Paleo Plan Weekly Nutrition Breakdown

All right, here it is! The nutritional breakdown for an entire typical week on PaleoPlan, including calories, carbs, fat, and protein.

A couple things to note:

This information came from, which is where all of the data on our site (if you’re a member) comes from. MyFitnessPal is a really good tool to use for counting calories, carbs, fat, and protein quantities because it’s simple, easy to read, and its database includes Paleo plan foods. Note, it doesn’t contain our recipes, but you can use the nutritional data from the recipes on the site and punch just the numbers in on, instead of putting in every recipe, ingredient by ingredient.

Some of the other databases, like and even, are lacking in things like good meat brands, Paleo flours, and other specialty items. I wish I was getting paid by to be saying all this, but they’re not.

Since they’re not sponsoring me, I’ll say that they lack the nutrition information that offers. MyFitnessPal only gives you about ten nutrient values for foods, like the ones below and then cholesterol, sodium, potassium, vitamin C, and a few others. provides a whole lot more.

If you get nerdy on me and start adding up the percentages to see if they equal 100%, some of them don’t. That’s not because I don’t know how to do simple math. It’s because not all of the data in, or anywhere for that matter, is totally spot on. Take this with a grain of (sea) salt and use it as a general gauge for what you’re eating.

The calories per person per day ranged from 1,489 to 1,974 and the averages per day for all values were:

  • Calories – 1,639
  • Carbs – 97 g
  • Fat – 98 g
  • Protein – 108 g

Percentage of total calories broke down like this:

  • Carbs – 24%
  • Fat – 54%
  • Protein – 26%

(No, this does not equal 100%. See the note about this above. Without fudging data— and I do not fudge data—I had to leave it as is in all its imperfection.)

What does this all mean? First of all, it means we’re doing a good job of keeping you guys in a weight-loss mode. Under 100 grams of carbs is what you want to shoot for if you’re trying to lose weight. We’re keeping your fat grams high enough that you should be getting pretty good at burning fat, as well as carbs. And we’re keeping your protein down low enough that it’s not taxing your kidneys or liver.

But if you’re an athlete or a person requiring more than 1,639 calories per day, here’s the deal. PaleoPlan is designed for two people following the meal plan. It may be that you can break it up between your partner and yourself so that you get more and your partner gets less than 1,639 calories per day. For instance, I’m a small, but active woman and I usually don’t need more than about 1,400 calories per day. That means if I were splitting this up with my boyfriend and taking only my 1,400 calories, he’d end up with around 1,878 calories. That’s enough for some average-sized, not very active men. But if you need more calories than that, adjust as necessary. Eat a little more meat than the plan calls for. Add a little more oil to your meals. Or eat a big serving of the snacks that just call for a generic food, like “Paleo Trail Mix” or “Jerky and Fruit.” If you’re an enduro athlete, add more sweet potatoes and other starchy Paleo foods to the plan. Or if you’re a giant guy who works out a whole lot, you may even want to eat for two – that’d be about 3,278 calories a day. PaleoPlan is a really good base for almost everyone to start from.

So far, our responses have been good from our members. We seem to be giving you the right amount of food in the right macronutrient proportions to help you lose weight. But as always, if you have any suggestions for us, we’re all ears.

The full spreadsheet of a typical weekly menu with the breakdown is below. If you’re not a member already and this sounds like something you want to be a part of, go here to sign up and get a free 14-day trial.


  1. Neely I just want to say I am in LOVE with this plan. I got the word from a friend who makes small desserts to bring to our book clubs and no one notices that its missing all the bad stuff just that the food taste great. I have done this now for one week and I have got my boyfriend to eat foods he never had and even try things we didn’t think he would. Thank you and I am grateful for this. This break down is perfect, coming from an Italian family I didn’t know to cook for just 2 people. This helps me and have some for lunch where I am not out getting something bad but eating the leftovers and not throwing them away either.

  2. Good morning Neely, I’m just starting out on Paleo–it was recommended by a friend. I see that that the weekly sample menus are for two, and I was wondering if you had a modified menu for singles? I was just curious, thanks!

  3. Hi I am 29 years old, a female and weigh 143. I am 5ft. 5. I am eating around 1,650 -1,800 calories. I work out 4-5 times a week. My first week on the paleo diet and I haven’t lost any weight. Should I decrease my calories?

    1. kk – Sorry, but I’d need more details than that to really get a good sense of what you’re eating, if your estimate for calories is right, how many carbs you’re eating, what you’re doing to workout, if you have any medical issues, etc etc to answer appropriately. I can say that I usually encourage people to wait a month while they’re eating Paleo until they start to worry about whether their body is changing enough. Sometimes the scale doesn’t actually budge for a while, and it can be because you’re gaining muscle from the increased protein in your diet. Are your clothes fitting differently? Did you take “before” pics to compare with? Give it some time :)

  4. Thanks Neely. I am eating about 100-110 carbs, 55-70g of fat and about 140-150 g of protein. I know I def. can tell a difference in how I feel. Not sure about my body comp. Some days my clothes fit better than others. Maybe it is too soon to tell. I guess my question is should I be eating that much protein on a paleo diet? I have always eaten anywhere from 180-200g of protein when I was prepping to do a figure comp. I never did get close enough for the comp b/c my priorities changed. I am just wondering if maybe I should try bumping up the fat intake to about 80 – 90g and decreasing my protein to about 120-140g? Do you think I should try it? I would keep my carbs around 100.

  5. Neely, my daughter and I are trying to make a menu for this week and we’re really struggling. We simply aren’t seeing how people are getting the calorie counts so high (dd and I really struggle eating enough when we diet). For example, you show fajita salad with a calorie count over 400. However, 4 oz of beef fajita meat has about 160 calories! Obviously most veggies in a salad have almost no real calories. I can’t figure out how it would be even 300 calories. Same with the tuna. Two servings of tuna is 100cal. Sure you’re gonna add something to it, but I still don’t show similar calories.

    It isn’t that I’m counting calories necessarily. It is just that I know my body needs me to actually EAT on a diet (rather than starve and binge like I usually do which has landed me well over 200 pounds). This is even more true as I’m doing CrossFit now.

    I’m going to look around further here and hope I get an aha! Any help you can give is greatly appreciated though. I really want to get healthy finally.

    1. Pamela – I understand your concern, but those calorie counts are real :) You can do them yourself in to double check.

  6. I am using myfitnesspal, I am averaging about 1230 calories daily. I have set my activity level at sedentary . From the range you have above, I appear to be undereating. Any thoughts? My diary is public if want to view, would welcome some advice.
    I have struggles sometimes eating that much.
    I am following an AIP menu.

    1. Kathy – Do you mean you have struggles eating “that much” as in SO much food? Do you want to eat less than that? If that’s the case, then by all means eat less. There’s no reason to eat more than you want to eat. Every body is different, so just follow what your body is telling you to do.

  7. With AID paleo, I find it hard to even reach 1230 calories (MFP recommended). I sometimes have hungry cravings at 8pm, I drink water and see if it subsides, if not I may grab an apple, but not sure if that is good so late in the evening.
    You said there isn’t anything wrong with no eating more than I want to eat, but doesn’t eating enough can put my body into starvation mode, holding on to fat for reserves. I just not sure if I need a dietician to review what I am consuming and over some advice/suggestion.

    I have been on AIP Paleo three weeks, first two weeks I was excited to see the scale move – I saw a weight loss of 5 lbs, then I nothing. Not that I expected the weight to melt off :) I think it may be that I didn’t really have a bad eating habit to begin with- no refined sugar, chips.
    While I started Paleo, I also just started Armour. so maybe my body is adjusting to so much right now.. just a thought anyways.

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