PB&J Paleo Style

One of the easiest snacks to make on the Paleo diet, this is a simple combination of almond butter and fresh or frozen berries. If you’d like to give the almond butter a creamier texture, you can mix in a little almond milk before combining it with the berries.

Recipe makes 2 servings.
Approximate Cook Time: 5 minutes
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1 cup(s) berries, fresh, or frozen
4 tablespoon(s) almond butter


  1. Divide the berries into serving bowls.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons almond butter to each bowl and mix.


  1. andrewbenton

    This is seriously my new favorite dessert. Throw this in the microwave for 45seconds, and stir it together well. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Jason4638

    How long is almond butter good for when you buy it bulk? I’ve still got some from a few weeks ago…

    • Jason G.

      I haven’t experienced almond butter going bad at all. We keep ours refrigerated, and that’s worked very well for us.

  3. surfer

    This recipe rocks. Simple and clean to eat. Second the longevity Jason. Bought mine at Trader Joe’s and haven’t look back at anytihng else.

  4. marcf714

    I leave mine in the pantry and have never had any issues. I did learn a little trick though, try to allow the oil to evenly distribute throughout the jar so it doesnt dry out.

  5. trixie28

    Had this for breakfast this morning: 1cup blueberries topped w/2tbsp almond butter and Paleo brands jerky on the side…so easy and tasty!

  6. Spectatrix

    Ok, I was skeptical, but this made the *perfect* after-work-too-hungry-to-wait-until-dinner snack.

  7. hbd42406

    I cannot wait to try this!!!! Sounds DELISH!

  8. Ruth

    I love TJ’s almond butter – am trying to make my own cashew butter but need a recipe. Have ground the cashews and added toasted sesame oil but it still needs something – any suggestions?

  9. Julie

    I buy frozen blueberries at Trader Joe’s, and it’s the best price–16 oz. for $1.99.

  10. rtwainwright

    To make really creamy cashew butter I’ve heard the trick is to soak the cashews overnight to soften them. I have a friend who adds garlic and parsley and makes a savory version which is delicious for veggie dip!

  11. judielrahman

    This looks awesome – but does anyone know the serving size??

    • Neely

      It could be for two people, but it’s more like a good sized snack for one. The calorie count is about 350. Hope that helps!

  12. Claire9

    I’ve made this snack several times and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it every time! I’ve used blackberries and blueberries so far and both are delicious. So I decided to get a little creative today and I added shredded raw coconut (about a Tbsp) and I also added a little almond milk to give it a more creamy texture/substance. Talk about awesome!!!

  13. jengaines

    This snack rocks! I put it in the microwave like one suggestion said and it was amazing.

  14. Kesha

    YES!! Amazing! I wasn’t too sure this would taste as good as everyone said, but I tried it for the first time with blueberries and it is seriously tasty. I guess eating paleo and comfort food are not exclusive after all. Many thanks to the commenters who suggested putting it in the microwave.

  15. Kate

    I am gonna have to try the microwave next time, since it is all gone already! YUMMY! Raspberries and blueberries – so fab! Thank yoU!

  16. Eric

    Doesn’t get any easier, really tasty and really filling. Agree with the Microwaving.

  17. kristenmichele

    I added a little agave nectar and microwaved it… so delicious!

  18. Misty

    This was a lifesaver for me! I am low on groceries as I need to go shopping, I am home alone and slightly depressed, and I was looking for something to eat and so desperate for something comforting without having to give in to the snacky foods in the house for my toddler. I came on here and found this and luckily I had some blueberries in the freezer and almond butter in the fridge! I heated it in the microwave and then mushed and mashed it together. OMG I think this is the best thing I have had since I started paleo 31 days ago!! Thanks so much to the contributors for this one!

  19. Misty

    By the way, in my opinion half this recipe is more than enough! It is very filling. I had 1/2 cup of blueberries and 2 Tbsp of almond butter. I entered it into fitday with the specifics of my almond butter and I get 221 calories, 16.2 grams of fat, 16.5 grams of carbs, and 7.5 grams of protein. The perfect snack! Thanks again!

  20. Stephanie

    I may be missing something… And I’m attracted to this recipe because it’s so simple. Haven’t tried it yet, but does the almond butter spread evenly or is it clumpy? And for those who have tried it in micro, how long are you suggesting.

  21. sam

    I hated this it tasted like rabbit food, why was this so bad? Any suggestions?

  22. Maggie

    This is fantastic. I did 30 seconds in the microwave for both portions. I can’t imagine why anyone would need to add extra sweetener – this is very sweet as-is.

  23. Kesha

    This is a PERFECT, wonderful, delicious (and every other positive adjective) treat! I was feeling grumpy this morning and remembered this little dish making me smile… It lived up to its reputation again.

    I used 1/2 the amount suggested (so I used 1/2 c. blueberries and 2 Tbsp. almond butter). The berries were frozen and the almond butter was cold from the fridge, so it took longer than 45 seconds in the microwave. Try 1 min. in the micro if you have the same issue. Mash it and eat!

    I also tried experimenting with almond milk and shredded coconut like Claire suggested. I could take it or leave it. It was just fine, but I’m so happy with the basic recipe that it made little difference to me.

    (I just realized I’ve commented before, but didn’t remember and the dish was seriously tasty enough to leave feedback twice.)

  24. Busy Paleo Mom

    So simple, but so yummy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. berryface

    Wow… awesome! I used fresh blueberries and some raisins and microwaved for 40 seconds. Also great for dipping celery!

    Thank you for sharing!

  26. cearasmom

    Can you put this on celery and eat it?

  27. hay

    so very satisfying!

  28. Jamie

    Is there a substitute for almond butter. I’m allergic to almonds :(

  29. nicole

    Sam, I couldn’t agree more! I compared this to my rabbits food at it tasted exactly the same!!

    • Jason G.

      Sam and Nicole, I think this will depend greatly on the type of almond butter you get. I get mine at New Seasons (similar to a Whole Foods) and it’s crushed fresh at the store. So, it’s literally only almonds blended into a butter, and it’s super fresh. For me, this tastes amazing ;) Maybe try a different source of almond butter, or get fresher berries.

  30. MJMyers

    Awesome, easy and filling. Love it!

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  32. bourne143

    Yum. Raw maple almond butter with raspberries microwaved for15 seconds!

  33. sojfowler

    i was skeptical but this was delicious!

  34. melissa.harris0721@gmail.com

    This was so good! Is it really 420 calories per serving though? That seems a little high to me.

  35. Rovergal

    Holy cow, this is AWESOME! Used crunchy almond butter, fresh strawberries and blackberries, then microwaved for 15sec. THANK YOU!!

  36. Gina

    Im new on this diet I feel lost a nd very hungry some times I don’t know what eat or snack on any good tips?

  37. Paleo Moxie

    Almond butter isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but I like it. This is a perfect little snack and of course nothing to it. I had mine with fresh strawberries.

  38. Karen

    I used fresh ground almond butter from Whole foods and frozed mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) and heated it all up for about 30 seconds – let me say I was very skeptical about this one but I am in love! This was sooo delicious and satisfying!

  39. John E

    I used frozen mixed berries and Justin’s Natural almond butter and only come up with 270 cal for the entire recipe.

  40. Karen M

    This is stunning. We now eat it almost every night for dessert. Probably shouldn’t but it’s just so beautiful. We’ve used both fresh raspberries and also frozen mixed berries. Either is perfect!

  41. Jessica

    I am new to the plan and tried this recipe today. Oh goodness…it’s so good! I used the Trader Joe’s almond butter, fresh blueberries…and then heated it up for 15 seconds. It was really good. And I’m picky. Thanks!

  42. kathy

    I take 2tbs nut butter, add a couple of squares of dark chocolate to the nut butter, nuke it 20 seconds to melt chocolate and nut butter, mix, mix in blueberries, tasty!

  43. Nicole

    This is so much better with raspberries. I mix almond butter with honey and top with frozen raspberries.

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PB&J Paleo Style

Number of servings 2
Approximate cooking time: 5 minutes

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1 cup(s) berries, fresh, or frozen
4 tablespoon(s) almond butter


  1. Divide the berries into serving bowls.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons almond butter to each bowl and mix.