Paleo Salad Dressing and Dip Recipes

Dress your entrees, sides, and snacks up with Paleo salad dressings and dips. They’re interchangeable with multiple applications. Who says pesto can’t break free from it’s conventional trappings as a pasta sauce and become a dip for veggies or skewers of meat, chicken or fish? Or serve as a dressing for simple tomato salad or something more complex such as an antipasto plate? If you prefer to keep things traditional, that’s fine too. What would your tuna salad be without Paleo mayonnaise? What would your spinach salad be without Paleo vinaigrette? Salad dressings and dips add dimension and flavor to meals that would otherwise be oh so, “same old, same old.” They’d be bland and boring and here at PaleoPlan we’re devoted to banishing boring from the Paleo table.