Success for A Paleo Plan Subscriber


We recently did an interview with Nina, a Paleo eater and Paleo Plan meal plan subscriber to see how the plan is working for her and how Paleo has changed her life.


Screen-Shot-2012-02-13-at-5.35.00-PM.pngPP: How long have you been following Paleo?

Nina: I started a strictly Paleo diet May 5th, 2012 and actually signed up for the that same week I believe.


PP: Why did you join Paleo Plan?

Nina: I had been having intestinal pain, bloating, gas and I wasn’t sure if it was something I was eating or we were convinced that both my husband and I had a parasite (he still believes he does). I hadn’t been eating dairy for several years, but my naturopath, Janine Malcolm (AWESOME), recommended I get off all of it – dairy, wheat/gluten and sugar. She told me to Google Paleo for recipes. I then ended up also cutting out grains and soy as well. I also wanted to address my severe PMS.


PP: Did Paleo Plan help you with your goals? If so, how and how not?

Nina: There are many differences that I can see – all stomach pain has ceased, no bloating, gas. My periods are easier, light by day 3. PMS is almost non-existent. Weird stuff that I used to get like ruddy cheeks and scabs on the back of my scalp are gone. My energy is incredible compared to before and I have been able to stick to a fitness routine that is pretty intense. My stomach was also always cold and I wasn’t digesting my food, now I am. I can also remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. Sleep is sounder too. I feel clean and vibrant. My head is clear and I have less depressive type symptoms.

One area that we haven’t quite figured out yet is bowel movements. They haven’t really changed – I’m guessing if you have been through intestinal stuff you are comfortable reading and talking about poop. I’m on a daily probiotic but that department hasn’t seen a whole lot of change except for the time of day. And since I haven’t invested in testing, I still don’t know if I have a parasite or food allergies or celiac.


PP: Did you go 100% right away?

Nina: I did go 100% right away and did not cheat – not even once.


PP: What have you noticed about yourself since then?

Nina: My eyes are clear, my skin also – no breakouts and I have never had good skin. I burn fat easier and although I don’t think I weigh a lot less (I don’t weigh myself), I look a lot different. My confidence is up and I feel like I can tackle anything. My mind is clear. For several years after I had my two girls, I thought I was losing my memory and was just sort of a forgetful person and now I am on top of it. People ask me how I can do it, but I tell them if you felt like I did and experience relief, they would do it too.


PP: What’s been the best part of going Paleo? Hardest part?

Nina: Energy is the best part and an unexpected perk to me. My husband would say no PMS. I guess the hardest part is going anywhere outside of Boulder, CO. We took a road trip to Northern California this summer but we took our pop-up camper so I could cook the whole time. But when you can’t, well, then that just sucks. I only have a handful of restaurants that I will go to in our area because I don’t get sick from them.


PP: What’s your favorite cheat (go ahead and tell us – we all do it :)?

Nina: I have perfected those amazing Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies and those are my cheat since I’m not supposed to have the sugar in the chocolate chips.


PP: If you have a family, do they follow Paleo also?

Nina: I have 2 girls age 9 and 5 and my husband to feed – breakfast, lunch and dinner and most of the time breakfast and lunch are separate and dinner is modified. My husband eats breakfast with me most of the time, but he still likes his bagels.


PP: What’s your favorite recipe on Paleo Plan?

Nina: I love the Shrimp Cakes, but change them to cod cakes and bake them in muffin tins. Of course the Carrot Banana Muffins, the Chorizo Scrambled Eggs, the No Oat Oatmeal, and I like the modified Banana Almond Pancake recipe and LOVE the Crock-Pot Pork Loin recipe.


PP: Any advice for people like you considering starting Paleo?

Nina: I would tell them to start by cleaning out their cupboards of all the terrible stuff they like to go to. Join the Paleo plan for easy menu choices and stick to it. I think it’s fun to find others who are eating Paleo too and trade recipes. I’m an avid baker and was in a rut because of the no sugar thing and I am just getting back into it and trying new recipes.

Thanks to Nina for answering our questions and congrats to her on her amazing success with the diet!

Would you, dear subscriber, like to be interviewed too? Just let us know!