Top 5 Reasons to Eat Paleo

top-5-sm.jpgThe sun is shining and the folks in our Summer 30 Day Paleo Challenge are already starting to feel the Paleo glow!

As a Paleo nutritionist, I hear every excuse under the sun about why people can’t change their diets. But as our nutritionist Aimee explains this week on the blog, you really don’t need a reason to eat Paleo!

Having said that, I wanted to share my top 5 reasons to eat Paleo for at least 30 days of your life.

[1] You don’t know until you know. Over and over I hear people say “I didn’t know how crappy I felt until I didn’t feel crappy anymore!” Likewise, it’s difficult to discern the foods we’re intolerant to without strictly removing/re-introducing them at some point. That’s one of the many benefits of our 30 Day Paleo challenge – it can serve as an elimination challenge!

[2] Look and feel awesome. Paleo is one of the most effective ways to lose unwanted weight safely and naturally. In my case however, I was sick and underweight before Paleo and since then my weight has stabilized and I finally feel strong in my body! Not to mention the benefits for your skin…while you may experience an initial breakout period while you detox, you’ll be stunned (and people will comment) about how radiant and glowing your skin has become (AKA the Paleo glow)!

[3] Goodbye inflammation & chronic disease. A Paleo diet is one of the best ways to overcome leaky gut and quite literally shed the excess pounds of inflammation you’re needlessly carrying around. As a result, you significantly decrease your risk for a number of diseases including (but not limited to) cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, adrenal fatigue, obesity, diabetes, cancers, mental illnesses, dementia, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, joint pain, body pain…the list goes on and on and on!

Not only that (let’s get back to vanity for a moment), inflammation makes you look puffy, bloated, and dull. When you go Paleo, your face thins out and your muscles suddenly look way more toned and defined…even without working out! Dropping the inflammation is one of the best things we can do for our bodies, hands down.

[4] It’s a family affair. Family rarely makes change when we tell them to, but they do get on board when they see how well we are doing. Paleo gets even better when you can share it with your loved ones, and together you can eat to add years to your life, and life to your years!

[5] Support your local economy and the environment. By eating locally-grown food, you’re supporting your own economy while reducing your overall carbon footprint. Eating Paleo also means you’re NOT contributing to the monocrop agriculture of grains and legumes, which has destroyed 98% of the American prairie land and 99% of Canada’s topsoil.

Whether or not you need a reason to eat Paleo, there you have it! And if you’re ready, come join our FREE 30 Day Paleo Challenge – there’s never been a better time to live the life Mother Nature intended for you, and we’d love to help you do just that!

In good health,
Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
Paleo Plan Nutritionist

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You Don’t Need a Reason to Eat Paleo!

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Kinsey JacksonKinsey Jackson

Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS® is a clinical nutritionist specializing in functional and evolutionary nutrition. Her own experience of overcoming multiple autoimmune disorders by adopting a Paleo lifestyle vastly contributes to her passion for helping others to also reclaim their health and vitality by making informed dietary decisions.