Green Smoothie

This healthy and refreshing Paleo green smoothie recipe combines fruits like apples and pears with vibrant greens, with flax seeds added for texture and greater nutrition. It is endlessly adaptable to your own taste preferences. Try using chia seeds in place of the flax seeds, or adding berries, carrots, cubes of melon, and extra ginger or lemon juice. Cucumber used in place of the water adds freshness, and coconut milk or nut butter will make it creamier. If you enjoyed this Green Smoothie recipe, try our Green Smoothie Bowls recipe next time. For more Paleo smoothie recipes and to check out our hundreds of other FREE Paleo recipes, visit the PaleoPlan recipe center!

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Green Smoothie

Servings 2

Total Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Nutrition Information

calories 206

carbohydrate 39g

protein 6g

fat 6g


  • 1 medium apple(s)
  • 1 medium pear(s)
  • 1/2 teaspoon(s) ginger, fresh grated
  • 2 tablespoon(s) flax seeds, ground
  • 6 large kale leaves (take out woody stems), or 2 handfuls of spinach for 2 servings
  • 1 medium lemon(s), juiced
  • 1 cup(s) water


  1. Quarter apple and pear, remove stems and seeds and put in blender.
  2. Add remaining ingredients to blender and puree. Add more water if needed.


  1. Ours came out a little thick, so we watered them down to make them drinkable. Might want to use at least 2 cups of water!

  2. Seems like a lot of sugar. My doc recommends that I limit sugar while on the plan. This is getting very confusing!

  3. Its a little odd at first but its okay, Im going to try to play with this recipie. Id use 1/2 an apple no pear and mmaybe throw in some blue berries? Ill see!

    1. dan – Yep, that’s pretty Paleo, although there are a ton of ingredients in the stuff in the carton. You could just use watered down (if necessary) coconut milk from a can?

  4. I have to admit, I was a little worried. I left out the apple, because I was only trying to make enough for one breakfast and I still made too much. I have to admit, I absolutely loved the taste. I only used 1/2 cup of water because I wanted the thickness. It was such a luxurious smoothie. Now I’m excited to try some new comboes like apricot and spinach with a dash of basil or rosemary.

  5. Pretty tasty – I usually do either apple or pear and it works out well. I use boxed coconut milk for some liquid (or a little canned coconut cream) and it definitely needs ice!

    1. Pamela Mahon – There is an egg in this smoothie, and usually we recommend that people eat some protein on the side (bacon, sausage, chicken…)

  6. Not for us. This “sushi smoothie” was almost too gross to stand. If it wasnt for the ginger, lemon and flax seeds it might not be so bad. But we managed to swallow it all. We used coconut milk instead of water and spinach instead of kale. Perhaps some berries might make it more tolerable. But we won’t be makin this one again. Sorry.

  7. We SOOOO love this recipe. I, like the others, made a few adjustments. Instead of the apple and pear, we use a banana. And, we add a scoop or two of vanilla protein powder depending on if we’re having any other source of protein with it. It is so thick and creamy….and filling!! A winner in my book.

  8. Neely/Jason, I’m sorry, but I didn’t notice an egg in the recipe. Maybe it’s supposed to be there, but it isn’t? For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed this recipe! Especially the tang of the ginger and the lemon. :)

    1. Carol – Yeah, I think a lot of people do that. They don’t have quite the same fatty acid profile, but they’re similar.

  9. I also wanted to just ask……I enjoy drinking Green Smoothies quite a bit……so if I just add a pastured egg or two to the mix would this then make my Smoothies Paleo approved and a complete nutritious breakfast?

    I often enjoy an egg over light for breakfast but not a completely raw egg in a drink….just wondering if the taste is noticeably different?

    1. Juanita P. – I mean the green smoothie on its own is Paleo for sure. Adding the egg(s) just gives it more protein and fat, which will keep you full and satisfied for longer, and help your blood sugar. The taste isn’t that much different, but you should try it out yourself to see if you like it. Or just have the egg on the side – or any kind of meat for that matter.

  10. Added banana and blueberries instead of pear (didn’t have a pear). Did 1/2 and 1/2 kale and spinach.
    Used ice cubes and then set it in the freezer for a few minutes to chill it before serving. I like it cold. :)

  11. Good morning

    I have a question. Is it expense to eat this way? Can you estimate how much it would be to eat this way for two weeks.


  12. A green smoothie is one of my favorite ways to start the day. Even my 2 year old loves it. I noticed a few comments about chia seeds & want to caution people agains using dry seeds. They absorb a LOT of water, so if you don’t soak them to their full capacity before you consume them, they will absorb YOUR water on the way out, leaving you dehydrated. Soaked, they are a great source of protein.

  13. I make a great tasty breakfast green smoothie, it starts with 1 cup water , 1 scoop vanilla protein powder,1 to 2 T. almond butter , 1 handful kale , 1 handful fresh spinach , 4 large frozen strawberries, and 1 wedge cantaloupe , cut in large cubes . Place in blender and stir until blended then blend on high until smooth.

  14. Hi,

    I thought you should never ever mix veggies with fruit other than apples in order to digest them as they use different enzymes. Any comments?


    1. Bernie – I don’t subscribe to the food combination edicts out there. I think it’s a little silly, especially because everyone is so different. Some people can handle mixing food in a meal, others who are super sensitive can’t.

  15. Guys are arguing about eggs and missing the most obvious filler. The lemon peel!!! Contains pectin, among other things. Seriously, the lemon peel is the tastiest part of the lemon. Google the benefits of citrus peel, then start adding a whole half lemon instead of just the juice of one. (use organic, or wash thoroughly by soaking in vinegar).

    My favorite green smoothie recipe
    1 cup cold brewed green tea (just put two bags in a quart sized mason jar and refrigerate a few hours. No bitterness, a fraction of the caffeine, all the antioxidants)
    Half a lemon, with peel
    Handful spinach
    Handful frozen blueberries (makes it chilled)
    Small scoop raw local organic honey (for sweetness, health, and natural anti-histamine)
    Hint of cayenne (optional for digestive organ cleansing)

    It is tasty and so filling, because of the lemon peel. You will find yourself eating less all day. STOP THROWING YOUR PEELS AWAY TODAY, and your body will thank you.

  16. I am new to this eating here is my question..Can I have stevia? I haven’t seen any post on that subject so far. Too I enjoy dressings with my salads..are there any that are permitted?

  17. Made this as instructed and wasn’t a fan. I think it needs coconut or almond milk to make it creamier. Will try for next time.

  18. I drink a green smoothie every morning and this yields 2.5 large smoothies and is delicious. I bulk it up with some protein and fat from coconut milk:

    1 bag of greens (I use Super Greens from Trader Joes or Spinach)
    1 banana
    1/2 can light coconut milk
    2 tbs flax seeds
    1/3 C Hemp Protein Powder
    1 bag frozen fruit (I alternate between blueberries, strawberries, a blend of tropical fruit, etc)
    1-2 C water (I eyeball it)

  19. I’m with Sharlene, no one has mentioned if Stevia can be used in the paleo diet. It’s plant based but it must be processed. I’d love your opinion.
    I am also doing a sugar cleanse and a drop or two of the stevia would be greatly appreciated.

  20. I have a Ninja that normally smoothies pretty well, but I couldn’t get the kale down to where I liked it. I have made many a green smoothie and this one is a little tart. It was enjoyable, but I won’t be making it again. My old standby is 1 banana, frozen blueberries, handful of spinach, and water w/ flax/chia/whatever. That’s as easy as it gets.

    1. Caveman Bob – One thing you could try (or maybe you did) is taking the kale leaves off the stalks. So just tear the leafy part off of the long, fibrous stalks in the middle. Sorry you didn’t like it!

  21. A person in the grocery store told me she keeps some white tea in a jar in the refrigerator and adds that to her mix when she needs a liquid to thin it. I like the idea and have been using green tea as a substitute.

  22. Tried it with Kale. It was pretty terrible. No, actually, it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to eat. Nice and healthy though.

  23. It says in a reply from Neely that stevia is fine to use. I always thought there was a lot of problems with it affecting glucose etc due to the fact it fools the body to think it is sugar etc etc so it can pull stored energy from muscles rather than fat. (well something along those lines anyway) I would love to know if it is a healthy sugar alternative. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Debi,

      Stevia is a safe sweetener to use because it does not in and of itself affect blood sugar. Artificial sweeteners affect the body as you described, but stevia has no glycemic impact and in some cases can help to lower blood sugar. But what’s important is the quality of the stevia. Some manufacturers get sneaky and include other forms of sugars with stevia, like dextrose, sucrose, or sucralose. Because of that, popular brands Truvia and Stevia in the Raw (to name a few) are not only stevia. The best way to use stevia is to buy the whole, dried leaves or to grow a plant yourself!

  24. Hi Neely,
    I love the look of this recipe and love all that you do – thanks so much. I’m just wondering if you have a recipe for a green smoothie that is suitable for a ketogenic diet in terms of the fat:protein:carb ratio?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi AJ – Smoothies can be difficult for a ketogenic diet because most of the “usual” smoothie ingredients are very high carb. Instead, try this: 1 medium cucumber (peeled), 1 large celery stalk, 1 cup baby spinach, 1 tsp fresh ginger root, the juice of 1/2 lemon, 2 tablespoons coconut oil and enough steeped herbal tea to get the right consistency (start with about 1 cup, cooled). This will make one smoothie that will have 296 calories, 9 grams of carbs, 28 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein. Depending upon what your carb intake is for the rest of the day, you may even want to add in a carrot or a few apple slices, if you can.

  25. We love green smoothies in our house! Some days it is the only way I can get my toddler and 1 year old to eat ANY greens. We also like our Purple Smoothie which gets them to eat the superfood radicchio (a nutrition powerhouse) and still tastes great. Although we rotate our greens we try to use radicchio as often as possible. Thanks for the new and delicious recipe!

  26. Green smoothies are amazing. I’ve never tried the ginger in there.. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

  27. I made this by the recipe and am not a fan. Way too much to chew for a smoothie (the kale) and I have a pretty good Ninja blender…or so I think. 1 cup of water isn’t enough. Even adding double water and ice it too hearty to swallow without chewing. I would have much rather had these ingredients separately.

  28. With less kale, this smoothie could be a hit. Six large kale leaves is too much for it, giving the smoothie a slightly bitter after taste. My Blendtec has a “whole juice” feature that pulverizes vegetables turning them into exactly that: whole juice. Still, the fact that the smoothie calls for too much kale left this smoothie too thick and bitter. I will decrease to two large kale leaves next time and I think that will do the trick.

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