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Independence Day is coming up on Monday…are you fixin’ to party it up this 4th of July weekend? In an effort to help you party on Paleo, check out our 4th of July Survival Guide containing 10 tips for navigating a non-Paleo party and some tasty ideas if you’re hosting your own Paleo-palooza!

People are often shocked to discover that alcohol is allowed on the Paleo diet. Of course we should do our best to keep it in moderation, but having said that, let’s chat about the best booze to choose!

Not all alcohol is created equal and in general, you should opt for lighter-colored (clear) spirits over darker spirits (which contain more sugar). Ideal hard liquors are distilled from non-grain sources, or at least certified gluten-free. Just say NO to beer (it’s not Paleo) and wine is just fine! Some of my favorites are organic red wine (no sulfites added), potato vodka, and silver agave tequila. Speaking of tequila…have you tried our Paleo margarita recipe?!

While many folks like to use holidays as their cheat or ‘flex’ day, others (like myself) need to keep it more strictly Paleo. It’s sad when I hear people say they avoid being social because of their diet, or that they feel nervous eating at someone else’s home because they don’t want to fall off the Paleo wagon or seem rude.

Here’s a tip: tell people that you have food allergies…because you do…we all do! (Meaning, nobody really tolerates grains, legumes or other toxic foods without some degree of response from their immune system).

It’s a lot easier to simply tell people “I’m allergic” rather than getting into the nitty-gritty details of why you avoid eating certain foods. This trick can also help to get negative Nancy off your back when she starts nit-picking your dietary decisions. :) Consider bringing a dish (labeled with ingredients) to the gathering that you can eat and share with others too.

In my experience, people are actually quite interested in hearing why you choose to live and eat Paleo. In fact, the Paleo diet is a fantastic conversation-sparker!

Whether you’re navigating a non-Paleo party, hosting an epic celebration, or practicing independence this 4th of July, we wish you a safe, festive, and awesomely Paleo holiday!

In good health,
Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
Paleo Plan Nutritionist

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Not All Protein is Created Equal

Paleo PlanAn essential part of our diet at every age, protein helps burn fat, build muscle, bolster the immune system and acts as the building blocks for bones, skin and blood. Tuna is a great source of protein and Omega 3s.

But not all protein is created equal, and where your tuna comes from is as important as how much you consume!


4th of July – Paleo Survival Guide

tips for 4th of JulyHoliday celebrations are traditionally based around sharing food with friends and family, which can get a little tricky when you’re eating Paleo. Whatever your plan is this year, here’s a few tips that will help you to party on Paleo-style!


Grilled Shrimp & Veggies on a Stick

Your new go-to
BBQ dish!


Paleo BBQ

bbq rub
Paleo AIP Barbecue Sauce
Paleo approved.
AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Friendly.
bbq cookbook
Paleo BBQ
Spice up your Paleo BBQ with these quick & easy recipes by Dana Cruz
wellbees bbq sauce
Wellbee’s Honey BBQ Sauce
Gluten- & Sugar-Free
This tasty sauce can be used on & off the BBQ
flavor god
Flavor God Seasonings
Low salt

Party on Paleo!

Paleo happy hour
Paleo Happy Hour
Learn to eat and drink Paleo in any social setting!
gather cookbook
Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining
Orchestrate a deliciously elegant or casual Paleo dinner party
Eco-friendly, Made from fallen leaves,
100% compostable and biodegradable
Stoltz Organic Pinot Noir
Organic red wine with no added sulfites

AGEs – What You Need to Know

agesThere are hundreds of different types of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) and although this rowdy gang behaves like oxidants with the potential to damage proteins such as collagen, DNA and our cells, our antioxidant system under normal conditions, does a good job of neutralizing and excreting most of them in our urine. Problems occur when there are too many AGEs for our antioxidants to handle.


Berries with Coconut and Lime

A festive way to celebrate Independence Day!


It’s Not Too Late to Join our Summer 30 Day Challenge!

FBIf you’re new to Paleo, or you enjoy the camaraderie of participating in group events, this challenge is for you! Even if you already eat Paleo on a regular basis, participation in a challenge can liven things up as you discover new recipes, cooking hacks, and other invaluable information gleaned from people who are also living the lifestyle!


Kinsey JacksonKinsey Jackson

Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS® is a clinical nutritionist specializing in functional and evolutionary nutrition. Her own experience of overcoming multiple autoimmune disorders by adopting a Paleo lifestyle vastly contributes to her passion for helping others to also reclaim their health and vitality by making informed dietary decisions.