Paleo Soups Stews Chilis Recipes

Our soothing Paleo soup recipes are comfort food for your soul. From summertime gazpacho to wintertime cure-a-cold bone broth, our soups satisfy. Looking for something a little heartier? Dive into one of our Paleo stew or chili recipes and fill yourself up with Paleo goodness! Many of our stew and chili recipes are made in a crockpot, a favorite Paleo cooking method because of the freedom it provides. Your food cooks itself while you’re out and about!

Soup Recipes

Stew Recipes

Don’t throw away those leftover veggies sitting around in your refrigerator; toss them into a stew! A medley of Paleo ingredients including vegetables, seasonings and protein mixed together in a pot on the stove or a slow cooker – we’ve got recipes for both – stew up nicely into deeply fragrant and satisfying meals.

Chili Recipes

Chili often contains beans but it doesn’t have to! Kick those legumes to the curb and make your chili chock full of Paleo ingredients including vegetables, spices, chilis, beef, poultry, fish or wild game. Try the Bison Chili, which features this giant ruminant as the star attraction or, our Just Plain Chili, which is perfect for those times when you’re in the mood for something basic comforting. Whether your feeding just the two of you and plan to have leftovers, a family or a large crowd our Paleo chili recipes will hit the spot.