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Beef Pot Roast

Servings: 4
Approximate Cook Time: 3-8 hours
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2 tablespoon(s) beef tallow, (coconut oil may be substituted, but must be used carefully to avoid smoking and burning)
1 pound(s) beef - pot roast(s), rump roast, or chuck shoulder
2 medium onion(s), yellow, , sliced
3 medium carrot(s), , quartered
2 medium celery stalk(s)
1/2 teaspoon(s) black pepper
1 whole bay leaf(s)
1 tablespoon(s) thyme
1/2 teaspoon(s) oregano
1 teaspoon(s) sea salt, (optional)
3 cup(s) water


  1. Mix freshly ground black pepper, thyme, oregano and sea salt (optional) together in a small bowl.
  2. Rub mixture into meat on all sides of roast.
  3. Heat a medium skillet (if cooking in a crock pot) or heavy bottomed oven-proof pan (if cooking in the oven) over high heat. Add 2 tablespoons tallow when hot.
  4. Immediately sear all sides of the roast and set aside.
  5. Wash and prepare vegetables.
  6. Put roast in crock pot, add vegetables, bay leaf and water, and cook on high until tender (6-7 hours). Or, preheat oven to 325 F, add the vegetables, bay leaf and water to the heavy bottomed oven-proof pan with the meat, cover and roast for 2-3 hours.

This recipe inspired in part or in whole from here.


  1. marioni

    how long should it cook if you are using the crockpot method?

  2. Can organic, gluten free beef broth be used in place of water for this?

    • Jason G.

      Y, that sounds delicious. Double check the ingredients in the broth to be sure it doesn’t have unexpected ingredients, but otherwise, go for it.

  3. jschell

    Again, how is someone that doesn’t work from home supposed to prepare this for dinner on a weekday?

  4. When do u add veggies when using crock pot!?

    • @Michelle – You can add them right away if you don’t mind soft veggies. Or you can add them about 2 hours before the roast is done. Good question – we’ll make that clearer in the recipe.

  5. I am cooking it now but have the crockpot on high, should it be on high or low to cook in 4 to 5 hours

    • @Deanna – High is good. Any longer than that and I’d consider using low.

  6. gstonum

    Crock pots are the best for a busy person away from home all day. Put the roast in and the crock pot on low letting the roast cook for 9-12 hours.

  7. Inj1n7oE

    On a Wednesday night? Are you serious? I know I don’t have to follow this plan, but I did pay a subscription fee for what I thought would be reasonable suggestions. This is a Saturday or Sunday dinner.

  8. Inj1n7oE

    I made the pot roast last Wednesday night and it was yummy, even if somewhat tough (only 2 hours of cooking). I now eat my words in my previous post.

  9. The great thing about a plan is using it to plan ahead. I’m cooking this tonight, not to eat but for lunch tomorrow and dinner in a few days. I think it tastes best when on low in a slow cooker for 8-9 hours. If one needs it the same night then high for 3-4 hours. Give it time.

    Paleo is about eating whole, natural food. We have to get rid of our “processed food” mentality. Quick isn’t always good. You want to go for quality.

  10. AlwaysSmile

    Trying this right now as my very first Paleo recipe. Can’t wait to try it for dinner tonight. My house already smells delicious.

  11. austhokie

    I’m making this today, I often throw stuff in my crock-pot during the week and let it cook while i’m at work…some of the new crockpots have a delayed start timer on it, so you can set it up to start at a specific time.

  12. Crockpot dinners are fast and easy especially when you work during the day.
    I start mine before I go to work, set it on low and by the time I come home its done…
    more crockpot recipes please….

  13. Outstanding! Made it tonight the oven method and it was so good.

  14. Natalie C

    I second the request for more crockpot recipes. We have a busy lifestyle & crockpot is a perfect solution. Thanks!

  15. nat88888888

    This recipe NEEDS some broth to season the crockpot.

  16. How would sweet potatoes taste in this recipe? When should I put them in if in fact I decide to.

  17. I am cooking the pot roast now…but I have it uncovered as there is no mention of covering it! Should I have covered it? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you

    • @Jeanne – Yes, covered is best for slow cooking in either a pot or a crockpot.

  18. This was a nice, basic, go-to dish. I made it with only 1.5 lbs of stew meat (not by choice, I just didn’t have enough), cut up, and added a large sweet potato cut up. I cooked it for 2 hours at 300 and the meat was just a bit overdone, so next time I’ll cook for less time.

  19. For those who want a dinner waiting for them out of the crockpot – I tend to do all of the prep work the night before. Mixing spices, cutting onions, celery, so forth…even all the way to searing the beef. Put it all in the fridge, and in the morning, just pop it all into the crock pot and have fun waiting to come home.

  20. Draqonfly1230

    I baked this in a cast iron french/dutch oven for 2 hours and it was over-cooked. Oooops. Should have taken a look after an hour. Thought since it said 2-3 hours, it would have been okay.

  21. Samantha

    Cut the beef into 1″ cubes for easier searing and speedier cook time. I subed Ghee for Coconut Oil. Also sauteed the Onion w Garlic but add Garlic last 1 min of onion sautee. Add carots last 1/2 hour so don’t get too stiff. Def sub water for Beef broth (gluten free& ogranic) is way to go.

  22. I made this today for our dinner this evening. It was delish! :) I cooked it in the over at #25 degrees for 2 1/2 hours and it wasn’t too done, actually almost more than I like, but it was still good. I personally prefer medium rare. It was about Medium, or just a little over. anyway, I added more carrots & celery than called for, and also used coconut oil. I also substituted basil for oregano because i thought i didn’t have any (found out that I did have it, but after the roast was already prepped.) Another thing- it says salt is optional, but I feel that it NEEDED salt. I added sea salt to the rub, but had to add more after it was done cooking. I was pleased with this recipe, as I have been with all recipes that I have tried thus far from this website. Even my picky 11-yr-old ate this dish with no complaints. :)

  23. PKHPaleo

    It lists to cook on HIGH in crockpot for 6-7 hrs, Shouldn’t that be on LOW?

  24. ljohnson34

    I prepared and cooked and fixed last night! It was great! I am the only person eating in the household so I tend to halve all the recipes and I have more than enough. I prepared with 1.75 pounds of beef. I cooked overnight on high and turned off as i left for work that morning. Once I got home from work I turned the crock pot on low for an hour for heat up. QUESTION: How much is one serving? 1 cup or 2?

  25. Yes, I believe 6-7 hours should definitely be on LOW.

  26. I would pull out the roast after a couple hours, use a hand blender to wiz the veggies in the cooking liquid to thicken things up and throw in a handful of sliced mushrooms. I’d then slice up the roast beef, put it back in the gravy and let it cook for another 1/2 hour or so.

  27. Thanks for this! We just found the most amazing grass-feed beef but eating rump every day will get expensive so now we can buy some cheaper cuts (I’m told chuck and pork shoulder are great cheaper cuts) and make some delicious fatty paleo stews! Yum!

  28. Do you think sweet potatoes would be good in this recipe?

    • Bre – Sure! We put sweet potatoes in our roasts all the time. You might want to add them later in the cooking process so they don’t get too soft, though.

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