Paleo Side Dishes and Vegetables Recipes

Throw that boring, steamed broccoli a curve by tossing it in a pan with coconut oil, garlic, onion, tomato and mushrooms for a fabulous Broccoli a la Madrid! Liven up those tired sweet potatoes with coconut, pomegranate and lime. No more hum drum vegetables or unappealing side dishes that no matter how well intended and lovingly prepared, get pushed around the plate only to be thrown into the composter. Wow friends and family with our flavorful Paleo veggies and sides that are surprisingly easy to prepare.

Side Dish Recipes

Vegetable Recipes

Eat your greens! And when it comes to vegetables eat all of the other colors as well so you get the full spectrum of nutrients nature’s bounty has to offer. Choose from over fifty innovative Paleo Plan recipes for new and tasty ways to prepare your veggies. Green asparagus, orange sweet potatoes, red beets, yellow squash, white cauliflower; we’ve got recipes for the whole veggie rainbow.