Paleo Pork Ham Bacon Recipes

Pork Recipes

Pork is an easy “go-to” on the Paleo diet. It’s readily available, relatively inexpensive and can be cooked in an endless variety of ways. Simply seasoned, roasted and pared with a fruity sauce or heavily spiced, ground up and shaped into sausage links and patties, pork makes a great meal. Look for pastured pork for highest quality.

Ham Recipes

I’ll make you a deal; you purchase the ham – make sure it’s minimally processed, and we’ll provide the fabulous Paleo meal and snack recipes. Traditionally, the art of curing and preserving pork was done via natural methods that are a far cry from todays’ highly processed ham products. Fortunately, you can still enjoy this delicious deli meat, as long as you can find a brand with recognizable ingredients. Companies such as Applegate source meat from humanely raised animals that aren’t treated with antibiotics or hormones and their ham is uncured and not preserved.

Bacon Recipes

We love bacon to the moon and back and we bet you do too! At Paleo Plan we believe in sharing the love so we’ve put together a list of recipes that highlight the taste sensation that is bacon. From sweet and salty Bacon Wrapped Dates to our version of the classic BLT, our bacon recipes are yours to enjoy for any meal or snack.