydrator contains 9 large BPA-free trays and provides a temperature range low enough to protect the nutritional integrity of delicate fruits and vegetables and high enough to safely preserve meats for jerky.

Kinsey’s Gift Recommendations


The Science of Good CookingThis Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook is the perfect gift for the nerdy foodie in your life. Cooking is more than an art, it’s a science! This book explains the chemistry of cooking in a way that you can easily understand and implement in your own kitchen.


LunchBots Bento Box – Stainless Steel Food ContainerThis is my go-to bento box for taking my lunch to-go. I love the 5 separate compartments that keep my food separated and for some reason, makes it more fun to eat. It’s stainless steel, so no worries about toxins from plastic, and you can throw it in the dishwasher at the days end.


LunchBots Tiny Leak Proof Dips Condiment ContainersI adore these adorable tiny leak-proof condiment containers. I pack my dips, dressings and nut butters in here without any worry of it leaking in my lunchbag. So tiny, yet so functional. Perfect stocking stuffer!


Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting RackEvery kitchen needs a stainless steel roasting rack. This one is convertible and cooks turkeys, whole chickens and a whole lot more! It’s a must for the holidays when big bird is on the menu.


Ultra Fast Instant Read Digital Cooking ThermometerI’ve used (and been disappointed by) a lot of different meat thermometers, but this one is my current favorite. It gives a quick and accurate reading letting you know when your meat is perfectly cooked. Why wonder when you can thermometer? The ideal gift for any cooking or BBQ enthusiast!


Smokehouse Products Big Chief Front Load SmokerThis is the classic backyard electric smoker. We have one and use it to smoke salmon, beef, and beyond. We like this model because you get a flavor that you just can’t achieve with some of the newer (and much pricier) automatic smokers on the market.


Eminence Bright Skin Starter SetI simply adore Eminence skin care products, made from organic whole food ingredients. This starter kit is a wonderful stocking stuffer and a great travel kit too!


Defender Shield – EMF Radiation Protection for your devicesIf you’re concerned about the radiation emitted from your devices, then slap some EMF protection on them! I use Defender Shields on my iPad and laptop – they make me feel better about holding my gadgets next to my body.


Indoor/Outdoor River Rock Floor MatStanding on this mat while you’re chopping in the kitchen (or at your standing desk) is a great way to activate the intrinsic muscles of the feet and legs. Gotta love a workout that you don’t even realize is happening!


TherabandsEveryone I know and care about is getting Theraband resistance exercise bands this year, because almost everyone I know could use some help with their posture and a daily dose of scapular stabilization! These bands are super portable and easy to use at any level of fitness. Take your workout to-go! Choose Light (for beginners) and Heavy (for advanced).


Ergonomic Kneeling StoolRemember these chairs from the 1980s? They’re even cooler now that we know how important it is to change up our sitting position often and minimize hip flexion throughout the day. I alternate between a regular office chair, a kneeling stool, a ball chair, and a standing desk throughout the day, which does wonders for my body.


High Density Foam Roller by OPTPEveryone should own a foam roller! We spend a lot of each day in a hunched forward position, which neglects the extensor muscles of the back, leading to low back pain and disc issues. This foam roller is high-density and great for rolling out your back and other tight muscles. I use mine daily to maintain physical sanity!

Aimee’s Gift Recommendations


Instant PotI don’t know why you wouldn’t want to snag one of these genius kitchen hacks. I’ve written about my love for them, and I love my Instant Pot so much that I want a second one. Will Santa bring me one this year? Probably not, because two Instant Pots isn’t really being a minimalist. But do I think every kitchen could use one? You bet I do. And any busy person I know would be thrilled to get one under the tree, because it’s one of the few ways that you can literally gift wrap time and convenience.


Go Ferment! Wide Mouth Mason Jar Mold Free Anaerobic Fermenting Kit w/ Recipe eBookAre you a Paleo pro? Then check out this easy home fermentation kit that will help you next level your sauerkraut and food-based probiotic intake. This is literally on my Christmas wish list. Give the gift of gut health!


Gaiam Print Premium Yoga MatYoga, Pilates, Barre, stretching, or even just playing on the floor with kids – my yoga mat gets more use than you might first imagine. Even if you have a trusty yoga mat, a fresh new one with an awesome print on it can be a great way to spring into a new year with inspiration and a renewed fitness vision. Personally, I’ve got my eye on this one.


The Perfect Kitchen Upgrade—You know the drill. You get new bowls, baking items, and the like when you move out on your own, or maybe when you get married. But after time, measuring cups go missing, bowls break, and the kitchen starts feeling like an uninspired heap of clutter. For the kitchenista, a new cooking or baking setup would be a dream gift. Here’s what I’ve got my eye on:



The New Mama Prenatal or Postpartum Gift Set—Having had a baby last year just a few weeks before Christmas, this would have been the perfect gift for me. For anyone who has recently had a baby or will be soon, these are items that are over and above my favorites:


For the Coffee Lover—Coffee is Paleo, so you might as well enjoy it in style! Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Coffee makerChemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker
  • Coffee warmerBecause if you’re a mom or you work from home, there are inevitable interruptions

Max’s Gift Recommendations


Jump Rope—Many of our workouts call for a jump rope, and it’s one of easiest things to carry with you wherever you go to help with your workouts. Regular skipping, double unders, running rope, or many other tricks work your heart, lungs, and coordination.


Exercise BandsA great way to add resistance to any exercise, having a set of bands at your disposal is a great idea. They are also great for use in working on activating muscles before a workout, and can even be used for mobilizing and as an aid to stretching.


Stopwatch While it’s fine to use your phone’s stopwatch for workouts, it’s great to be able to put your tech aside, and just have tools that are specific to the task at hand. A stand alone stopwatch does just that. They’re also light enough that you can hold them in your hand while running, and they never go into sleep mode, so you can place it on the ground and hold that plank for more than 5 minutes!


BoxAround once a week, we’ll put up a workout that calls for box jumps. While using a park bench, or other sturdy object to jump on is fine, having a sturdy box in your garage means you can do your workouts without having to head out to the park. The one we’ve featured here has three different heights, so you can try to advance to higher and higher levels as you get more fit. It only takes a bit of handy-work to put together.  It’s also nice and sturdy for things like chair dips and step-ups.


Medicine BallSome of our workouts will suggest that you “add weight” to make them a little harder for you. A medicine ball is a great way to make that happen. The big size and softness of these med balls make them both a challenging and safe choice. Hold it in front of yourself for squats, toss it with a friend, or go back and forth with russian twists, there are a multitude of uses for one!