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The Epic Guide to Seasonal Eating

Eating more fruits and veggies that are grown seasonally and locally is optimal. Conventional or out of season produce can be bland and lacking the best nutrients compared to produce that has been vine or tree ripened and picked during peak season. (1) The best place to start your seasonal procurement is by checking out… Continue Reading

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10 Reasons Why You Should Personalize Your Paleo Diet

One of the best things about the Paleo diet is that it’s not just one diet. There are a lot of ways to be Paleo and, in fact, personalizing your Paleo diet provides the most health benefits, because you’re creating the opportunity to meet your specific needs. No “one size fits all” food plan could… Continue Reading

How a Busy CrossFit Pro Makes Time for Daily Healthy Living

This post features a real-life Paleo expert who stays fit and healthy in the midst of a chaotic schedule. Learn more about how living Paleo can adapt to your lifestyle by following Max through a typical day in his life. Max Shippee, our resident CrossFit expert and creator of PaleoFit, is also currently appearing on… Continue Reading