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Below are some valuable resources to help you with shopping, planning, and understanding how to build Paleo meals at restaurants or when out and about. Keep in mind that the main goal is to build a lifestyle of eating healthy, nutritious foods that are working for your body, not against it. Understanding these basic principles should help you along that path. And if you’re new to Paleo, or Paleo Plan, you may find our FAQ page helpful as well.

Paleo Christmas & New Year’s Holiday eBook

The end of the year upon us and we want to help you celebrate the Paleo way. How would you like to enjoy a healthy Paleo Meal with friends and … Continue reading

Paleo Hanukkah Survival Guide eBook

Hanukkah is finally upon us and we want to help you celebrate the Paleo way. How would you like to enjoy a healthy Paleo Hanukkah with friends and family? Paleo … Continue reading

Paleo Thanksgiving Menu eBook

The fall season is finally upon us and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Does the word Thanksgiving rustle up images of fall leaves, pilgrims, and pumpkin pies? Or, perhaps … Continue reading


Interested in Ways to Collaborate with Paleo Plan? Meal Plan Subscription for Gyms and Professionals Pro License to Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook Pro License to Quickstart Guide and … Continue reading

Paleo Principles

If you're completely new to the Paleo diet, this is the place for you. The Paleo way of eating is becoming more and more widespread, so you may have heard … Continue reading

Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge

Looking for an all-in-one guide to the Paleo diet? Doing a Paleo Challenge? Looking for a quick start to following Paleo? Get our Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook and … Continue reading

Merits of A Paleo Challenge

Are you ready to take the plunge and take your health back into your own hands, lose that weight, and get in shape? And you're convinced that Paleo is the … Continue reading


Below is a sampling of the response we've gotten from our members and clients. People who've used Paleo Plan and/or Neely Quinn's personal coaching to help them on their journey … Continue reading

Private Paleo Coaching

Paleo Plan's has a number of nutritional experts who offer individualized coaching and consulting services. Check out our Paleo experts page for more information about who they are, what their … Continue reading

Paleo Bookstore

There are some fantastic books on eating Paleo out there, so we put together a nice list of our favorites. And forgive our shameless plug, but don't miss our very … Continue reading

Paleo diet Food List / Guide – Paleo Plan

Here at Paleo Plan, we believe in having a great framework that helps you easily say "yes" or "no" to certain foods. In addition to our Paleo diet food list, … Continue reading

Paleo Diet for Athletes

Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula fo Peak Athletic Performance by Loren Cordain, PhD, and Joe Friel, MS Rodale Books, softcover, 288 pages at Perhaps no other … Continue reading

Sampler Menu & Meal Plan

We try hard to think of everything at Paleo Plan. We've worked with our members to provide Meal Plans that are easy to cook during the week, but that are … Continue reading

Paleo Meal Plan Details

What you get every week on our Meal Plan - PDF of a weekly menu for 2 people - Delicious and simple recipes linked in the menu (recipes are on … Continue reading

Whole Foods Shopping Guide

In this second installment of the grocery store tours, we"ll visit my other favorite store - Whole Foods Market. With numerous locations around the country, hopefully one should be located … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Shopping Guide

I use Whole Foods market and Trader Joe's as my main two stores.  If you don't have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's (they're only in your area, seek … Continue reading