Move Your Butt. Win Cool Stuff.

Here’s one easy workout you could do…

I’ll admit it. I’m not doing the 30-day challenge with you guys. I have a good excuse, though! My diet is pre-tty darn Paleo, I already feel awesome, and I’m at a weight I really like. It’s taken me a while, but thanks to eating this way, I can say that now.

What I AM working on during these 30 days (and beyond) is physical training. I may not have resolved on January 1st to drop x amount of weight, but I did make a lofty promise to myself about how hard I’ll climb this year. My goal is to climb a 5.13d sport route. “5.13d” doesn’t mean much to many of you, but I just needed to state it out loud. I’ve decided that publicizing my goal will only help me stay on track. I’ll be held accountable, just like you will be by pronouncing to everyone you encounter your reasons for changing your diet.

Anyway, I’ve hired a coach to help me, just as you’ve taken us on as your guide in this challenge. Lord knows I need to get stronger to reach my goal. My new coach is a charming young Venezuelan climber who somehow convinced me to go to the climbing gym today alone and do heinous, massochistic things to myself for approximately 2 hours. I felt fantastic about it when I was done because I knew that I was that much closer to my goal (nevermind it was only my first workout under his tutelage…).

This post is about you doing something similar for yourself. Yes, diet is important, and diet will change your body. But getting off your ass and moving around in new and different ways will help to change you even more, on a cellular level. Exercising makes you feel alive – like you’ve DONE something with yourself. It helps you look good, it helps you sleep well, and it helps your body detoxify. Among other things. We encourage you to do this and we’ll give you prizes if you commit to it.

The Contest

I’m going to give you 4 days to tell me what your realistic plan is for exercise for the next week. I don’t care about your goals for the month, or the year, or the rest of your life. That’s not real to me. I want to know what you’re going to do THIS WEEK. Tomorrow. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc. I want the whole week written out. You don’t have to do something big every day. You don’t even have to do something every day. Some of the days might say “Rest” after them. Just plan it out so you know what you have to plan around.

How You Enter

1. Go to our Facebook page here:
2. Kindly click the “Like” button before you…
3. Write on our wall what your week’s goal is for exercise.

If you’re not into Facebook, you can email it to me at I’ll choose the winner by virtue of whimsy, and he or she will be announced on Monday. Get your submissions in by the night of Sunday the 15th!

What You’ll Win

1. A WODBook from here. It’s an awesome workout journal, especially for CrossFitters, that I just blogged about here. Track your workouts, your personal records, your health, etc. in this awesome paperback book.

2. Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo book. Sarah is, among many other things, the blogger at and an amazing giver of Paleo tips, especially to families. Everyday Paleo is a colorful cookbook with tons of new Paleo meal ideas.

3. Paleo People’s 4-Pack of Granola. Never heard of them? This stuff is good. It’s nuts and seeds and fruit made into tasty granola that’s pretty darn Paleo. They have a promotion going on right now for everyone doing a Paleo challenge right now, too. Type in “paleochallenge” at checkout and get 10% off their products. By the way, we’re not receiving anything for saying nice things about any of these people. We just really like them.


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